Bedtime Beauty Tips for Moms

Be a Sleeping Beauty to Wake Up Prettier Than Ever!

Sleep essential for a fresh mind and an energised body, but this alone doesn’t suffice for healthy looking skin. A little more effort can make you look drop dead gorgeous. Learn how to maintain a simple night skincare routine for healthy and young looking skin.

The dirt and filth our skin is exposed to can have unpleasant repercussions if it stays through the night too. Giving your skin a thorough clean-up right before you get snuggle into bed is very essential. As a mom, it’s understandable if you feel too drained at the end of the day to take up a time-consuming skin care regime. What you can do is to follow these simple and easy nighttime beauty tricks to keep your skin glowing every morning.

Make Your Skin Glow Every Morning

1. Clear All the Makeup

An essential beauty tip for moms before they retire to bed is to wipe off all the make-up you’d applied in the day. A night cream or a face mask will be of no good if the dirt accumulated from the day isn’t removed from the face.

2. Warm Cleansing

Use lukewarm water to wash your face and make it squeaky-clean. Warm water cleanses the skin thoroughly and opens the pores, which make cleansing effective.

3. Mild Scrubbing and Exfoliation

Once the pores are open, use a mild or home-made scrub to wash away the filth. Focus key areas like sides of the nose, around the chin and sides of the face where dirt accumulates the most. Don’t overdo scrubbing, as it then removes excess oil from the skin that’ll make your face look dull and dry.

4. Moisturise

No matter how much you clean your face with a cleanser and wash thoroughly, nighttime skin care is incomplete if you don’t give your skin a generous lick of moisturiser. Moisturising deeply nourishes the skin and makes it supple. Just leave a gap of at least 15 minutes between when you apply a moisturiser and go off to sleep, so the cream penetrates well and doesn’t just rub off your pillow.


5. Hydrate to Wake up Beautiful

The amount of water we drink is reflected by the quality of our skin. Drinking water before bedtime gives our body the time to nourish the skin and hair. Water acts as a cleanser and detoxifies the body too, so drink up!

6. Keep the Surroundings Clean

After having a soothing cleaning session all is a waste if you sleep on pillows and sheets that you’ve used over and over. Change the bacterium-filled bed covers and pillow covers to help your skin wake up beautiful after a clean good nights sleep.

7. Practice Sleeping on Your Back

Along with doing everything right, sleeping correctly is necessary for good skin too. Beauty experts can tell what side you sleep by looking at the fine lines on your face. So pick a satin pillow and practice sleeping on the back. It might sound impossible for some, but anything is possible with practice.

Following a thorough night skin care routine is essential to give the skin a good time to repair itself and look fresh each morning. Following a simple and non-time consuming bedtime beauty routine will enable your skin to look youthful, always!

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