Baby Shower Prizes Which Your Guest Will Love

Baby Shower Prizes Your Guests Will Actually Love

Games and activities are essential for any baby shower for the guests to enjoy the party, intermingle, and have loads of fun. Games act as the catalyst which breaks the ice of formality and encourages the guests to be casual and bond with each other. A baby shower where the guests are formal with each other and just chit-chat is boring. To bring out their playfulness and make the party buzz with activity, games are required. To make your baby shower memorable, just ensure there are some good games with some great prizes. Baby shower game prizes will entice your guests to play the games, play with competitiveness, and result in an enjoyable party.

How Many Baby Shower Prizes Should You Buy?

You have planned all the games and activities for your baby shower but are probably confused about how many prizes to buy. So the first thing to consider is how many guests you have invited to your baby shower and how many games you have planned. Depending on the number of games, you can have 2 to 4 prizes per game. A minimum of two prizes per game is a must to appreciate the participation of the guests. You can add one or two more prizes per game depending on your budget and wish for the ties and runner-up prizes. Some people even have prizes for other things such as punctual guests, well-dressed guests, etc. These activities give the chance for some jovial moments and break the ice for the party. Do remember to buy a few extra gifts or prizes in case of extra guests or more tie-ups.

Exciting Baby Shower Prize Ideas for Guests

Your baby shower games prizes should be exciting for the guests. This will encourage them to participate and play competitively in the games. Any prize which is common, will not entice them to play the games. So when purchasing the prizes for baby shower games keep in mind the age group of the guests and their lifestyle. The prizes don’t need to be expensive but they definitely should be thoughtful, to show your guests they are special to you. So, purchase something which is elegant and is useful for them. The prize can be small, but if it is something which is of use, then the guests will appreciate it. Nobody likes junk or something which is of no utility to them. So buy something which the guests use in their daily life or can use as decoration. A well-thought prize will excite the guests and show your appreciation for their coming to your baby shower.

Coed Baby Shower Prizes

You have invited both men and women for your baby shower. Now you won’t know who is going to win the games or how many men will win and how many women will win. So the ideal solution is to buy coed baby shower prizes. This way you don’t need to worry about what to give to whom. Some ideas for coed prizes are:

1. Books

Books are the best thing to give anyone and one can never go wrong with them. Just purchase the latest releases and pack them in attractive packaging to wow your guests.

2. Gift Vouchers/Certificates

Gift Vouchers for Baby Shower

Giving gift vouchers or certificates of some popular lifestyle brand is a smart choice. The winner can purchase anything of their choice as per their need and utility.

3. Ready to Make Margarita Kit

Everyone loves margarita, so gifting them a kit that has all the ingredients to make margaritas will be appreciated by them.

4. Cookie Basket

Cookie Basket for Baby Shower

Cookies are loved by everyone and no one will say no to some more. So an assorted cookie basket is a good choice for coed baby shower prize.

5. Diary

Diary is always useful to everyone. So pick an elegant diary with a beautiful looking pen and your coed gift is ready.

Baby Shower Door Game Prizes

Baby shower door games are the games that start as soon as the guests enter the party venue. They are played to ensure that the party fun and excitement starts from the party door. Some of the popular baby shower door game prizes are:

1. Cupcakes Bag

Who doesn’t love these sweet little delights? Just take an attractive goodie bag and put in a few assorted cupcakes and tie with a vibrant ribbon. The perfect door game prize is ready.

2. Personal Care Kit

Make an attractive personal care kit by adding shower gel, hand lotions, and body wash. Gifted in an attractive bag, it will make your guests feel special.

3. Handmade Soaps

Handmade Soaps for Baby Shower

Delight your guests with these fragrant handmade soaps hamper. Take a georgette bag and fill it with few assorted handmade soaps, tie with a beautiful ribbon and gift them to your guests at the door.

4. Succulent Plants

Gift your guests with succulent plants in cute little ceramic pots. They will remember you every time they water these plants.

