Common skin problems in babies

All about Various Types of Skin Problems in Newborns

Babies with their sensitive skins are prone to many types of skin problems. These can get serious if not handled properly. Know about the various techniques that can be adopted to keep them safe from skin irritations.

Sudden change in the environment, from the protective mother’s womb to the hazardous outside world can cause your little one to become prone to many dangers. One such common problem is that of the most sensitive part, that is the skin. Rashes, blotches, patches, etc. all are potential dangers to your baby’s fragile body and parents must take preventive measures to keep such skin diseases at bay. It is important to deal with them before they develop into something more dangerous.

Types of Skin Problems in Newborns

1. Cradle cap

These are yellow, thick and greasy patches on the scalp of babies. They tend to clear off on their own within 6 months of birth. However, for precautionary methods from your end, wash the baby’s head with mild shampoo and lukewarm water. Use a soft-bristled brush to gently rub it off. If the patches resist to go, consult a doctor.

2. Acne on the face

Red and white bumps on the face of the baby signify the onset of acne. This condition that takes place within the very first month of the birth can be due to exposure of the baby to maternal hormones during pregnancy. These bumps clear off within a few days, but make sure to clean the face with mild soap and water frequently. However, if it persists, consult the doctor for a more targeted treatment.

Acne on the face

3. Heat rashes

They are dark red spots that appear on the baby’s skin. Most of them result due to the high humidity levels during summer or overdressing the baby. They disappear sooner or later on their own. However, it is suggested to keep the baby in a cooler environment with light, comfortable clothes on.

4. Baby eczema

Rough fabrics or bubble baths can cause itchy and scaly skin that makes the baby uncomfortable. They also ooze and crust, making the surface of skin red and messy. The best way is to keep the baby away from higher temperature that can irk their skin. Give them proper baths and use good moisturizing baby creams.

5. Impetigo

This is a common skin infection that makes the skin of your baby’s diaper area, scabby and blistery. It is caused by the staphylococci bacteria entering the little one’s system through his skin. It is usually of two types: non-bullous – when a yellow-crusted thick scab forms with a lot of redness, and bullous – when blisters with fluid form on the skin. The best way to prevent them is by keeping the diaper area dry and clean. Parents need to be careful about this, as it tends to spread in other body parts.

Now that you are aware of the various type of rashes or skin diseases that may cause a potential danger to your baby, take the necessary steps and keep them at bay. However, if you see that they persist for a prolonged period then it is important to seek expert help. Remember, not to give your baby any medicine without doctor’s consultation.

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