Take It From a Mom, Pool-Time With a Baby Has Never Been Easier

Take It From a Mom, Pool-Time With a Baby Has Never Been Easier

With the increase in the temperatures and the scorching heat, it seems this time the pool is going to be blissful for the tiny tots. Parents who intend to watch their little bees splashing in the water pool need not worry about the swim wear of their newborns. The new Pampers Splashers swim pants are specially designed for pool or water time. These diapers have a special quality and unlike the normal diapers, they do not swell up on soaking water.

The name ‘splashers’ itself suggests that it is a protective covering of a panel to protect babies from the splashing water. The diapers are beautifully designed with deep thoughts keeping in mind the toddler’s demands. Their tear away sides make it easier for you to change them, and they are super stretchy to provide a snug fit to the babies in water. What’s more? They have super cool graphics and you can take your baby to the beach or the pool wearing just Splashers!

The swim diaper holds in solid poop without retaining too much liquid. This gives comfort to babies while in the pool. The Pampers Splashers keep the baby dry even when wet. It provides protection in the water without any worries of a soggy diaper. These diapers are newly launched in India and they are fabulous.

kid crawling near a pool

I have been using it on my daughter for three weeks now and they are just amazing. They are perfect for a swim, designed specially for pool, beach, park, and Funtime. It has easy tear sides which ensures that you can remove the diaper very easily without hurting the baby or any mishap. They don’t swell in water just like the other diapers which become very heavy to even hold making the baby even more uncomfortable. I was literally love-struck at the design as it has such cute and amazing designs made on it which makes it even more attractive and fabulous. It has a 360 degree round elasticated waist which is absolutely comfortable and gentle on the babies skin without making any rash on it. It has dual leak Barriers which fits perfectly around the babies leg. It doesn’t even irritate the babies skin.

Also, only protecting toddlers with diapers in the pool is not enough. There are other precautionary measures too that need to be taken by parents. They are as follows:

  1. Parents should ensure that there is a safe fencing around the pool. Its very important to be alert when the kids are in the pool.
  1. The pool should be covered when not in use. We should always ensure that the kid goes in a proper pool made according to the age.
  1. No toys should be left in the pool to avoid attracting the child unattended.
  1. A water pool alarm should be installed. This is very important.
  1. Parents should accompany their toddlers in the pool to avoid any accidents.
  1. A phone or the necessary equipment should be kept in reach to avoid mishap during an emergency.
  1. The pool water should be cleaned and changed on regular basis to avoid infections or diseases.
  1. Kids should be kept away from hot tube drains.
  1. Proper hygiene should be followed. A lot of authorities don’t keep the all the pools hygienic and clean. Hence choosing the correct pool area should also be considered
  1. The baby should always be under an adult supervision.

mom and child playing in a pool

Pampers Splashers are designed for babies to prevent water accidents in the pool. The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that all public swimming facilities require the use of swim diapers on infants and toddlers. Swim diapers prevent waste from spreading bacteria like E.coli.

These Pamper diapers are available in different sizes as per the weight of the baby. It is available in a pack of 12. The 360O stretchy waist band fits like a swimwear and easily pulls on and off when wet. It’s newly launched in India and has some amazing prints which makes it look lovely. I have used it on Diyara and highly recommend Pampers Splashers if you are looking for a swim diaper for your baby.

So, all you parents who are eager to give their baby’s a cool splash in this heat, give them with ease by making them wear these Pampers Splashers. Trust me you all are going to love them. They are till now the best swimwear diapers launched in India and trusted by so many moms.

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