5. Tea and Coffee Bag Hamper

Take a paper bag or basket and fill it with assorted tea and coffee bags. The guests will enjoy these different types of delicious tea and coffee and remember you with fondness.

Unique Prizes for Baby Shower

Your baby shower is as special as your baby, who will soon be in your arms. To make your guests as excited as you are for your baby to arrive, here are some unique baby shower prizes for games you will play at your beautiful baby shower.

1. Diffusers

A calming and aromatic gift for guests to enjoy, creating a soothing atmosphere in their homes.

2. Bath Bomb Set

Provide a selection of beautifully crafted bath bombs for a relaxing self-care experience.

3. Gourmet Chocolate or Treat Boxes

Delight guests with a selection of high-quality chocolates or gourmet treats in beautifully packaged boxes.

4. Customized Keychains

Offer keychains featuring baby-related charms or engraved messages, providing a practical and sentimental keepsake.

5. Bamboo or Eco-friendly Products

Consider eco-conscious gifts like bamboo utensils, reusable shopping bags, or sustainable kitchenware.

Cute Baby Shower Prizes

How about some cute prizes for your guests? Here are some prize options to choose from:

1. Bookmarks With Inspirational Quotes

Unique bookmarks with quotes about motherhood or children’s literature, encouraging a love for reading.

2. Handcrafted Jewelry

Delicate jewelry pieces like bracelets or necklaces with baby-related charms, serving as cherished mementos.

3. Customized Hand Sanitizer Bottles

Practical and timely, provide guests with hand sanitizer bottles featuring a personalized label.

4. Baby-themed Magnets

Cute and functional magnetic clips or fridge magnets with baby-themed designs.

DIY Baby Shower Prizes

To make your prizes more exciting, here are DIY baby shower prize ideas.

1. DIY Craft Kits

Provide guests with kits to create their own baby-related crafts, fostering creativity and fun.

2. Decorative Mason Jars

Paint or decorate mason jars and fill them with treats, like cookies, candies, or homemade bath salts.

3. Fabric or Ribbon Hair Accessories

Craft hair bows, headbands, or clips using fabric scraps, ribbons, and embellishments.

4. Hand-stitched Cloth Napkins

Sew colourful cloth napkins with baby-themed designs for a practical and charming gift.

5. DIY Terracotta Planters

Paint and decorate small terracotta pots for guests to plant their own tiny succulents or herbs.

Inexpensive Baby Shower Games Prizes

If you are low on budget, here are some fantastic, inexpensive gift ideas for baby shower games for you:

1. Seed Packets

Provide packets of flower or herb seeds, symbolizing growth and new beginnings.

2. Cookie Mix in a Jar

Layer the dry ingredients of a cookie recipe in a mason jar, along with a recipe tag.

3. Tea Light Candles

Bundle a few tea-light candles in a decorative bag or box for a cosy and practical gift.

4. Bath Sponges or Loofahs

Offer colourful bath sponges or loofahs for a useful and economical option.

5. Colourful Washcloths or Burp Cloths

Purchase or make inexpensive washcloths or burp cloths in cheerful colours or patterns.

Other Baby Shower Prizes For Games

Some other options of prizes to give away at a baby shower or diaper raffle prize ideas are:

1. Baked Goodies Hamper

Give your guests a hamper full of assorted baked goodies such as muffins, cakes, and bread. Everyone loves them and it’s a useful gift which they will relish with delight.

2. Treats in a Mason Jar

Take a mason jar or any jar and fill it with small goodies such as gum, candies, chocolates, shot bottles, etc. Decorate the jar as per the theme of your party.

3. Wine and Chocolate Hamper

Everyone will love this prize as it has both wine and chocolate which everyone loves. You can replace the wine with fruit juices if want to go for a healthier option.

4. Fancy Coasters

Gift your friends some attractive coaster set. They can use them when they have their own party.

