27 Things to Carry While Travelling with Baby

Baby Travel Checklist – Must Know Essentials to Carry for Your Child

If you are a frequent traveller, you might be accustomed to travelling light. But, when a baby is also your companion, the list of items that you need to carry along can seem to increase a thousandfold. Suddenly, every little thing starts becoming important, and before you know it, you have a gigantic list of things to carry while travelling with a baby on a train or via a flight. In such cases, it’s best to have a list handy of all the baby travel essentials. Combined with that, keeping a few tips in mind will allow you to travel with peace of mind, and not worry needlessly.

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Baby Travel Checklist

Things to Carry While Travelling With Your Infant

Here’s what you need to have in your baby travel list.

1. Diapers

Diapers have to be the most important item on your list. Carry one for each hour that you would be travelling, and few more as back-up.

2. Changing Station

Trying to change your baby’s diaper while travelling can easily get out of hand. A small, foldable changing station to keep the baby on can prove to be easy and comfortable.

3. Blankets

Blankets will be used for multiple purposes, right from laying your baby down, to using them as a comforter to cover your baby or even the window in case of strong sunlight.

4. Disposable Bags

Used diapers, dirty clothes, and burped hankies – they all need a common place to be in without mixing with the clean stuff. Use separate bags for them.

5. Nightlight

Your baby might very well need changing or feeding in the middle of the night. Using a small torch or nightlight helps you change diapers or feed the baby without disturbing anyone else.

6. First Aid Kit

Carry lotions, creams, pain relievers, and small ointments in case your baby hurts himself during the journey. Being slightly over-prepared brings no harm. Also, carry general purpose medicines for your baby (for common ailments like cough, cold, diarrhoea, colic, etc.).

7. Front Sling

The front sling is the best way to carry your baby when you are travelling from one station or terminal to another. It keeps your baby close to you and safe while leaving you free to move around with your luggage.

8. Inflatable Bathtub

The place you’re staying at may not have the cleanest bathroom or tub for your baby. An inflatable tub can be quickly set up, and you can give your baby a nice wash while staying compact in your luggage during travel.

9. Bottled Milk

Be it formula or your breast milk, it’s best to carry a spare bottle with you, in case your baby decides to have second thoughts and gets hungry more frequently, or you are in a situation where you cannot breastfeed your baby comfortably.

10. Cosy Hats

While travelling outside, the sun can easily get too intense for your baby. Use a nice cute hat for him, that allows him to stroll around with you in comfort and ease.

11. More Clothes

Yes! The baby clothes you have in your bag won’t always be enough if your baby ends up dropping something on them, or if the diaper leaks accidentally. It’s best to have extra clothes on hand for a quick change.

12. Baby Monitor

If you’re heading out for a holiday, you wouldn’t always want to be tied up with your baby, right? As your baby sleeps in the bedroom, you can use the baby monitor and enjoy your glass of refreshing juice in the comfort of the room’s balcony.

Baby monitor

13. Nail Clippers

It’s best to ensure your baby’s nails are short and clean, no matter what. And the clippers could double up as a utility tool if needed as well!

14. Identification

Keep proper IDs for yourself and your baby handy. Have photos and documents, if any, as proof of maternity/paternity and identity.

15. Formula Packets

Rather than relying on stockpiles of food, it’s good to carry formulas with you, so that you can quickly make them and feed your baby prior to the next trip.

16. Baby Wipes

You will need tons and tons of these for every foreseeable scenario that you can think of! Keeping things hygienic and clean, no matter what, should always be a priority.

17. Diaper Rash Cream

The chances of your baby getting diaper rash are pretty high, considering the long waiting hours at the airport, travelling distances by cars, etc. and the consequent long intervals between changing diapers. A tube of diaper rash cream ensures your baby is hale and hearty at all times.

18. Swimsuit

If your baby is of the right age, you can get him a small swimsuit and enjoy time together in the pool.

19. Toys

You may be dozing through your journey, but your baby can get bored real quick! Carry his favourite soft toy or rattle to keep him engaged.

20. Night Clothes

Always keep a pair of easy-to-wear and breathable night clothes that keep your baby snug and comfy when he sleeps at night.

21. Dish Soap

If you need to quickly wash any cups or spoons while you’re travelling, this soap will make it easy to keep things clean.

22. Thermometer

In case your baby falls ill during the journey, taking his temperature and having a quick word with the doctor can help you take action right away.

23. Disinfecting Gel

Instead of running to the basin every time, carry a sanitiser to quickly clean your hands and the baby’s, before and after tending to him.

24. Portable Mosquito Net

Don’t let those annoying pests get in the way of your baby having fun while on a vacation. Invest in a compact, portable mosquito net that can be easily placed over your baby’s sleeping area.

25. Pacifier

Your baby may not always be hungry, but a pacifier can keep things at bay, and give you a silent night of sleep, too.

26. Teething Ring

If your baby is in the chewing and teething phase of his growth, keep a teething ring handy, so as to curb those urges to bite everything he sees.

27. A Book

Carry a nice illustrated book along with you so that the baby has something fun and entertaining to look at during the journey.

Tips to Keep in Mind

  • Prepare in advance and make a list of all the things you need to carry.
  • Use a waterproof diaper bag to carry it all.
  • Keep an extra outfit handy at all times.
  • Pack medicines and liquids in separate plastic pouches.
  • Keep each baby clothing item in a separate compartment.
  • Have a travel charger and an extra battery at hand.
  • A nightlight is your best friend during the journey.
  • Keep an emergency phone number on you and the baby at all times.

Travelling is a new experience for the baby, and he should get to enjoy it! By keeping a few things in mind and ensuring comfort and hygiene at all times, you and your baby can have a wonderful trip, and make memories to think back on.

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