Ideas on How to Host a Perfect Gender Neutral Baby Shower

Beautiful Ideas to Host a Perfect Gender-Neutral Baby Shower

Hosting a baby shower for expecting parents is no easy affair, especially if the would-be parents still don’t know the gender of their child. Most modern parents are opting not to know the gender of their baby before birth, and that makes planning the baby shower a challenging job. They have to plan a unique gender-neutral baby shower, which means the usual blue and pink baby shower themes are out. Though planning a gender-neutral baby shower seems daunting, it opens up the possibility to be creative and use out of the box ideas to organise a beautiful party. In this article, we shall share some unique ideas and themes you can use if you are planning a gender-neutral baby shower.

How to Host a Creative Gender-Neutral Baby Shower

The birth of a child is a monumental occasion for every parent. The months leading to the delivery are full of anticipation and excitement for the parents. A baby shower is an event before the actual baby birth celebration happens. It presents the expectant parents with the perfect opportunity to have a good time with their friends to celebrate their baby’s upcoming arrival.

Parents utilise the baby shower to announce the gender of their child. Though this trend is changing, with most parents opting not to know the gender beforehand, the idea is still celebrated. Therefore, they choose a unisex baby shower theme, which gives them the flexibility of playing around with different themes that are not restricted to the usual pink and blue theme.

However, to have a unique and memorable baby shower, all aspects of the celebration have to co-ordinate with each other, for example, the invitations, decorations, food, drinks, games, and party favours. Let’s begin with some ideas for a gender-neutral baby shower invitation.

Gender-Neutral Baby Shower Invitations Ideas

The baby shower is planned, and now the guests have to be invited so that they can book the date. The invite is the prelude of your party, and it helps the guests understand how your party is going to be. Choose an exciting design with neutral colours for the baby shower invitation. A few ideas for gender-neutral baby shower invitations are:

  • Botanical filigree
  • Floral fiesta
  • Yellow and grey
  • White and gold
  • Folk art

Once the invitation designs are sorted, take a step ahead in planning the decorations that go along with the theme of the invitation.

Gender-Neutral Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Gender-Neutral Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Beautiful decorations make a baby shower unique and memorable. The host needs to co-ordinate everything from streamers to table cloths, plates, cups, and placemats to the chosen neutral baby shower theme. Some of the best gender-neutral baby shower themes are:

1. Apple of Our Eyes Baby Shower Theme

This theme is perfect for a gender-neutral baby shower. The to-be born baby will be the apple of the eye of his/her parents; therefore, the theme suits the occasion. The event can have everything apple-themed with apple desserts, apple games, and décor.

2. Jungle Safari Baby Shower Theme

One can never go wrong with the jungle theme. It is gender-neutral and promises a wild and fun-filled party. The parents can decorate the venue with palm tree leaves and lots of stuffed jungle animals.

3. Boho Baby Shower Theme

For a relaxed and casual neutral baby shower, the Boho theme is perfect. With decorations of fresh flowers and lots of greenery, the guests will feel relaxed and rejuvenated. For additional effects, dream catchers and canopies can be added.

4. Rainbow Fiesta Baby Shower Theme

The playful multicolour baby shower theme is perfect for welcoming the newest member of your family. The colourful vibes give a sense of happiness and love to the guests and the host.

5. Folk Artsy Baby Shower Theme

Folk Artsy is perfect for showing the joy and excitement of the parents. The folk art theme transcending to the colourful décor, colourful glassware, flowers, and dishes will enthral the guests.

6. Elegant White and Gold Baby Shower Theme

No one can go wrong with the elegant white and gold baby shower theme. The combination of white with gold in decorations, cutlery, invitations, food, and favours is unparalleled and eternal.

After the decor is taken care of, the food, drinks, and the most important part, the cake, needs to be arranged. Let’s take a look at some ideas.

Gender-Neutral Cake Ideas

Any baby shower is incomplete without a beautiful cake. A cake is one of the best neutral baby shower centrepieces of the gorgeous baby shower party. Everyone is curious and intrigued by the cake design, especially the kids at the party. Mostly the cake is decorated according to the gender of the baby, but for a gender-neutral cake, it can feature various designs such as stars, cartoon characters, children or have a plain flower design.  A simple cake with a picture of any cute baby is also a good idea.  You can also get a gender-neutral cake matching the theme and decoration of the party. It can be of a similar design or match with the colours of the decorations.

