11 Herbal Remedies to Boost Breast Milk Supply Naturally

Ayurvedic Remedies to Increase Breast Milk – Herbs to Boost Lactation

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Nursing a newborn comes with its own challenges. One of them is an insufficient supply of breast milk. Several mothers find themselves struggling to breastfeed their babies because their bodies aren’t producing enough milk. Have you found yourself thinking if you seek other ways of satiating your baby’s hunger or enhance lactation instead? Well, it is an established fact that breastfeeding is not only good for the infant, but it is also highly beneficial for the mother. Therefore, we recommend you to try out various natural ways of improving lactation. If you wish to know about it in detail, this article may prove to be fruitful. Here, we shall be talking about various Ayurveda remedies that you may use to increase your breast milk supply.

What are the Common Reasons for Low Milk Supply in Breastfeeding Mothers?

There can be various reasons that may reduce or lower the production of breast milk in nursing mothers. Following are some of the common reasons that may affect lactation:

  • If you have had breast surgery or you are taking medication that hampers the milk supply.
  • If you are not breastfeeding your baby on a regular basis.
  • If you started breastfeeding your baby late.
  • If you suffer from medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, hypothyroidism, etc.
  • If your baby was a premature or preterm baby.
  • Stress, anxiety, and postpartum depression hamper breast milk production.

All these reasons may sometimes cause hindrance in producing enough milk for the baby. However, there are natural/ayurvedic ways to boost lactation.

Ayurvedic Remedies to Boost Breast Milk Supply

These ayurvedic/natural remedies are safe for mothers to try to improve the production of breast milk:

1. Fennel Seeds

Fennel seeds are great for increasing the milk supply in nursing mothers. It has phytoestrogens, similar to estrogen, which is a hormone that also helps in producing more milk.

How to Use 

You can use fennel seeds to make tea by infusing them in hot water for a few minutes. You can add honey for sweetness (optional). You may take this tea a couple of times a day. If you are not very enthusiastic about tea, you may chew a spoonful of Add- roasted seeds a few times in a day.

2. Torbagun Leaves

This is a great herb for breastfeeding. Torbagun leaves are popularly used in Bataknese cuisine, but they have been in use for centuries for improving lactation in breastfeeding mothers.

How to Use

You may use these miraculous leaves in any form. You may take half a teaspoon or so of the leaves and add them in a cup of boiling water to make some tea, add it to your soup, or your regular vegetable preparation and consume it on a regular basis.

3. Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek seeds are one of the best herbs for breastfeeding mothers to increase milk production. It also contains diosgenin and phytoestrogen. These seeds are also loaded with galactagogue, which makes them great for the mothers who wish to enhance their breast milk supply.

Fenugreek Seeds

How to Use 

You may take a teaspoon full of fenugreek seeds and boil them in water. Strain the seeds. You may add a teaspoonful of honey and a pinch of turmeric to this to enhance the taste. Drink this tea at least two to three times a day. Mix fenugreek sprouts with salad or veggies as well.

4. Milk Thistle

This herb is great for removing toxins from the body and works as a great tonic for the liver. Apart from this, this flowering plant has estrogen which helps to improve lactation.

How to Use 

You may take milk thistle in the form of capsules (2 to 3 capsules a day) or make tea by adding 1/2 teaspoon of milk thistle in a cup of boiling water and letting it steep for 20 minutes.

5. Shatavari

This Ayurvedic herb has been in use to overcome lactation problems in women. This herb has galactagogue properties that help increase the production of prolactin and corticoids, which help produce breast milk, which in turn improve lactation and the quality of breast milk too.

How to Use

You may take this herb by mixing it in water, or you may also buy Shatavari herbal supplements for increasing breast milk supply.

6. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a fragrant herb that enriches the flavours of many culinary dishes. However, for a long time, many breastfeeding mothers who suffer from insufficient milk supply have been using this herb to increase their milk flow. It is also said to enhance the flavour of breast milk.

How to Use 

Lactating mothers may consume cinnamon by mixing a pinch of cinnamon powder in warm water, half a teaspoon of honey or by adding it to milk. You may take cinnamon for a month or two to see the difference in your breast milk supply.

7. Cumin Seeds

Cumin seeds are widely used in Indian cooking, and these fragrant seeds are also considered an effective remedy for curing low breast milk supply in nursing mothers. These seeds are also loaded with iron, which is helpful in giving the much-needed energy to a nursing mother.

How to Use 

You may mix a teaspoonful of cumin seeds with some sugar and have this with warm milk before going to bed at night. Season dal, vegetables, salads, or curries with roasted cumin seed powder every day.

8. Garlic

This effective ayurvedic herb is beneficial in increasing the secretion of breast milk. It is also said to enhance the flavour of breast milk if a breastfeeding mother consumes it on a regular basis.

How to Use

Garlic can be used in any form in your day to day cooking or you can even eat 2-3 raw cloves of garlic every day.

9. Goat’s Rue

This herb belongs to the same plant group as fenugreek. It helps in building the mammary glands and aids the production of breast milk. However, the dried form of this herb is beneficial because the green herb is toxic and may have harmful effects on your health.

How to Use 

This herb can be used in the form of capsules.

10. Ginger

Apart from adding flavour to various foods and beverages, ginger is also used for its health benefits. One of the best health benefits that you may achieve after consuming this herb is enhancing your breast milk supply. Ginger has galactagogue properties that can help stimulate the production of breast milk in nursing mothers.

How to Use 

You may use fresh ginger to spice up your regular tea or in your food preparations. Or simply add dried ginger powder in food, tea, etc.

11. Anise

This herb has estrogenic properties; it contains anethole, which is a phytoestrogen. which helps unblocked clogged milk ducts and increasing breast milk supply.  


How to Use

You may make tea by infusing a few anise seeds in hot water. Add sugar or honey for taste. You may safely consume two to three cups in a day.

Availability of these ayurvedic/natural herbs may make you pick some of them and begin consuming them right away. However, it’s not as simple because you must consume what is healthy for your baby. Additionally, your body may not react the way it used to before after consuming the same ingredients. But you need not worry. Take these precautionary measures to ensure you gain the most health benefits from these ayurvedic herbs.

Precautions to Take Before Using Breastfeeding Herbs

Though herbs are extremely safe to use, some women may be allergic to some of them. Therefore, you should exercise caution before consuming any herb to cure the problem of low milk supply. Here are some precautions that you may adopt:

  • Make sure you consult your lactation consultant before including any herb in your regular diet.
  • Ensure that you procure herbal supplements from a reputed brand only.
  • Sometimes herbs may cause toxicity. Talk to your lactation consultant or doctor before taking them.
  • In case you are pregnant, taking herbs without consulting your doctor may lead to fatal complications.
  • Avoid the herbs you are allergic to.

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