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Family Planning 101: 7 Things You Should Invest In

So, you and your partner are ready for the next big milestone of your lives. Congratulations! You’re nervous, excited, and if our guess is correct, then perhaps a little confused too. Planning for a baby can be a bit overwhelming and requires mental, physical, and financial readiness. But there are certain things you can do and invest in to feel prepared for this big step!

7 Essentials to Keep in Mind When Planning for Pregnancy

Here’s what you need to keep in mind when family planning!

1. Start by investing in your health.

Now would be an excellent time to take up swimming, walking or any other form of exercise. Get in shape ahead of time, achieve the healthiest weight required to get pregnant, and increase your chances of having a comfortable pregnancy and labour. Pick a workout that you enjoy and watch how you slowly start to feel energized and fit! If you struggle with consistency, join a class! When you spend money, you are less likely to hit the snooze on your alarm and more likely to get up, put those sweat pants, and get going! Ask your partner to join in if the company helps! Working out together will also give the two of you extra quality time together.

Love browsing through the grocery aisle for those healthy treats? This time buy them for real! You won’t find a better time (or opportunity) to buy them! Buy leafy greens, whole grains, nuts, and fruits, and spend some quality time on the internet to learn how to incorporate them in your diet in one or more ways so that you’re not bored after a week. Also, cut back on caffeine, packaged foods, and oily food items.

2. Consider your reproductive health too.

Visit an obstetrician or a gynaecologist to get a preconception check up done. Timely checkups can help your doctor rule out any potential complications. She may also suggest some tests for you and your spouse, and prescribe prenatal vitamins to you.

If you’ve been on birth control, you can check with your doctor about when and how to stop it. She will most likely suggest that you stop using birth control a couple of months before you start trying to get pregnant, especially if you were on contraceptive pills. You can time sex with your partner accordingly to increase your chances of conception. 

3. Buy the right pregnancy kit.

When trying to conceive, a missed period might be a good enough indicator of pregnancy. And although it might still be too early to visit a gynaecologist, the waiting game can be anxiety-inducing. You can put your worries to rest by taking a urine pregnancy test in the comfort of your home. With Mamaxpert’s Rapid Pregnancy Detection Test Kit, you can get results in just 5 minutes! It’s a one-step HCG test that detects hCG, the pregnancy hormone, in a urine sample to provide the correct result. The results are 99% accurate and the process of taking the test, fairly simple. If you get a positive result, you can visit a gynaecologist to confirm the same.

4. Invest in sound financial advice.

Pregnancy and babies are an expensive affair. Whether you’re planning to have a baby or are already pregnant, it’s never too late to start saving. From diapers to baby skincare to vaccinations, you’ll be shelling out a lot without even realizing it once your baby comes. Pregnancy medication, monthly checkups, and ultrasound scans, also cost a lot, which is why you must consider financial planning in advance. If you’re finding it difficult to manage your finances, seek professional help. Check with an accountant who can help you set a budget for everything. You can also check with them about maternity health insurance and maternity benefits programs that would be right for you.

5. Buy skincare and relaxation products.

Stretch marks are a common pregnancy occurrence, and not all women are comfortable sporting the stripes. They may appear around the stomach, hips, or breasts due to weight gain and a growing belly. Loss of elasticity may also cause itching, redness, or irritation around these areas. The best way to reduce their appearance or prevent them is by investing in good stretch mark cream and moisturizing the area where they are likely to appear, right from the first trimester. Mamaxpert’s Stretch Mark Cream contains ingredients that reduce the appearance of stretch marks, improve skin elasticity, and keep the skin nourished and protected. Buying a good stretch mark cream like Mamaxpert’s stretch mark cream will help you keep your skin hydrated and the appearance of stretch marks to a minimum.

Weight gain can also put undue pressure on your legs and cause leg pain during pregnancy. To deal with it, you can use the Legs Relaxing Gel by Mamaxpert which hydrates the skin and improves blood circulation to the legs. You can also do pregnancy-safe exercises under the guidance of a trained professional to relieve leg and back pain.

6. Don’t forget about hygiene.

If we’ve learned anything from the pandemic, it is maintaining hygiene and how!

Maintaining good vaginal hygiene can lower your chances of infections ‘down there’ and increase your chances of conception. As you will be more prone to infections during pregnancy, you will need something that is mild and safe to use. Use a good intimate wash like Mamaxpert’s Intimate Wash. It is safe, gentle, provides relief from itchiness and reduces any unpleasant odours.

7. Invest in baby essentials.

Your baby will need tons of stuff in the first year of their life, and buying baby essentials all at once can make your budget fly out the window. So once you get the ‘good news’, set up an account for your baby, list down the things they will need, and buy them over the period of nine months of your pregnancy.

Planning for a baby can seem like an uphill climb, but with a proper plan in place, you can increase your chances of conceiving and having a healthy pregnancy. And trust us, investing in your health, incorporating lifestyle changes, and budgeting will be worth it, once you have your baby in your arms.

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