Amanda Name Meaning, Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Amanda Name Meaning and Origin

Amanda is a romantic given name that means “loveable” or “worthy of love.” Derived from Latin, it is the feminine form of the male name Amandus. With diminutives, such as Mandy, Manda, and Amy, Amanda has become most common in countries where Germanic and Romanic languages are spoken.

What Does Amanda Mean?

Derived from the word “Amare,” meaning “to love,” the meaning of Amanda as per its Latin roots is “she must be loved” or “deserving to be loved.” It could be a variant of Miranda, a name coined by William Shakespeare, who introduced Miranda as the heroine of his play ‘The Tempest.’ Miranda comes from the Latin word Mirandus, which means “admirable” and “lovely.” The meaning of the name Miranda is similar to that of Amanda, meaning “lovable.”


After being invented in the 1600s, the name Amanda occasionally appears in Late Antiquity. Originating from Latin Amare, meaning ‘to love,’ Amanda refers to someone’ lovable.’ Although it first appeared in the birth records of Warwickshire, England, in 1212, it rose to prominence in the literary circle in the 17th and 18th centuries as it fascinated several playwrights, poets, and novelists. After that, it became regularly used in the 1980s. The name was listed among the top 10 from 1976 to 1995, influenced by the lead characters of the television series “Dynasty,” “Scarecrow and Mrs. King,” and “Melrose Place” between the 1980s and 1990s.




  • uh-man-duh
  • a-MAN-da (English, Spanish, Italian)


 3 syllables


 6 letters

Name Variations/Spellings

Depending on the naming conventions worldwide, any given name can differ in its variants in different languages. Here are some of the Amanda name variations and other spellings for Amanda that can be considered for your child:

Name Origin
Amada Spanish
Amanada Latin
Amandalyn English
Amata Latin
Amandah Latin
Amandalee Latin
Amandi Nigerian
Mandaline Latin
Mandy English
Mandi Latin
Amando Italian
Amandine French
Amandus Latin

How Popular Is the Name Amanda?

After being widely used in the 1880s, Amanda was less popular until the 1970s. The Amanda baby name ranking was among the ten most popular female baby names in the United States from 1976 to 1995. After breaking into the top five names in 1979, Amanda’s popularity skyrocketed to become one of the biggest trends, claiming the 2nd spot in 1980. After its successful streak in the 1980s and ’90s, the fame of this name gradually dwindled with each successive year until it fell to the 166th position in 2009. According to the Social Security Administration data of 2020, Amanda sits in 447th place. Regardless of flagging in the race, Amanda is still a pretty and timeless choice worthy of consideration.

Interest in Amanda – Worldwide

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Search trends for the name Amanda have recorded a positive value of over 30 reaching 100 in May 2013 over two years. The name dipped to touch its lowest value in October 2019 at just 20.

Interest in Amanda – US

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Interest for the name Amanda shows a consistent score of over 20 for three years as per the search trends reaching 100 in May 2013. The lowest was recorded in November 2016 at just 17.

Popularity of name Amanda


Where Is the Name Most Searched?

Search trends of Amanda Worldwide

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In the last ten years, the worldwide search trends mirror a maximum interest for ‘Amanda’ in Sweden, followed by countries like South Africa, United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. The adoption of Latin names like Amanda makes it highly popular in Sweden as the Catholic clergy first used it in the 15th century with scholarly publications written in Latin.

Search trends of Amanda in the US

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District of Columbia is the sub-region of the US where the most searches for the name Amanda have been recorded the highest over the last ten years. Massachusetts, Connecticut, Ohio, and New Hampshire rally to become the top 5 cities of the US with the highest search trend values.

Middle Names That Go With Amanda

Although there’s no right or wrong way of choosing a middle name, it can celebrate a family’s heritage. Here are some of the double names with Amanda that can perfectly synchronize with the forename and last name:

Sophie Alexandra
Hendrika Michelle
Noelle Brooke
Josephine Renee
Catherine Charlotte
Joyce Jane
Daniella Camille
Grace Elise
Juliette Catalina
Victoria Isabel
Magdalene Carolyn

Famous People Named Amanda

Most celebrities have unique, bizarre, or beautiful names that get enormous public attention. Parents hoping for good fortune and fame for their children can get inspiration from some of these famous people called Amanda given below:

Celebrity Name Profession/Famous For
Amanda Bynes American actress
Amanda Peet American Actress
Amanda Seyfried American Actress
Amanda Schull American Actress
Amanda Plummer Actress
Amanda Lepore Model
Amanda Reifer Musician of Barbadian band
Amanda Crew Canadian Actress
Amanda Lear French singer and TV presenter
Amanda Jones Miss USA 1973
Amanda Abington British Actress
Amanda Bell American Mixed Martial Artist

Similar Names & Last Names

Baby names like Amanda can have alternatives that are equally gentle and distinctive. However, family names for Amanda need to be suitable for the wearer to take pride in owning this charming name. Here are some of the other names for Amanda that have an undeniably elegant appeal.

Other Baby Names Suitable Family Names
Alyssa Adams
Amelia Blake
Natalie Boxer
Adele Burton
Alana Carter
Alanae Clement
Audrey Clapman
Aurora Cooper
Angelina Hopmans
Amina Lear

Names That Sound Like Amanda

Names that rhyme with Amanda has a subtle poetic appeal. A Christian name like Amanda can have a wide range of stunning choices if you like the sound of it with an admirable association with love:

Amalia Amandalee
Amayah Amalfi
Amaranthe Amalee
Amalfey Anthea
Amandi Amari
Amable Amity
Amala Amadita
Annot Amaralis
Amaraa Amana
Ama Amayeta

Sibling Names Related to Amanda

Sibling names need to sound similar and match each other to sound sweet when called together. Here are some of the most popular sibling names that go with Amanda:

Sister Names for Amanda Brother Names for Amanda
Amber Andrew
Hannah Austin
Elizabeth Joshua
Jessica Jaxon
Mary Asher
Claire Henry
Katie Jordan
Melissa Scott
Megan Kayden
Crystal Levi

Nicknames for Amanda

Nicknames can embody the love that you bear in your heart for your little bundle of joy. Here are some of the short and cute nicknames for the name Amanda:

Mady Andy/Andi
Manda A
Ann Ams
Ama Amie
Amah Ma-Ma
Manny The Amantha
Amy-dee Amadine
Handy-Mandy Daa Daa
Amy Candy Mandy Maddy


The admirable association of the name Amanda with love has a universal appeal. Despite flagging in the race for the top trending names for girls in recent years, Amanda, with its melodic undertones and soft vowel alphabet at the beginning and the end of its spelling, is sure to be the one to look out for in the future.


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