20+ Learning and Engaging Activities for 7 Months Old Baby

Best Learning Activities For 7 Month Old Baby

Right from the movement a baby is born, parents eagerly wait for them to grow up and achieve several small and big milestones. As your baby crosses the six-month-old benchmark, they may achieve new milestones in their growth and development. Now is the time to engage your baby in some fun 7 month old activities that will help them learn and practise their newly acquired skills in a better manner. In this article, we have covered some learning activities for your little ones that will help them in their growth and development. Let’s read!

Development Milestones That Can Be Seen in Seven Month Old Baby

Here are some of the milestones that you can see in your seven-month-old baby:

1. Starts Eating Solid Food

At six months of age, your baby will begin eating pureed solid food. Apart from the nutrition from mother’s milk, the baby also gets nutrition from various other food groups. Eating solid food is considered a milestone for a baby as it is indicative of a developed and improved digestive system.

2. Babbling Noises and Sounds

By this time, your baby will begin experimenting with the kind of sounds he can make. He may sometimes become too loud, but this is only his way of trying out different things. Though mostly your baby will make vowel sounds such as Oo, Ee or Aa etc. he may even rattle out consonant sounds like Da, Mm, etc.

3. Better Body Coordination and Improved Sense

Your baby has better-improved senses and better body coordination by the time he reaches the seven-month benchmark. He may respond to his name and may smile back at you when you smile. He may sit without support and may try to explore things by holding them.

4. Improved Locomotion Skills

Your baby will develop better locomotion skills by this time. He will try to drag and crawl to various places in the house.

7 Month Baby Activities to Speed-up Your Child’s Development

We all love to play and engage our babies with some fun activities. But sometimes, we run out of ideas, or we actually do not know the activities we can perform with our seven-month-old baby. Here are some of the best activities for 7 month old that you can use:

1. Playing With Blocks

Does your baby like fiddling with objects? Put it to good use with this game!

What You Need

You will need a vibrant coloured set of baby-friendly blocks.

Playing with Blocks

How to

You may place all the blocks in front of him, and then start staking up the blocks. You should now hold your baby’s hands and help him stack the blocks. Once he observes you, and you help him do it, he will then begin to stack them on his own.

Skills Developed

Object-location coordination and fine motor skills.

2. The Family Picture Game

Is your baby a keen observer? Unlock his memorisation potential with this game.

What You Need

A family photo album

The Family Picture Game

How to

Around this time, your baby has developed a good sense of recognition and is able to identify faces and people that he meets on a daily basis. You can place your baby in your lap and show him pictures of close family members and people he interacts with every day. It will be a good idea to call out the names of members and also the relation while showing the pictures.

Skills Developed

Better visual perception and a good understanding of facial features.

3. The Calling Game

Pique your baby’s curiosity, by playing this game with him. It makes for an amazingly fun activity, especially on a lazy afternoon!

What You Need

You may include your partner, any other kid in the house, and some hiding objects (like doors or curtains)

The Calling Game

How to 

By seven months, your baby is aware of his name and may also respond to it when you call it out. This game involves your partner hiding behind the curtain or a door and calling out your baby’s name.

Skills Developed

Listening or auditory skills, general muscle coordination and curiosity.

4. The Mirror Peek-a-boo Game

 A fun game that the whole family can enjoy. The more, the merrier.

What You Need

Big wall mirrors

The Mirror Peek-a-boo Game

How to

One of the exciting seven-month baby activities, you can sit in front of the mirror with your baby on your lap. You may ask your partner or your elder kid to stand behind you at a little distance by covering their face with a stole. You may draw your baby’s attention towards the mirror and say peek-a-boo and ask your baby to observe.

Skills Developed

A better understanding of depth and perception and visual skills.

5. The Food Tasting Game 

Turn your baby into a future connoisseur with this game.

What You Need

Four to five different fruit or vegetables (pureed or mashed)

The Food Tasting Game 

How to

You can place four to five pureed or mashed foods in front of your baby and feed him all the food items one by one. You can see your baby’s face changing expressions every time you change the food item. You may notice his happy expression on eating his favourite food item, and he may even reach out for the bowl.

Skills Developed

A better understanding of taste and smell of food items and better coordination.

