Baby Milestones Chart – 1 to 12 Months


A baby’s first steps, first smile and first few moments in this world are fantastic for parents. Before each baby reaches the age of one, she undergoes many milestones.

One to Six Month Old Baby Development Milestone Chart

Physical, psychological and cognitive development occurs rapidly, and it is important to understand these as parents so that you can help your baby grow happy and healthy. The baby’s milestones chart by month is handy for parents who keep track of everything your baby is doing.

The first months are strange and exciting, and most infants go from complete dependency to developing motor and physical skills in the first few months.

Baby’s Age Achieved Skills (Majority of the babies can do) Emerging Skills (Many babies can do) Advanced Skills (Few Babies Can Do)
First Month Your tiny new-born can distinguish between the smell of formula and breatmilk

Your baby’s preferred mode of communication is crying

If a baby is startled, they will pull their arms and legs in. This is called Moro reflex

Your baby’s eyesight is still developing so she will try and focus on near objects

Your new-born will start preferring sweet things and have a discerning taste
Second Month They can hold their head steady for longer on their tummies or when upright

Communication skills have improved to a few grunts, gurgles

Can try and close their fingers into a first

The hearing improves drastically, and she can hear better

Can temporarily hold a stuffed toy when placed in their hands

First hints of a smile

Third Month Your tiny cutie can kick his/her legs while lying on the back/belly Will start smiling and recognising Rolling over on the back by themselves
Fourth Month Grasping toys more firmly Your baby’s weight would have doubled since birth so increased appetite Communications skills improve to include cackles, grunts and the first sign of speech
Fifth Month Your little one will make attempts to use their first word Will be able to sit upright for long periods of time without support Your baby will start crawling
Sixth Month Your baby will recognise different faces and will laugh Will develop a taste for different foods and textures Will start to take the support of tables in order to stand



Seven to 12 Months Old Baby Development Milestone Chart

Once the child crosses the six-month mark, the growth spurt is so remarkable that it may prove difficult to keep track of an infant’s milestones chart. In this situation, the below chart comes handy for all parents who are tracking the development of their child.

Baby’s Age Achieved Skills (Majority of the babies can do) Emerging Skills (Many babies can do) Advanced Skills (Few Babies Can Do)
Seven Month Communications skills start refining, and your little bundle will imitate sounds Will be able to recognise faces, smile back at someone Will be able to pull themselves up and hold upright with support
Eight Month Can roll and sit up unassisted Start recognising their own names They can start having the pincher’s grip and transfer objects from one hand to another
Nine Month Will be enjoying solid food and will have preferences for things Will develop cognitive abilities to link memories from a few days Will be able to communicate using single words and express range of emotions from anger to happiness
Ten Month Curiosity continues to grow as your infant starts noticing his/her surroundings Will be able to recognise people closest to him/her and remember things Will try and start walking
Eleven Month Start looking at mirrors and recognising Will be able to express by saying ‘oh and ‘ah.’ Will attempt to walk
Twelve Month Your little one has crossed a major milestone at one and can sit, crawl and be curious Has a major food preference and discerning taste Physical activity increases with more playtime

Guiding your tiny bundle of joy in a fast-paced world becomes critical, but it’s also important for parents to talk, play and develop a bond with their infant during the first year. Charting different physical, mental and psychological milestones will keep you and your baby happy.

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