Best Fun & Developmental Activities For an 8-Month-Old Baby

There’s a unique charm in observing the fascinating milestones of an 8-month-old baby. From their babbles to their tentative scoots, they are constantly evolving. But as parents, it’s natural to wonder – how can we best support our baby’s growth? This article unfolds some of the best indoor, educational, and sensory activities for an 8-month-old that not only promise fun but also bolster development.


The eighth month in a baby’s life is marked by an explosion of physical and cognitive skills. This period sees your little one trying to sit without support, perhaps crawling or at least showing intentions to, and displaying an intense curiosity about the world. It’s crucial time to introduce activities that can foster their development while ensuring they have a great time. Dive in to discover some enriching 8 month old baby activities.

Development Boosting Activities For 8 Month Old Babies

The eighth month of a baby’s life is like opening a window to a world filled with wonders. Their rapid development during this period warrants activities that keep pace with their boundless curiosity and burgeoning skills. Fortunately, there’s a plethora of 8 month old baby activities designed specifically for this phase. By incorporating educational activities and indoor activities, parents can ensure that their little ones are constantly learning while also having a blast. Let’s explore some of these activities that promise both fun and learning.


1. Peek-a-Boo!

  • Why: Introduces the concept of object permanence.
  • How: Playfully hide your face behind your hands or a cloth and then reveal it with a cheerful “peek-a-boo!”

2. Sensory Bags

  • Why: Encourages tactile exploration.
  • How: Fill ziplock bags with materials like gel, rice, or beans and let the baby feel the different textures.

3. Sing-along Sessions

  • Why: Stimulates auditory senses and vocal cords.
  • How: Sing familiar nursery rhymes, encouraging your baby to join in with babbles or claps.

4. Crawling Tunnel

  • Why: Strengthens muscles and supports mobility.
  • How: Use soft cushions to make a makeshift tunnel or get a play tunnel for your baby to crawl through.

5. Mirror Play

  • Why: Encourages self-awareness and cognitive development.
  • How: Place a baby-safe mirror in front of them and let them observe their reflection.

6. Ball Roll

  • Why: Enhances hand-eye coordination and motor skills.
  • How: Sit opposite your baby and gently roll a soft ball towards them.

7. Stacking Soft Blocks

  • Why: Fosters understanding of balance and spatial relations.
  • How: Provide large soft blocks and encourage your baby to stack them up.

8. Textured Toy Exploration

  • Why: Offers sensory stimulation.
  • How: Introduce toys with different textures and materials for tactile development.

9. Storytime with Touch & Feel Books

  • Why: Develops listening skills and enhances tactile senses.
  • How: Read colorful touch-and-feel books that offer varied textures on each page.

10. Shake & Rattle

  • Why: Strengthens grip and stimulates auditory senses.
  • How: Hand them baby-friendly rattles or homemade shakers filled with rice or beans.

11. Floor Play with Toys

  • Why: Encourages mobility and exploration.
  • How: Spread out a variety of toys at a slight distance and motivate them to reach or crawl towards them.

12. Puzzle Boards

  • Why: Introduces basic problem-solving skills.
  • How: Offer simple wooden shape puzzles suitable for their age.

13. Water Play

  • Why: Introduces the concept of liquid and stimulates tactile senses.
  • How: Fill a small tub with lukewarm water, introduce splash-friendly toys and supervise closely.

14. Finger Painting

  • Why: Fosters creativity and sensory exploration.
  • How: Use edible, baby-safe paints and let them smear and play on a large sheet.

15. Dance & Wiggle

  • Why: Boosts balance and introduces rhythm.
  • How: Play gentle tunes and dance with your baby, either holding them or letting them wiggle on the floor.

Introducing these indoor activities ensures that your baby remains entertained, engaged, and educated within the comfort and safety of your home. Each one has its unique blend of fun and learning, making them perfect for an 8-month-old’s development journey.


1. What You Should Expect From Your 8 Month Old?

At 8 months, your baby will be more active and curious than ever. Expect them to try sitting without support, begin showing signs of crawling, babble more coherently, show recognition towards familiar people and objects, and express emotions like joy, fear, and anger. This is also a time when the baby’s activity at 8 months will center around exploring toys, responding to their name, and developing a strong bond with primary caregivers.


2. How To Develop Sense Of Object Permanence In an 8 Month Old?

Developing a sense of object permanence is pivotal at this age. Start with games like Peek-a-Boo. When playing, cover a toy with a cloth and reveal it after a moment, demonstrating that objects still exist even when not in sight. Consistent exposure to such indoor activities helps in solidifying this concept in their young minds.


As your baby approaches the end of their first year, treasure these moments of growth and exploration. Tailor these activities according to your baby’s preferences and watch them blossom. The activities listed above are not just fun, but they’re foundational, setting the stage for continuous learning and discovery. Happy parenting!


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