14 Amazing Benefits of Consuming Egg Whites

Amazing Benefits of Egg Whites You Should Know

Eggs make an important part of our breakfast, and they are very popular among people who exercise regularly. But as whole eggs are high in cholesterol, people often avoid eating them. However, if you like the taste of eggs, you don’t have to give them up. Instead of eating whole eggs, you can eat egg whites. Egg whites are extremely beneficial for your health and can be included in your diet. Find out how eating egg whites improve your health.

Nutritional Value of Egg Whites

Here is a chart showing all the nutrients that egg-whites contain:

Nutrition Amount
Calcium 3 mg
Fat 5 g
Iron 3 mg
Magnesium 6 mg
Manganese 4 mg
Niacin 35 mg
Phosphorus 5 mg
Potassium 8 mg
Protein 6 g
Riboflavin 145 mg
Selenium 6 mcg
Sodium 8 mg
Thiamin 1 mg
Vitamin B6 2 mg
Vitamin B12 3 mcg

Advantages of Egg Whites for Your Health

Given below are some advantages of consuming egg whites.

1. For High Cholesterol Levels

Egg whites have minimum cholesterol. A whole egg contains only 186 mg of cholesterol. Thus consuming egg whites is safe for people with high cholesterol levels, as they will offer plenty of nutrients but won’t increase their cholesterol levels further. High cholesterol levels increase the chances of a stroke or heart attack. So eating egg whites would be one of the safest bets for people with cardiovascular problems as they are low in cholesterol, and won’t add to the problem.

2. For Nervous System

Choline, a kind of phosphatidylcholine, is one of the many beneficial components found in egg whites. The primary function of this compound is to ensure proper methylation process in the body. This function is vital for DNA creation, detoxification, and nerve signalling. An adequate level of this compound in the body will prevent any damage to the nervous system.

3. For Muscle Growth

Egg whites are also considered the powerhouse of protein. Frequent doses of protein are needed so that you could build muscles. For this, you can consume egg whites. Moreover, including egg whites in the diet of children is required as they require a large amount of protein for solid muscle building.

4. For Maintaining Blood Pressure

If you have a problem of high blood pressure, you should never ignore it. Your body will need potassium to balance high blood pressure levels. Egg whites contain a good amount of potassium, hence you can regulate your blood pressure by eating egg whites. This would prevent your heart and bones from damaging factors like strokes and fractures respectively. However, you should consult a doctor before including egg whites in your diet if you have high blood pressure.

A doctor checking the blood pressure of a woman

5. For Cardiovascular Health

Egg whites can be consumed to treat various problems like blood clotting. Egg whites contain vitamins and minerals and help promote the proper flow of blood. Eating these can also contribute to the process of widening of blood vessels, otherwise known as vasodilation. Furthermore, components like potassium prevent clotting of blood and heart problems.

6. Ideal for Obese People

People who are obese should include egg whites in their diet when starting their fitness journey. Egg whites contain many nutrients that will help your body to function properly.  Also, egg whites contain almost no fat and have a lower calorie count as compared to a whole egg. The components in egg suppress appetite and increase energy levels. Thus eating egg whites can keep you full for hours.

7. For Fatigue

Iron deficiency is one of the many factors that contribute to fatigue. If you feel dizzy and tired, you should consider including egg whites in your diet. The manganese and magnesium found in egg whites can help prevent fatigue, especially in senior women. However, in case of chronic fatigue, you should consult a physician, as self-medication is not right.

8. For Strong Bones

To maintain strong and healthy bones, you need plenty of calcium. You can prevent rickets and serious bone problems like osteoporosis by having really dense bones. This is why you should consume egg whites as it contains high calcium content.

9. Helps Prevent Early Ageing

Regular consumption of egg whites also aids in tissue and cell rejuvenation which results in smoother skin. Thus it is an amazing source to prevent early signs of ageing like wrinkles and fine lines.

A woman worried about her skin

10. Good for Diabetes

When it comes to snacks or breakfast, people with diabetes have very limited options in food. Egg whites work well in this case. A single boiled egg white is considered a nourishing food for people with diabetes can prevent cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, as well as blood pressure problems.

11. Helps Prevent Various Health Ailments

Egg whites are a good source of Vitamins B2 and B12. These vitamins are needed to prevent health problems like migraines, headaches, and back pain. Also, adequate levels of B vitamins can effectively work against these health ailments.

12. Works as a Supplement

Due to the high content of nutrients like magnesium, thiamine, riboflavin, manganese, selenium, protein, etc., egg whites are considered an excellent supplement for adults and children. Consuming egg whites at least thrice a week is recommended to reap the maximum benefits. It is very nourishing for kids and can also prevent many chronic diseases in postmenopausal women.

Are There Any Risks Associated with the Consumption of Egg Whites?

While egg whites are an amazing source of protein and are good for people with high cholesterol levels and cardiovascular diseases, they do not provide the same nutritional benefits of whole eggs. Most of the minerals and vitamins are contained in the yolk including nutrients like vitamin B12, choline, vitamin D, and iron.

As per a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, raw egg whites interfere with the absorption of biotin, a B vitamin which is essential for sugar and fat metabolism and blood sugar regulation. Eggs whites contain avidin, a glycoprotein which binds with biotin. This is absorbable by the digestive tract. This problem can be solved by consuming cooked egg whites.

Both whole eggs and egg whites, when eaten raw, have a risk of infecting people with salmonella. Therefore, it is recommended to cook the eggs before consumption.

Some people might also be allergic to eggs whites and egg yolks, but allergy against egg whites are more common.  Allergic reactions in children include stomach pain, mild rashes, and anaphylaxis. This condition impairs breathing and might also send a person’s body to shock.


There are many uses of egg white. Here are the answers to some queries people might have about them:

1. How Many Egg Whites Should I Eat Per Day?

You can consume one or two eggs per day and not more than that. Eggs can heat the body inside, so during the summers, it is better to eat per day.

2. How Many Egg Whites Should I Eat in a Day for Weight Loss?

The number of eggs you could eat when you are considering taking egg white for weight loss should never be more than 2-4.

These health benefits show that you should consider starting your day with nutritious egg whites. Include them in your daily diet to maintain good health!

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