Different Types of Exercises for Abs and Their Benefits

Beyond Abs: Why Fitness Is Actually a Lot More

The simplest of exercises have the ability to produce great results. For holistic fitness, you need to focus on workouts that trim fat not just from your belly but the rest of your body too!

Are you tired of talking yourself into being regular at the gym or buying workout equipment? Whatever the case, the good news is that you can work your way into having a great body without leaving your nest or spending a bomb on equipment. Simple exercises in the comfort of your home work wonderfully on your core and the rest of your body.

What are The Benefits of Doing Sit-Ups Regularly?

A combination of different exercises gives the body an all-round workout. Just including several sets of sit-ups in your daily routine won’t tighten the rectus abdominis all that well. Following a regular exercise regimen that works these two muscles can improve your posture and help your entire body’s muscles function in tandem with each other, providing general balance and stability.

What Muscles Are Used in Sit-ups?

Sit-ups don’t just target the abdominals. They also focus on the hip flexors, the rectus femoris, the external obliques, and the tensor fasciae latae. However, over the years, sit-ups have been slowly replaced by crunches as they target these muscles a lot better and produce much clearer results. You’d do better to perform traditional and modified crunches, which have been found to be most effective in stimulating muscles in the rectus abdominis. In addition to toning your core, there are other advantages of crunches like burning unwanted calories.

Going Beyond Crunches

Among the effective exercises that involve toning of the core are planking and leg raises. You may wonder whether they really work ; they sure do!


1. Defined Abs and Good Posture

So what muscles do planks use? Performing planks or leg raises helps a great deal in building the core. When the abs get stronger, they tighten the mid-section and strengthen the back muscles, including those in the upper back.

2. Increased Flexibility

Besides increasing the strength of your core, the benefits of leg raises and planks extend to overall muscle flexibility. Those around the shoulders, collarbone and shoulder blades expand and loosen up. Even the arches of your feet and toes get a workout!

3. They Burn Calories

Every exercise including performing planks acts as a mood-booster and helps you stretch and relax muscles that have become stiff. They burn fat too, of course. The calories burned just by doing leg lifts for 10 minutes is about 40 if you weigh around 68 kilos. Combined with other exercises and a good diet, your core can be strengthened and your midsection shaped.

The benefits of doing crunches, planks, leg lifts et al are many. But they won’t work unless you couple them with a healthy lifestyle and a diet that includes plenty of nutrients. Tackle your midsection with determination today and be on your way to achieving a toned belly and a body you can be proud of.

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