6 Reasons You Should Switch to Non-stick Cookware Today

6 Reasons You Should Switch to Non-stick Cookware Today

Moms often look for ways to cook the most nutritious food for their children. If you use stainless steel cookware, you’re probably used to the mental debate about whether to go easy on the oil you add to food, so it’s as healthy as possible, or to add some more grease, so you’re not stuck scrubbing utensils for hours. However, why compromise on your family’s health or your free time, when you can get the best of both worlds with non-stick cookware. Its time to get your wallet out, as these six reasons will have you buying your first set of non-stick cookware very soon.

6 Benefits of Non-stick Cookware

Though there’s been a lot of back and forth on non-stick cookware, its benefits cannot be denied. Here are some reasons why non-stick cookware should be your go-to choice when whipping up some yummy omelettes, dosas, curries, or anything else you’re craving.

1. Offers Health Benefits

Stainless steel pans require more grease to prevent food from sticking to the bottom and burning. However, non-stick pans require only a drop or two of oil or any other fat, which reduces the number of calories and fats you consume daily. If you’re concerned about how safe the ‘Teflon’ non-stick coating is, Wonderchef offers heavy metal and nickel-free cookware with a 5 layer Meta Tuff coating that is health-friendly and safe to use, so you don’t have to worry about your food being potentially harmful.

2. Easy to Clean

Easy to Clean

If your dish-washing routine involves sweat, metal scrubbers, and resilience, it’s about to change. Non-stick cookware does not require much grease, so there’s no layer of fat left to scrub away. As compared to ceramic cookware, which requires thorough cleaning to avoid a buildup of grease that can shorten its life-span, non-stick cookware is fuss-free. Since it does not let food stick or burn to its surface, it only requires cleaning with a soft sponge and some soapy water, making your life much easier.

3. Cooks Food Faster

Moms on-the-go know how important it is to have a smooth functioning routine, so they can get as much as possible done during the day. Cast iron pans are poor conductors of heat, and take longer to heat up and cool down, being more time-consuming to cook food in. Though they have non-stick properties, ceramic pans should only be used on a low flame. On the other hand, non-stick cookware allows for uniform heat distribution, which cooks food faster and also saves on gas. Now, you don’t have to stand in the kitchen for hours on end, just to get a healthy and delicious meal on the table.

4. Lightweight and Safe

vegetables being flipped in a pan

With children running around the house or distracting you, safety is primary. Non-stick pans are the lightest cookware option among ceramic, copper and cast-iron, so you’re not saddled with moving heavy pots and pans around the kitchen. Apart from being lightweight, the Wonderchef Royal Velvet cookware range is designed keeping in mind ergonomics and safety, offering soft- touch handles and knobs that do not heat up and cause burns while cooking.

5. Makes Cooking Easier

You’re bound to have numerous distractions while cooking, whether it’s your child needing something, a phone call from your relative, friend, or boss, or something else. Stainless steel does not conduct heat evenly, requiring more attention than you wish to give. This eventually leads to rotis burning or milk boiling over, which takes up more time to clean and re-do. Non-stick cookware doesn’t require as much attention, and you can easily multitask without having to worry. Also, if you love to experiment in the kitchen, you’ll find that non-stick cookware gives you many more successful attempts than traditional cookware, so channel your inner master-chef and cook away!

6. Complements Modern Kitchens

cookware in a kitchen

The constant scrubbing and usage of stainless steel cookware make it look dull and drab after a while. Apart from being more durable than ceramic or cast-iron cookware, non-stick cookware looks more appealing and does not appear dull after constant use. Moreover, the Wonderchef Royal Velvet range comes in vibrant colours and designs that complement the kitchen and give you some inspiration to cook and invite friends over. After all, parents need a social life as well, right?

With non-stick cookware, you don’t have to choose between your family’s health and ease of cooking. It’s easy to use, healthy, and allows for fuss-free cooking. After all, what’s better than having cookware that makes you want to step into the kitchen and cater to the foodie within! Grab a set of non-stick cookware and give your family the best of health, without compromising on your time.

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