Understanding 7 Chakras in the Body and Their Meanings

Awakening The 7 Chakras for Your Overall Well-Being

Chakra is a Sanskrit word that translates to spinning wheel and symbolises spiritual power in the human body.

We are all beings of energy and interconnected on a spiritual level with the universe. Hinduism and Buddhist scriptures describe how the opening or balancing of these chakras determine the quality and our way of life. As living beings, we have 7 chakras in yoga:

  • Root chakra (below the tailbone)
  • Sacral Chakra (few inches below the belly)
  • Solar Plexus (few inches above the abdomen)
  • Heart chakra (at heart)
  • Throat chakra (at the throat)
  • Third eye chakra (in between the eyebrows, on the forehead)
  • Crown chakra (top of the head)

How to Open Your Seven Chakras?

Activating the 7 chakras healing benefits begins by first feeling or acquiring a sense of them. You can do this by first going through this 7 chakras meditation exercise.

Seat yourself in a quiet environment, where you won’t be disturbed. Inhale and exhale deeply and in a slow manner. Let the tension and stress melt away. Feel your body and mind and drift into stillness.

Now, shift your attention to your tailbone or the base of your spine. Begin by visualising a bright red light that is spinning. Sync its pulsing and rotating sensations with your breath. Pause here for a moment. Move your attention to a few inches below your belly button. Feel a bright yet warm orange light that’s spinning this time. Note how it moves with your breath.

Guide your awareness above the belly button towards the gut. You should sense a bright yellow light spinning this time. Hold and continue moving your awareness up towards your chest. It’s a green spinning light, and you may coincidentally place your hand there during this process. Shift your attention up to the throat and notice an indigo light spinning. Pause, and finally, move to the top of your head. You should see a violet light spinning and a wave of calmness.

Congratulations! You’ve just had a taste of your seven chakras in the body. Let’s move on to some yoga poses and exercises you can do to clear them up or heal them.

1. Root Chakra

Root Chakra

The root chakra grounds you to your surroundings.

Sanskrit Name: Muladhara

Scent: Jasmine

Mantra: Silence after the Om

Colour: Bright red

Element: Earth

Yoga Pose: Tree Pose

What it Stands for Emotional Security, a feeling of being grounded, and prosperity


Below your spine at the area where your tailbone is located

How To Perform

  • Stand erect on the floor with your weight evenly distributed and feet shoulder-width apart. Feel your feet ground to the floor and only be aware of your physical presence.
  • Lift your right leg and place the foot on high on the left thigh. Make sure you are balanced.
  • Clasp your hands in a mudra pose and inhale slowly. Bring your arms over your head and gaze at a distant object to maintain balance.
  • As you breathe, make sure your spine is erect. Relax your body as you breathe in and out in this pose. Release your right leg and come back to your initial standing position. Repeat on the other side.

How It Benefits You

Physical Benefits

  • Triggers relaxation response in the body
  • Enables a feeling a being grounded to the earth

Emotional Benefits

  • Emotions balance out
  • Sensual emotions towards partner increases

Mental Benefits

  • Promotes mental calmness and stability
  • Feelings of happiness or joyfulness

Spiritual Benefits

  • Connects you with  your consciousness
  • Melts away any prejudices, fears, paranoia, and anxiety
  • Expands awareness of your surroundings

2. Sacral Chakra

Sacral Chakra

Sacral Chakra is one of the spiritual chakras that is responsible for creative output, sex drive, imagination, and productivity in day-to-day life.

Sanskrit Name: Svadisthana

Scent: Tangerine

Mantra: Vam

Colour: Orange

Element: Water

Yoga Pose: Goddess Pose

What it Stands for: Creative thinking, artistic skills, emotional balance


Few inches below your navel, at the centre of the abdomen

How To Perform

  • Begin by taking a stance of the mountain pose. Place your feet four feet apart and lower yourself into a squat
  • Your toes should be pointing away while your arms should rest at your hips
  • Breathe deeply, bend your knees and make sure they align with your toes. Your legs should be parallel to the floor during this phase. Now, stretch your arms until they’re at shoulder-height and raise them towards your chest, into a Namaste Mudra.
  • You should feel your tailbone tucking in and your hips pressing forward. Gaze at the horizon or far away, hold for 30 seconds, and release. Repeat from the start again.