6. Puppet Game

 Are you good at voices? Play this game to keep your baby entertained.

What You Need

A hand puppet (preferably in a vibrant colour or pattern)

Puppet Game

How to

You can sit on the floor with your baby and ask your partner to perform some activities and make some sounds while moving the hand puppet. You may draw your baby’s attention towards the puppet and if he wishes to touch or hold it, allow him to do so.

Skills Developed

Auditory skills and sound source interpretation.

7. Follow the Rattle

 Use this activity to make your baby a future Usain Bolt!

What You Need

A rattle toy (you may choose your baby’s favourite rattle too)

Follow The Rattle

How to

You may draw his attention to the sound of the rattle, and then you may gently place it at a distance from your baby so that he may grab it. As your baby leans and moves to grab the rattle, you can slowly move the rattle little farther than that. You should let him have the toy after two to three attempts. It is important that your baby has control over his balance and posture before you indulge him in one such 7-month baby development activities.

Skills Developed

Helps in developing good muscle and sight coordination and improves muscle strength.

8. Rhyme Time

Good at singing? Flaunt your voice with this one.

What You Need

An illustrated rhyme book

Rhyme Time

How to

Not just toddlers and pre-schoolers, but babies too, love it when their mother or anyone sings to them. You may make your baby sit on your lap, and while you sing the rhyme, you may draw your baby’s attention towards the book, pointing at illustrations.

Skills Developed

Better listening skills and improved vocal interpretation.

9. Grab the Toy

Is your baby someone who is very determined? Use this game to bring it out.

What You Need

Any stringed toy, your partner or older kid.

Grab The Toy

How to

This is a great activity in helping your baby crawl or move on his tummy. Make your baby lie on the floor, on his tummy. By drawing his attention to a stringed toy, you can place the toy in close proximity to him. But do not put it so close that he can grab the toy at once. Once your baby starts moving towards the toy, you may gently move the toy away and let him make a few tries before you hand him the toy.

Skills Developed

Better physical dexterity, muscle-sight coordination.

10. Bath Fun

Make bathing an activity rather than a chore.

What You Need

Inflated plastic toys, bathtub

Bath Fun

How to

Fill half of your baby’s bathtub with water and place a few inflated toys in them. Now place your baby in the tub and draw his attention to the toy that you try and drown and which bounces back on the surface again. After watching you a few times, your baby may try and do the same thing. Teach him to splash the water as well. It is among one of the best sensory activities for a 7-month-old baby.

Skilled Developed

A better understanding of cause and effect, sensory tactile feeling

11. Exercising Fun

A workout regime that can also be a shared experience.

What You Need

The mommy and the baby

Exercising Fun

How to

Place your baby on your legs, with his legs touching your tummy. Holding his hands, lift his entire body up to 90 degrees and then put him back in the lying-down position.

Skills developed

Dexterity and muscle control.

12. Noisy Fun Activity

Is your baby at that stage where he mimics everyone? Try this then!

What You Need

Average-sized cardboard box, some toys.

Noisy Fun Activity

How to

Fill the cardboard box with some toys. You can make your baby sit on the floor and draw his attention to the box by shaking it. The toys inside will make different sounds. You can regulate the volume by shaking gently or vigorously.

Skills Developed

Cognitive skills

13. Playing With the Shadow

Facing frequent power-cuts? Use this game to pass the time.

What You Need

Torch, some toys, you and your partner

Playing with The Shadow

How to

By flashing the light on the wall, you may make different shapes from your hand or place some toys in front of the light to different shadows. You may make different noises with the shadows too.

Skills Developed

Sensory skills

14. Play With Colours

Bring out your baby’s inner Picasso.

What You Need

Food purees of various colours, white chart paper (beetroot, mango, spinach etc.)

Play with Colours

How to

Make your baby sit on a big white chart paper and help him make impressions with different coloured purees on the paper.

Skills Developed 

Colour perception and better visual sense.

15. Music and Dance

Its time to boogie!

What You Need


Music And Dance

How to

You can play some nice music at a comfortable volume and dance with your baby. You may either hold him and dance or make him sit in front of you and move his hands while humming to the tunes being played.

Skills Developed

Social bonding and better listening skills.