Gender-Neutral Baby Shower Food and Drink Ideas

Gender-Neutral Baby Shower Food & Drink Ideas

A gender-neutral baby shower cannot be complete without gender-neutral food and drinks. Most baby showers might have a unique theme, but the theme is usually not implemented in the food and beverages. The food and drinks following the same theme can add a ‘WOW’ factor to your baby shower, making it unforgettable. Here are some ideas of gender-neutral food and drinks:

  • Diaper-Shaped Cookies – Cookies are perfect as easy-to-eat desserts, and they can be decorated or made in any preferred shape according to the theme of your party. Diaper-themed cookies are hilarious and can be a hit among the guests.
  • Sparkling Raspberry Lemonade – The classic lemonade punch is a must at every party, and it is perfect as a refreshing drink at a gender-neutral baby shower. It can be made in many colours and decorated with frozen raspberries and straws with diaper shapes attached to them. Themed stickers on the serving glasses can also add to the party.
  • Star-Shaped Sandwiches- Both kids and adults love sandwiches with any filling. Fill them with fresh vegetables and mayonnaise and serve with ketchup and wafers. Cut the in star shapes, and they will attract all the guests and signify the arrival of your star.

Gender-Neutral Baby Shower Game Ideas

Baby shower theme-based games help to engage the guests and liven up the party. Here are a few ideas of gender-neutral baby shower games:

  • Change the Diaper Relay Race – The guests can play this game in pairs or teams. Members of each team stand one behind the other in straight lines at the starting line. A table or a changing board is kept at some distance away from the starting line. The first person of each team holds a doll in a blanket. On the word ‘go’, he/she runs to the changing board to change the diaper of the doll, rewraps the doll in the blanket and returns to hand it over to the next person. Then it’s the turn of the next person to do the same. The team that finishes first wins the relay race.
  • Hanging the Diapers – In this game, every guest has to hang diapers on the clothesline or a string. The person who hangs the most diapers wins the game.
  • Super Parent – A fun game where everyone has to do multiple tasks while holding the doll as a baby. The host can give tasks such as segregating clothes, changing the diaper, answering the phone, picking up the toys, etc. The guest who does these tasks in the shortest time wins.

When we talk about parties, how can we forget about party favours? Read on for some ideas.

Gender-Neutral Baby Shower Party Favours

Gender-Neutral Baby Shower Party Favours Ideas

The best way to thank your guests for coming to your baby shower is to gift them a well-thought party favour. The party favour has to be gender-neutral, too. Some ideas of gender-neutral party favours are:

  • Tea Brewing Packs – Gift your guests with refreshing seasonal teas packed in a cute bag.
  • Candy Boxes – Make DIY candy boxes and gift them to your guests. Fill the box or bag with assorted candies in different flavours.
  • Scented Soap Hamper – Hampers made of handmade scented soaps (preferably using gender-neutral ingredients) can also be a good option.
  • Grow Your Plants Kit – Gift your guests this environment-friendly party favour. Take a bag and add some plant seeds, a soil pouch and a small planter to it, and let them explore their green side.
  • Pickle Hamper – Gift your guests an assorted pickle hamper with different pickle jars decorated with twine. You can purchase the pickles or make them yourself.
  • Honey Pot – This is an excellent choice for a healthy party favour. You can opt for different flavours of honey too.
  • Doughnut Pouches – Pack different flavoured doughnuts in cute pouches and gift your guests this delicious party favour.
  • Art Kit – Gift your guests this creative party favour to bring out the artist in them. Put a few art supplies in a decorative bag, and let your guests remember you whenever they use them.
  • DIY Hamper – DIY kits are a great party favour idea. They can encourage your guests to explore their creative side.
  • Potpourri Packs – A potpourri pack makes for an excellent gender-neutral party favour, too.

A gender-neutral baby shower is a perfect way to celebrate the upcoming arrival of your baby with your friends and family. It can be challenging to plan one, but it will ensure you have a unique baby shower. The efforts that will be going into choosing the theme, decorations, food, and gifts will all be worthwhile when the expectant mother loves it, and the guests praise you for arranging the beautiful and memorable baby shower.

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