How it Benefits You

Physical benefits

  • Sexual satisfaction
  • Feelings of inspiration, romance, and confidence

Emotional Benefits

  • Joy
  • Peacefulness

Mental Benefits

  • Increase in creative and out-of-the-box thinking
  • Playful minded

Spiritual Benefits

  • Feelings of inspiration and motivation
  • A zest for life and a passion for living
  • Staying attuned to the present

3. Solar Plexus Chakra

Solar Plexus Chakra

The Solar Plexus Chakra governs confidence, self-esteem, and a feeling of purposefulness.

Sanskrit Name: Manipura

Scent: Lime

Mantra: Ram

Colour: Yellow

Element: Fire

Yoga Pose: Boat Pose

What it Stands for: Confidence, Self-Esteem, A sense of purpose


Few inches above the navel, at the top of the abdomen around the diaphragm region

How To Perform

  • Lie flat on the floor and bring your legs and arms close to each other. Breathe deep and inhale.
  • Exhale and lift your legs, arms, and chest off the ground. Make sure your eyes are in line with your toes and fingers in this position. Hold and breathe gently for a minute.
  • Exhale and release, going back to your starting position.

How It Benefits You

Physical benefits

  • Improved digestion
  • Boost in immunity

Emotional Benefits

  • Brings a sense of healthy emotional control in life
  • Reduces impulsivity

Mental Benefits

  • Better memory
  • Clearer decision-making skills

Spiritual Benefits

  • Ability to take constructive feedback and criticism easily
  • Personal and emotional independence
  • More self-discipline
  • Positive self-image

4. Heart Chakra

Heart Chakra

The heart chakra fosters a sense of bond or connection with others.

Sanskrit Name: Anahata

Scent: Eucalyptus

Mantra: Yam

Colour: Green

Element: Air

Yoga Pose: Camel Pose

What it Stands for Compassion, affection, empathy, and love


At the centre of your chest, slightly towards the left

How To Perform

  • Kneel on the floor and make sure the soles of your feet and pointing at the ceiling. Your hips, knees, and arms should be in alignment.
  • Inhale and tuck your tailbone into the pubis, giving a pulling sensation at the navel.
  • Arch your back behind and stretch gently until your fingers touch your souls. Your arms should be extended, and your head should face a neutral position.
  • Hold for a minute and slowly release.

How It Benefits You

Physical benefits

  • Regulates blood pressure
  • Improves immunity

Emotional Benefits

  • You feel emotionally more open and accepting of others and yourself

Mental Benefits

  • Gives you a sense of compassion
  • Allows you to emotionally and mentally connect with others
  • Fosters self-forgiveness

Spiritual Benefits

  • Brings inner joy and peace
  • Promotes a feeling of emotional abundance

5. Throat Chakra

Throat Chakra

The throat chakra makes you an outgoing and approachable person.

Sanskrit Name: Visuddhi

Scent: Lavender

Mantra: Ham

Colour: Blue

Element: Ether

Yoga Pose: Bridge Pose

What it Stands for: Communication and self-expression


At the throat

How To Perform

  • Lie flat on the back with your arms and legs by your sides
  • Swiftly lift your legs, buttocks, and back in a way that the elbows support your bodyweight. Bring the elbows closer together and clasp your hands in this pose. Point out your toes and make sure not to press your bodyweight on the neck.
  • Hold for a minute or half and take deep breaths.
  • Release gently by lowering your knees and unlocking your hands. Relax by reverting to your starting position.