16. Roll Over

Roll Over

At seven months, your baby begins to roll over from his back to his tummy. Try this fun activity which will ensure his developing muscles are exercised too!

What You Need

A couple of toys

How to

Place your baby on his back. Grab his attention by holding a toy over him, and slowly moving it to either side. Your baby will try to turn over to that side while he follows it or tries to grab it.

Skills Developed

Works on your baby’s muscular dexterity and vision to muscle coordination.

17. Bubbles

A great activity to enhance your baby’s vision.

What You Need

Soap bubbles

How to

Blow the soap bubbles in front of the baby and watch them try to catch the bubbles with full enthusiasm.

Skills Developed

Develops visual and tactile senses.

18. Outdoor Exploration

Learning in the environment is the best form of learning.

What You Need

A visit to a park/garden

How to

Take your child outside to a park or garden and encourage them to play with grass, sand, and mud. Show them how to crunch leaves, pick up sticks, and smell flowers.

Skills Developed

Motor skills

19. Crawling Game

Make your baby’s crawling time a learning time too!

What You Need

Pillows, bedsheets and cushions

How to

Set up a baby obstacle course with pillows, cushions and bedsheets to manoeuvre around or over or have your baby crawl towards you through fabric tunnels or blanket forts.

Skills Developed

Build strength and coordination, and encourage them to move around in different directions.

20. Clapping Together

A fun musical way to strengthen your baby’s cognitive skills.

What You Need

Music/Nursery rhymes in the background

How to

Slowly clap to the music in front of your baby while they mimic you, clapping in their own adorable way.

Skills Developed

Observation and cognitive skills.

21. Hand Puppets

An activity that can help your child to understand the world around them.

What You Need

Hand puppets

How to

Sit behind an object so that only the puppet is visible. Move it and make sounds so your baby thinks the puppet is moving on its own.

Skills Developed

Support language skills, communication skills, and social and emotional development.

22. Baby Crunches

One of the best activities to do with 7 month old that will help develop their muscle control.

What You Need

A mat

How to

Lie your baby on your lap with their feet facing you. Hold their hands and pull them up a complete ninety degrees in a sitting position. Then slowly take them back to the lying down position.

Skills Developed

Muscle control skills and general dexterity.

23. Sliding Ice Cubes

A little icy fun for babies!

What You Need

Ice cubes, chopping board, bow

How to

Hold the chopping board at an inclination and slide ice cubes that eventually get collected in the bowl. Repeat this activity in front of your baby and say, “What is that moving?”. The sliding ice cubes will fascinate them, and they may try grabbing the ice while they slide.

Skills Developed

Sensory development.

Useful Tips for Parents While Doing Activities With 7-Month Old Babies

Here are some useful tips you must keep in mind while doing activities with your baby:

1. Let Your Baby Take the Initiative

Let your baby take as much initiative as they can, as it will help them learn with the help of activities.

2. Be Patient

Be patient with your little one, as they can have mood swings too. And not all babies have the same pace of learning. So, do not fret if your little one shows signs of lagging in their ability to understand the activity.

3. Take Necessary Precautions

Baby-proofing your house is necessary to mitigate the chance of any injury. Make sure to cover all the pointy edges, store away sharp items like knives, and keep the cupboards locked.

4. Interact With Your Baby

Don’t be a silent spectator to your baby while they play. Interact with them as much as you can since these are the moments when their senses are most attentive.

5. Take a Break

Let your little one play one game at a time, and do not start an activity marathon. Give them time to rest and absorb the things they learned in the activity.

6. Involve Your Family

Social skills are important for your baby’s development. So, have ample interaction with your baby and ask the other members of the family to do the same when they are doing any activity.


1. What Are Some Ways to Keep Your 7-Month-Old Baby Engaged?

Here are some ways to keep your seven month old baby engaged-

  • Play sound games with them
  • Play a partially hidden objects game with them
  • Introduces them to new age-appropriate toys

2. Should I Allow My 7 Month Old Baby to Play Alone?

Independent play is a term that means the ability to play alone, even for a few minutes at a time. So, it’s perfectly okay to let your baby play alone, even at a young age, as long as you’re nearby and they’re safe.

With these games, your baby should be occupied, and are a much better alternative than making them sit in front of the television.


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