Ways to Tell You are Too Comfortable with Your Husband

Are You Getting Too Close for Comfort With Hubby?

From mere acquaintances to lovers, or life partners to soul mates, marriage is a long and tricky journey. While it’s important to be relaxed in your relationship, telling the difference between being comfortable and too comfortable is even more critical!

After enjoying the early days of marriage and then adapting to the daily routine, there might be days when you find yourself analysing your relationship with your husband. You think of the times the two of you were shy around each other and admire the long way you’ve come. But while being comfortable is a good thing, being too comfy isn’t.

6 Signs Your Relationship has Hit the Comfort Zone

1. You Don’t Have Me-time

Are there days when you want to spend time by yourself but can’t because your beloved is hovering around? It could mean that you need some space. Don’t bottle up your feelings but share them with your partner and ask him for some quiet time. He’ll understand and will welcome me-time for himself too.

2. Peeing With the Door Open

This is unforgivable! If you have transitioned to a point where you and your husband don’t mind keeping the door open while you go about your business, it’s one way to tell that you’re much too comfortable with each other. As lazy as you feel locking the door, do it!

3. Whatever Happened to Good Manners?

How well mannered are you and your husband around each other? If he’s no longer the polite man you first met and if you have no qualms about burping loudly in front of him, take it as a sign that you both have hit the much-talked about comfort zone in your relationship.

4. Making Assumptions About Housework

In the early days of your marriage, you and hubby would split the household chores and complete them diligently. Now, if you both assume that the other will do a chore while you carry on with something else, it’s a tiff waiting to happen. It’s also a sign that you’re taking each other for granted.

Making assumptions about housework

6. You Read Each Other Too Perfectly

Yet another sign you’re getting too comfortable in your relationship is that you can make out each other’s moods just by looking at one another. Yes, this is a good thing, but when coupled with the rest of these comfort zone signs, it could spell trouble. What you need is spice whether it’s by trying something new in the bedroom or surprising each other every once in a while.

What’s the Motive?

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when your husband compliments you? When you were newly married, you would have basked in the praise and blushed. But now, does a compliment seem like a mask to hide some selfish motive? If yes, then you’re definitely getting too comfortable in your relationship.

There’s nothing wrong if the level of comfort in your relationship is high. More often than not, it benefits you as you both know what the other appreciates. But when things get monotonous, make sure you put in some extra effort. Watch the spice return to your relationship!

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