How It Benefits You

Physical benefits

  • Improves your sense of hearing
  • Enhances social and communicative skills

Emotional Benefits

  • Instils feelings of independence

Mental Benefits

  • Releases negative emotions
  • Improves creative abilities

Spiritual Benefits

  • Promotes self-expression
  • Dissolves fears and discomforts
  • Fosters a sense of spiritual and emotional balance

6. Third Eye Chakra

Third Eye Chakra

The third eye chakra is responsible for heightening your sense of intuition.

Sanskrit Name: Anna

Scent: Vanilla

Mantra: Om

Colour: Indigo

Element: Light

Yoga Pose: Easy Pose

What it Stands for: Intuition, telepathic abilities, the convergence of the mind and body, clearer decision-making


In between your eyebrows, on the forehead

How To Perform

  • Sit on the floor and cross your legs, facing opposite knees
  • Create a gap between the feet and pelvis. Let your palms rest on the knees and make sure your spine is erect.
  • Inhale and pull up your spine. Exhale and let your shoulders relax, with your  chest broadening and shoulder blades loosening
  • Close your eyes and relax. Breathe deeply and bring your tongue close to the roof of your mouth, touching it. Relax and hold, making sure to breathe in rhythm. Release and repeat this exercise by crossing your legs the opposite way.

How It Benefits You

Physical benefits

  • Improves interaction and communication with others
  • Awakens your Higher Self

Emotional Benefits

  • Increased emotional awareness
  • Boosts Emotional EQ

Mental Benefits

  • Increased memory and retention rates
  • Balances left and right brain hemispheres

Spiritual Benefits

  • More positive and focused
  • Increased confidence and self-belief

7. Crown Chakra

Crown Chakra

The crown chakra is the chakra that is responsible for connecting with your spiritual self.

Sanskrit Name: Sahasrara

Scent: Jasmine

Mantra: Silence that follows Om

Colour: Violet/White

Element: Cosmic Power

Yoga Pose: Lotus Pose/Corpse Pose

What it Stands for: Detachment and Enlightenment, Freedom from Ego


At the top of the head

How To Perform

  • Lie flat on the floor with your legs spread comfortably apart. Make sure nobody disturbs throughout this pose.
  • Close your eyes and face your palms open and upwards
  • Breathe slowly and deeply. Keep breathing gently for 10 to 12 minutes until you start feeling relaxed. Roll to your sides and stay still for a minute. Sit up straight, slowly gain awareness of your surroundings and return to your regular life.

How It Benefits You

Physical benefits

  • Physical drive and motivation
  • Experience the beauty of the world
  • Enjoy restorative sleep at night

Emotional Benefits

  • Feelings of bliss
  • Fosters a sense of deep connection within and with others

Mental Benefits

  • Increased self-worth and peacefulness

Spiritual Benefits

  • Feelings of liveliness
  • Expanded spiritual awareness
  • Development of mindfulness


Have questions about chakras? We answer them below.

1. Why Do Chakras Get Blocked?

Chakras get blocked when you go through hard times in your life such as injuries, emotional trauma, devastating illnesses and accidents. It could be due to stress and continuing relationships with toxic people as well.

2. What are the Side Effects of Opening Your Third Eye?

The following are some of the side effects of opening your third eye-

  • Mild migraines
  • Pressure on forehead
  • Temporary Hallucinations

3. How Do I Heal My Chakras?

You can heal your chakras by meditating, spending time in nature, and adapting lifestyle habits which are emotionally and mentally positive. Simple things like practising gratitude, journaling your thoughts, indulging in creative activities, etc., make a big difference.

4. How Do I Clear My Heart Chakra?

You can clear your heart chakra by shifting your mindset and starting to view things in a positive light. Practising gratitude, wearing comfortable green clothing, and chanting the mantra ‘YAM’ while meditating are proven ways to clear any blockages lying dormant.

5. Does Reiki Clear Chakra?

Yes. Reiki does help clear the chakras.

Opening your chakras takes time and patience. Repeat these exercises without judgment or expectations, and you’ll eventually begin getting the results you want. The critical element here is the practice which makes these poses are fantastic for opening them up.

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