Wonderful Ideas to Celebrate Your Child's 2nd Birthday Party

Amazing Ideas to Celebrate Your Toddler’s 2nd Birthday

If your little bundle of joy is soon going to turn two, then we are sure you must be looking for ideas to host a fabulous birthday party for him and his little friends. We have it all here for you in this article. Read through and you will get a good idea of what to do and how to plan the best birthday for your little child.

What Can You Expect on Your Child’s Second Birthday?

Your precious little one at the age of two is too small to understand the importance of having a birthday party. He may be anxious a minute before and happily cooing away the next minute. At his age, nothing will seem more important to him than himself. Therefore expect the unexpected on your little one’s second birthday party.

There will be other children who may want something but your little one may act adamant. That is because, at the age of two, he does not understand that the child asking for something is his guest and being the host, he should comply. Then a fight may ensue; he may get aggressive when he sees somebody being more important than him. So plan ahead and know what to do if such a situation arises.

At What Time Should You Celebrate Your Toddler’s Second Birthday?

Every child has a different sleep pattern and as a parent, you know your child best. Therefore, it is for you to decide what time is best to throw a birthday party for your child. It is usual for every toddler of this age to have a nap in the afternoon. Therefore having the party during the early evening hours (3 PM – 4 PM) is best. Your little one after having a good nap of 2-3 hours will feel fresh and energetic and will have very fewer chances of being cranky and irritable during the party hours. However, it is advisable to get over with the birthday celebrations within an hour or two since your two-year-old may not be able to sustain his energy for more than two hours.

How to Plan Your Toddler’s Second Birthday Party

Planning your munchkin’s second birthday party can be fun. An interesting theme with some fun elements, few games and neat planning is all that is required to make it awesome and memorable.

Given below are some ways in which you can make it a party for everyone to enjoy and remember.

Location Ideas

The location you choose depends on how big you want the party to be, how many people you wish to invite and what activities you want to have at the party. Listed below are five such locations that can be the venue for your two-year-old’s birthday bash.

  • Home
    The idea for a 2nd birthday party at home is by far the commonest of all. After all, your little one is most comfortable at home. Moreover, if you see him getting sleepy or cranky, you can immediately take him to his place of solace, i.e., his room.
  • Party Halls
    If you want to plan a big bash for your child by inviting a lot of people, you will need a big, open space. This can be possible only if you take a party hall on rent. However, for a birthday party, it may be heavy on your pocket.
  • Garden
    If your two-year-old’s birthday falls in spring, a garden party would be the best venue. Just put in a few play things like swings, see-saw, slides etc and see the little guests have fun.

Birthday celebration in garden

  • Recreation Centres
    These days many recreation centres with children’s play areas have cropped up. These places not only provide space for the party to be conducted but also food and fun games. However, this can cost you a bomb and make your budget go topsy-turvy.
  • Community Hall
    Most apartment complexes and gated communities have a community hall which can be used for parties. Mostly, you won’t have to pay for a community hall and you can throw a big party.

Theme Ideas

Having a theme can make a birthday party even more memorable. So here we have 5 theme ideas to help you plan.

  • Minions Theme
    Any child who has watched the movie ‘Despicable Me’ will be in love with minions. A Minion cake, plates, glasses and yellow, blue coloured balloons to go with the colour of the minion can go a long way in making the party a hit.Minion theme birthday
    Children can come in any minion outfit. They can wear blue and yellow T-shirts. Adults can also follow the scheme by wearing blue and yellow clothes.
  • A Mickey Mouse Theme
    We all have grown watching the famous cartoon Mickey Mouse, and your child will watch it too, so celebrate your toddler’s birthday party in Mickey Mouse theme.

    Dress your little one in the cutest Mickey Mouse dress and ask his friends too to come in the same.
  • Dora Theme
    If your little one is a girl, organize a Dora-themed birthday party for her and let her become a little explorer like Dora.Outfit
    Make your little girl wear a Dora outfit and see her look like one.
  • A Fairy Tale Theme
    Children love listening to fairy tales and having a fairy tale themed birthday party can be dream come true for your child.Outfit
    Dress your child in his favourite fairy tale character and ask the little guests to do the same.
  • A Rainbow Theme
    Children love colours and are amused by a rainbow. For a 2nd birthday decoration ideas, a rainbow theme will be perfect.Outfit
    Have the guests come in colours of the rainbow and let your little one get colourful too.

Cake Ideas

Cake cutting is an integral part of any birthday celebration. Here are 5 cake ideas for a 2-year-old’s birthday party.

  • Wild Animals
  • Vehicles
  • Animated characters
  • Favourite Book
  • Dinosaurs

Animal cake

Food Ideas

Deciding what food to serve in a two-year-olds’ birthday party can be tough. However, serving something which they would enjoy eating and also would be easy for them to eat is a good idea.

  • Finger food like potato fries, fruits, etc
  • Cupcakes with cream and sprinkles
  • Mini cheese pizzas
  • Pasta
  • Cup ice-creams

Potato fries

Second Birthday Party Game Ideas

A party without games can be pretty boring. Try out the games listed below at your two-year toddler’s birthday party.

  • Dance and statue – Make the little ones dance to some music. Stop playing the music abruptly. When the music stops, they must become statues.
  • Popping the bubble – Let them blow bubbles and ask them to catch it before the bubble touches the floor.
  • Pinning Rudolph’s nose – Blindfold children and ask them to stick a bindi on the picture of Rudolph.
  • Treasure hunt – Keep lots of small toys on the floor and make the children stand in a line. When the leader (adult) asks for something, the children run and whoever finds it goes and gives it to the leader.
  • Play as you like – Organize a kid’s play area with swings, slides, etc. Let the children play to their heart’s content.

Kids playing a game

Birthday Party Favours

Listed below are few party favours that you can gift to the little guests.


What to Gift Your Toddler on His Second Birthday

A two-year-old may not be much aware of materialistic things and may not demand a gift. However, as parents, you always have the wish to gift something nice to your little one. Here is a list of few gift items that you may gift your little one.

  • You can gift your little one a tricycle as it will help your 2-year-old to learn the first lesson in cycling.
  • If you have a girl, you can buy a kitchen set for her.
  • Books are ideal gifts for every child.
  • A sand toy set as a gift will be of great use during beach trips.
  • You can also buy toy vehicles like a bus, tractor, car etc.

Try out these awesome ideas for your 2-year-old’s birthday party and see the little ones and adults alike, have a blast.

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