Ideal Ways to Work a Relationship without Changing Your Personality

Are you More Competitive Than your Marriage Can Take?

Disagreements and arguments over small issues are commonplace in marriage. But if you’re constantly competing with your husband, things may go from normal to bad! From household chores to money matters, competing with each other may just bring downfall to your marriage.

A healthy competition in marriage can help you strengthen your bond but it’s important to draw a line and remember to respect each other. Too often, couples forget that they’re supposed to create a balance in their marriage. They begin trying to one-up the other till their relationship sours.

Dealing with Unhealthy Competition in Marriage

1. You’re Not Rivals

A competition that becomes unhealthy creates a rift in marriages and eventually couples who were once madly in love start drifting apart. To avoid straining your relationship, it’s important to work together as a team. A common factor that makes you compete with your husband is money, especially if the one who isn’t earning much is under-appreciated. Look for ways to tackle materialism while still enjoying the comforts of life. You’ll be amazed by the difference it makes in your marriage.

2. Learn to Compromise

Don’t earn to outshine your husband but earn to help him instead. Remember that whatever the two of you do is for the betterment of your marriage. If you plan to have a child, you’ll need to work together even more. It’s not necessary to excel in each and everything you do. Relax and let your better half shine every once in a while. Let him have the last say from time to time.

3. Respect Each Other

One way to work a relationship without changing your personality and his is to have mutual respect. Take things more easily and be as generous with one another as you can. You may have a valid point about something and your husband may not agree with you at times. Respect his decision to disagree. Sometimes, looking at things from another’s perspective can be very eye-opening.

4. Appreciate His Efforts

A little appreciation and encouragement goes a really long way to let him know that you’re happy with him and proud of him. Value his efforts as a husband, a father and as a man. Be as loving and understanding as you can even if you aren’t in your best spirits. If there’s something you want to say, do so in a positive manner and try to find a solution that’s best for both of you.

A wife can compete in her marriage without straining it. You don’t have to show your leadership skills to your husband; save them for the workplace. A healthy relationship is all about balance and remembering what’s important–respect and love.

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