Common Beauty Treatments That Can Be Dangerous

Are These 5 Beauty Treatments Worth the Trouble?

Beauty treatments are meant to enhance your appearance and boost your confidence. However, they also have downsides if not performed well. Some of the products and procedures can cause health hazards. Take a look at some of the beauty treatments that can cause infections.

A visit to a beauty salon is something to look forward to. Though many treatments are painful, you still undergo them as the outcome is worth it. But did you know that some treatments can cause more harm than good if not done well?

Some Dangerous Beauty Treatments You Should Consider Chucking

1. Hair smoothening

Making hair shiny and smooth through hair smoothening keratin treatments is hugely popular. However, if possible, avoid it or at least do it once in a long while. Research states that formaldehyde contained in the products used can have adverse effects on the eyes, nervous system and respiratory system. They may even lead to cancer. In fact, some suggest to not even sit in a salon when someone else is undergoing the treatment as inhaling formaldehyde fumes is unhealthy.

2. Manicure

Something as regular as a manicure can turn into a dangerous beauty treatment if not done right. It can lead to fungal and bacterial infections if the tools used at the parlour or at home are not clean. It’s, therefore, extremely important to visit a salon where hygiene is given priority. Meanwhile, gel manicure, which is a hot favourite among young women, isn’t too good for you either. It can expose you to harmful UV light, weaken your nail bed and damage the cuticles.

3. Pedicure

Pedicures don’t just beautify your feet but they’re also relaxing. However, a little carelessness and your feet won’t look the same. A dirty tub and unhygienic tools such as nail files, clippers and cuticle cleaners can cause viral, bacterial and fungal infections. Don’t visit just any salon and when you do, look around to see if the tools are sanitised. You’d also want to try to avoid undergoing a fish pedicure as it may cause communicable diseases.

4. Laser hair removal

Another dangerous beauty treatment to avoid is laser hair removal. While it’s an alluring way of getting rid of unwanted hair permanently, it can also expose you to health issues. The products used during the procedure release dangerous chemicals in the air, which if inhaled, can cause problems. You could also suffer skin rashes and redness, which may not be serious but they sure are irritating!

5. Botox injections

For those concerned about wrinkles and lines, botox injections is a solution even it isn’t permanent. While this procedure helps remove lines and wrinkles by paralyzing the muscles temporarily to give younger-looking skin, it’s not great for health if not done well. It can weaken the muscles and there’s a risk of bruising and swelling. In very rare cases, you may have trouble breathing and speaking.

Besides these, other beauty treatments that can cause infection include chemical peeling, waxing and ear candling. While they promise to enhance your beauty, they need to be done with care. If you must do them, make sure you go to a professional with a solid reputation. You don’t want to walk away with a swollen face or an infected nail.

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