How to Sleep Peacefully When Your Partner Snores

Beating the ‘My Husband Snores and I can’t Sleep’ Blues

You love your man, you really do. Life together would have been perfect if only his bad sleeping habits weren’t keeping you up all night. You can easily get your fair share of a good night’s sleep by putting a stop to it with these tips.

You’ve just woken up bleary-eyed from yet another sleepless night while your partner is snoring his way into a deep sleep haven. Take steps into the right direction to change his sleeping habits and get your much-deserved sleep as well with these snore proof suggestions from experts.

“My Husband Snores and I Can’t Sleep”! Well, Now You Can!

1. Mind Your Sleep Pattern

The different sleeping patterns of men and women can be a cause for concern.Men sleep deeply while women are light sleepers. Experts suggest that women concentrate on their own sleep clock. Go to bed and wake up the next morning the same time every day. Don’t use your mobile phones or laptops as their glowing screens may leave you feeling wide awake.

2. Snuggling vs Sleeping

There is something incredibly intimate about snuggling with him while sleeping, but this can cause trouble in sleeping with your partner! Separate the pillow talk time from your sleeping hours. Once you’re done talking, claim your space and sleep in peace!

3. Sleeping Arrangements

While you look for help for a snoring husband, here’s something that you can try. If you’re making do with a small bed, get a bigger one so the effects of his snoring lessen over the extra space. Experts have also suggest sleeping in separate bedrooms for a few days till a solution is found. Don’t stress out sleeping apart, after a well-rested night, you’ll be less likely to get into fights anyway!

Sleeping Arrangements

4. Mark your Territory

Women tend to have lower body temperature at night while the testosterone and thyroid activities of the male body keep them hot during their sleepy time. Unless you want to awaken to the feel of his sweat-drenched clothes place a pillow barrier to mark your LOC!

5. The Other Side of Things

Men sleeping on their backs are more likely to snore louder. You can easily fix this by asking him sleep on his side. A full-length pillow is a great solution for him to stop snoring and have something snuggle with too!

6. Treating Things Naturally

Try these natural remedies for sleeping problems to relieve your partner off his clogged nose. A hot shower before bedtime or even jala-neti (saline water treatment) helps in opening his blocked nasal cavity. If your man is allergic to dust, set your vacuum cleaner to work. Allergens could also be the reason why you’re spending sleepless nights.

Just like all the other aspects of married life, sleeping together also requires compromises. However a few steps and changes can alleviate his snoring and you can catch up on your precious sleep too!

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