Top 9 Best Bibs for Babies in India of 2022

9 Best Bibs for Babies

While your child’s journey to eating by himself is super cute, as he discovers new foods, it is equally messy. Sit down to breastfeed him, and you’ll find yourself dealing with spit-up. Give him a plate of food, and you’ll notice that most of the food ends up on his clothes (or the floor). No matter how old your little one is, messiness is inevitable. So, to make your life easier, bibs will catch any food spills and also keep your child’s clothes clean, so you don’t end up having to change his (or your) clothes after every meal. This list of best bibs for babies will help you pick the best one for your child.

Top 9 Bibs for Babies Eating Solids

Bibs are a must-have for parents, right from their baby’s birth to toddlerhood. And choosing the right kind of bib of high quality can save you time and money. Here are the best feeding bibs to choose from!

1. Babyhug Plastic Bib with Detachable Crumb Catcher Owl

Babyhug Plastic Bib with Detachable Crumb Catcher Owl

This bib and crumb catcher is a complete set, keeping your little one clean and you worry-free during feeding time!

Product Highlights:

The feeding bib with a crumb catcher tray makes mealtime easier and less messy for kids. The fun and colourful owl pattern engages the baby and looks super cute! This is one of the best waterproof bubs and is easy to prevent messiness during mealtimes. It also features an adjustable collar for flexibility, and also lasts as your child grows and transitions to solids. This plastic tray along with the plastic bib catches drips and spills while making feeding time non-messy and super fun!

2. Babyhug Bib Velcro Closure Tortoise Embroidery

Babyhug Bib Velcro Closure Tortoise Embroidery

This big features a velcro closure that is easy to put on and remove, making mealtimes mess-free.

Product Highlights:

Babyhug presents this premium quality baby bib. Crafted with cute detailing to add the special touch, these practical and handy bibs help to prevent your baby’s clothes from any spills or stains. The velcro closure makes it practical to use. Your child can now devour all his favourite foods with enthusiasm and you need not worry about cleaning any stains!

3. Babyhug Bib Chicken Embroidered

Babyhug Bib Chicken Embroidered

This cute bib features a chicken pattern and is durable and easy to use, so mealtimes are smooth and mess-free!

Product Highlights:

Made from premium quality material, this is one of the best feeding bibs available, useful when your baby graduates to eating solid food. This not only catches solid food but also any liquids, which makes it great for the weaning stage. It is super easy to make your baby wear, as well as remove after meals, so no worries about cleaning stained clothes!

4. Babyhug Cotton Bibs Rocket Embroidery Pack of 2

Babyhug Cotton Bibs

This pack features two vibrant bibs that are comfortable and practical to use during meals.

Product Highlights:

Babies love mealtimes and often create a big mess in their excitement. Babyhug bibs are a great way to keep your baby clean while they enjoy their daily treats. The bib shields the baby’s clothes from food & liquid spills. The velcro closure makes it easy to use. Your child can now eat all his favourite foods without causing you any stress about stains.

5. Babyhug Bib Velcro Closure Bow Embroidery

Babyhug Bib Velcro Closure

How cute is this little tux-patterned bib? It’s practical, easy to wear, and guaranteed to feature in a couple of pictures!

Product Highlights:

Made from the softest material, this Babyhug bib is a definite favourite if you want to capture this important phase in your baby’s life. The pattern and velcro closure make it both cute and practical, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning major spills during meals. Definitely one of the best baby bibs for eating!

6. Babyhug Knitted Velcro Bib Little Driver Embroidery

Babyhug Knitted Velcro

Who doesn’t love a bib with a sweet caption? This convenient and comfortable bib lets us know who takes the driver’s seat during mealtimes!

Product Highlights:

This practical and handy bib from Babyhug will look super cute on your baby as he makes his way to eating solids. It is easy to put on and remove, so you can simply take it off and put it in the machine, without any worries. Don’t forget to click a picture of your baby during mealtimes, with his proud daddy sitting next to him!

7. Babyhug Waterproof Plastic Crumb Catcher Bib Frog Print

Babyhug Waterproof Plastic

This plastic bib from Babyhug is colourful and easy to use, with attractive detailing! A must-buy for parents looking to make mealtimes easier!

Product Highlights:

This practical and handy bib with a crumb catching pocket helps to prevent your baby’s clothes from any spills or stains. The waterproof plastic layer at the back ensures that the food or water fallen on the front does not seep through and stain your baby’s clothes. This is one of the best waterproof bibs and a must-buy for your munchkin!

8. Babyhug Cotton Bibs Gloves Embroidery Pack of 2

Babyhug Cotton Bibs Gloves

This pack of bibs will be your child’s favourite mealtime companions, on his journey to discovering solid food!

Product Highlights:

Mealtimes will become your child’s favourite time of the day, with these attractive bibs shielding him from any spills. It is convenient to use and easy to clean, so you can cook different solid and semi-solid food for your little one, without the fear of having to clean the mess! If you’re looking for the best infant bibs that will last through toddlerhood as well, this one is your go-to.

9. Mee Mee Water Resistant Drooler Bib With Pocket

Mee Mee Water

This colourful bib with a crumb catcher design helps to save your baby’s clothes from getting stained during mealtimes.

Product Highlights:

Ensure that your baby’s mealtimes are not messy with this Mee Mee bib. This baby bib is made of non-toxic, plastic material which is safe for your little one and prevents any kind of irritation to your little one’s skin. Available in interesting prints and attractive colours, it ensures that mealtimes are more fun and less messy for both you and your little one.

FAQs on Baby Bibs

1. Do they have specific, age-wise sizes for bibs?

Most bibs can be used right from infancy to toddlerhood, for drool, milk spills or solid food. They also have an adjustable neckband which lets the bib sit comfortably on the baby’s chest during mealtimes, as he grows older. However, some bibs, such as plastic or silicone bibs are specifically for solid food, as they catch crumbs and solid food spills, and are great for the weaning period when your baby turns 5-6 months.

2. How can I wash infant bibs?

Usually, the bib should be machine-washable, but it is always advised to look for washing instructions on the label. If the bib is severely stained, you can soak it in warm water (not hot water, as it will cook the protein in the stain and make it stick further), and then hand-wash or machine-wash the bib.

3. Are baby bibs waterproof?

Not all bibs are waterproof, but the material ensures that the food or liquid does not seep through easily and stain your baby’s clothes. However, plastic or silicone bibs are waterproof and can be easily clean and re-used. Make sure you look at the packaging and label for the exact features of the bib.

4. When should babies start wearing bibs?

You can make your baby wear a bib right from birth, as it can prevent milk and drool from staining his clothes. There are many types of bibs, meant for various purposes, whether it is to prevent milk, drool or food stains.

Bibs are an irreplaceable part of mealtimes, as they help prevent messiness and allow you to cook all the different foods you want for your munchkin, without worrying about his clothes getting dirty or stained. Once you buy a bib for your baby, there’s no going back! Choose from the best baby bibs, and make mealtimes a breeze for both you and your baby.

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