9 Benefits of Reiki- The Ancient Healing Tool for Your Mind and Body

9 Benefits of Reiki- The Ancient Healing Tool for Your Mind and Body

We all want to always be fit and healthy, right? But, after pregnancy, you, as a mother, have to face demands from both your body and your baby. In looking after the baby, you may often tend to neglect her own health. And then, the visits to the gynaecologist just become more frequent. But, apart from popping pills, there’s so much more you can do for your mind and body. Quite similar to acupuncture, Reiki healing is becoming popular for its amazing pain and stress-reduction benefits. But, first of all, let’s understand what this healing mechanism is.

What is Reiki Healing?

Centuries ago, the Japanese discovered that one would recover from an ailment eventually, even without taking any medication. Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is an alternative therapy that focuses on the human body’s self-healing mechanism. It was founded by Dr Mikao Usui and comes from the Japanese words rei meaning “universal” and ki meaning “life energy”.


According to this healing method, the human body has seven chakras, and life energy (known as prana in India) flows through each of them. At times, chakras tend to get blocked, thus stopping the life energy and leading to various health problems, big or small. The goal of Reiki is to open up these chakras, relax the body and reduce pain. A study1 was conducted to find out whether Reiki really benefitted people with chronic illnesses. It was seen that Reiki had immediate effects on heart rate variability, cortisol levels, and body temperature.

The Five Principles of Reiki Healing

Reiki is based on a set of five principles. Anybody who opts for this type of alternative healing has to practise them in their daily lives. If you’re wondering how long you’ll be able to keep up, there’s some good news. You make a promise just for today.

Five Principles of Reiki

Health Benefits of Reiki

Reiki has immense health benefits. Some of them are:

Health Benefits of Reiki

1. Reduction in Stress Levels

Young moms face such a lot of stress every day- make their child eat, take care of their husband and household, and so on. Reiki is very similar to meditation, but it also helps the body heal itself rapidly by reducing stress levels.

2. Improvement in Chronic Health Conditions

Many women continue to have trouble with their blood sugar levels even after giving birth. It is believed that Reiki helps to control chronic conditions like cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.

3. Improvement in Relationships

Reiki also helps you on your journey of spiritual growth and personality development. You start viewing situations and behaviours differently. With regular practice, misunderstandings with family members fade away, or at least you become more tolerant.

4. Relieves Pain

Reiki indeed has some miraculous benefits. It acts as an instant reliever for body pain like headaches, stomach aches, etc.

Energy Healing

5. Complements Conventional Modes of Treatment

Reiki is a complement to different traditional modes of treatment such as allopathy, homeopathy and Ayurveda. Pregnant women can use Reiki to solve their pregnancy issues. That said, it’s not advisable to skip taking tablets just because you’re practising Reiki.

6. Aids Better Sleep

When our bodies are relaxed, we tend to sleep better. With Reiki treatments, getting a restful night’s sleep will not be that hard anymore. It also improves digestion.

7. Produces a Feeling of Empowerment

Our health conditions often become a cause of anxiety and worry, and we start feeling helpless. At such times, the guiding light of Reiki can make you feel empowered and induce positive thoughts.

8. Helps Speedy Recovery after Surgery

Reiki can help new mothers with a speedy recovery, especially with those who have undergone a C-section.

9. Improves Immunity

As Reiki rids the body of toxins, it improves blood circulation to the heart, lungs, kidney, liver and the gall bladder. This, in turn, makes us more resistant to common health problems like cold, cough, etc.


1. What Happens in a Reiki Session?

During the session, you will be asked to either sit in a chair or lie down. The Reiki practitioner beams Reiki energy to each chakra in your body. This will likely take around 30 minutes. The person receiving Reiki usually feels relaxed and calm and may even go off to sleep.

2. Where Can I Get Reiki Treatment?

You can go to any qualified female Reiki practitioner in your city. You can also learn Reiki yourself and heal yourself every day.

3. When Does Reiki Start Showing Its Benefits?

One thing you should keep in mind is that Reiki is not a miracle. It’s a slow and steady process, but with regular treatments from a practitioner or yourself, you may start noticing its benefits in as soon as 30 days.

If you, as a mother, want to feel relaxed at the end of the day and get some relief from your worsening health problems, you should give a thought to Reiki this year! Who knows, it might probably make all the difference!

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