Reasons to Cuddle your Newborn: So Cute that I can Eat You up!

Adorable Reasons to Cuddle your Newborn

If a handful of love from your close ones can make your day then imagine how a little snuggle here and there can brighten your newborn’s routine! As a parent, it comes as a basic instinct and you find yourself losing yourself in your baby’s cuteness. Way to go mommy!

Reasons to Cuddle your Newborn

  • Squishy and Soft

    Holding your newborn is like holding a soft pillow or velvety bunny. You just can’t have enough of their cute noises, their baby fragrance and cute smile.

  • Attention Seeker

    Do you want your baby to become an attention seeker just because you didn’t provide enough? Those who are love-deprived often try to find attention and affection elsewhere. Don’t let your baby feel left out.

  • A Hug Can Make them Smarter

    Researchers have proved that holding your baby and showing affection to them can raise their IQ level. Their development process will eventually increase. Wow!

    a hug can make them smarter

  • Comfort Level will Increase

    The are many benefits of cuddling your baby, most importantly, it makes your newborn feel secure and comfortable. If they don’t find love from you, they will look for it from others when they grow up.

  • Communication of Love

    For a newborn, who doesn’t know how to talk, hugging and cuddling is the only way to interact with them, and showing them your affection and love.

Importance of Snuggling

  • Release of Oxytocin

    This hormone secretion helps improve happy emotions and encourages you and your baby to connect with others.

  • Boosts the Immune System

    Happy mind, happy body. The sense of comfort and affection secretes certain chemical hormones that help fight health problems. Blood circulation will increase and the heart will become stronger.

  • Bigger Brains

    Babies who have been affection-deprived in their childhood will have low self-confidence and less intelligence.

  • Stress and Anxiety Relief

    Newborns usually get bored as they don’t know how to interact and express themselves. They often start developing habits to keep them occupied like nail biting, tongue twisting, throwing stuff at others and crying all the time to seek attention. The only solution to all those issues is to snuggle, which will help relieve stress.

Don’t stop yourself and go hug your newborn. You will both love it!

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