5. Kitchen Utensils/Baking Set

You can go for the simple toolset of baking or kitchen utensils. They are always useful and will be appreciated by your guests.

6. Salt and Pepper Shakers

Salt and Pepper Shakers Gift

Cute little salt and pepper shakers make for an ideal small baby shower prizes. Pick up some unique design and wow your guests.

7. Goodies in Plastic Tumbler

Take a tumbler of the same color as your party theme, fill it with assorted goodies or travel-size personal care things like lotion, sanitizer, etc. Tie a broad ribbon on top and it’s ready to be gifted.

8. Ceramic Mugs

One of the low-cost gift ideas, ceramic mugs are of use for everyone. You can fill these mugs with tea bags, coffee beans or candies to make them more attractive.

9. Sangria Kit

Though a bit over budget, a game prize everyone will fight to win. Perfect for any season and any party theme.

10. Bath Salts

Looking for an inexpensive game prize, then this is one of the cheap baby shower prizes ideas. Take pretty organza bags and fill them with assorted bath salts sachets.

11. Scented Candles

Attractive scented candles in different scents and wrapped in beautiful packaging makes for a good party game prize.

12. Candies/Chocolates Jar

Take a beautiful jar and fill it with assorted candies and chocolates. You can also replace the candies with coated nuts or berries for a healthier substitute.

13. Potpourri Mesh Bags

Take a mesh bag and fill it with few scented potpourri sachets. Tie the bag with a cute ribbon to complete the gift. This is one of the inexpensive baby shower prizes for games.

14. Photo Frame

An elegant photo frame that the guest can use is a charming gift. You can also gift the guests with a Polaroid photo of theirs taken at the party. So they will always remember your party when they see the frame.

15. Mani-pedi Gift Set

This is the ideal gift for your female guests. Every woman loves a mani-pedi kit and you can fill the hamper with a nail file, lotion, scrub and assorted nail paints to make their day.

Tips for Baby Shower Prize Presentation

Presenting and packing of your baby shower prizes is as important as the prizes. The presentation makes the gift look attractive and make the guests feel special. Some tips to use when packing the baby shower prizes are:

  • Use attractive packaging or glitter gift paper.
  • The transparent sheet is good to use if it has some cute little hearts or another shape. An absolutely transparent sheet will make the gift look dull.
  • Remember to pack the gifts as per the theme of your party. It could be the same colored gift paper or similar decorations.
  • Tie the gifts with curly satin ribbons or tulles in vibrant colors.
  • Put ribbon flowers on the prize to make them look more attractive.
  • If possible keep the gifts in a cute gift bag to make it easy to carry by the guest.
  • Remember to add a cute thank you label, to express your appreciation for the guests to join in your celebration.


1. Do I Need to Have Games and Prizes for Baby Shower?

Games and prizes are not mandatory, but they can enhance the fun and engagement at a baby shower. They provide entertainment and create memorable moments for guests, adding to the celebratory atmosphere.

2. Should There Be Gender Specific or Unisex Prizes at Baby Shower?

It’s considerate to have a mix of gender-specific and unisex prizes at a baby shower. This ensures all guests feel included and can enjoy a prize that suits their preferences or needs.

3. Should the Baby Shower Hostess Give a Gift?

While it’s not a strict requirement, it’s a thoughtful gesture for the hostess to give a small gift as a token of appreciation for attending and helping organize the baby shower. This can be a kind way to express gratitude to the guests for their participation and support.

Make your baby shower a hit with your guests by giving them good prizes for the baby shower games. When choosing the prizes do keep in mind your budget. Guests love prizes which are useful and exciting, not which cost more. Put in your creativity and thoughts when choosing the game prizes to show your appreciation. An inexpensive gift with beautiful packaging looks attractive, so don’t go for the price tag but look at the utility of the gift for your guests. Well-thought prizes ensure the guests will love them and remember your party for a long time.

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