Adopting a child

Adopting isn’t So Bad

When it comes to adopting a child, people around you may not be all that supportive of your decision. However, it is best to ignore the comments of naysayers, because at the end of the day, only a family that has actually adopted a child can give you the true picture. Read on to learn more.

Parenting is a space where we see the entire spectrum of human emotions and all kinds of people. There are people who do not feel the need to have a child to complete their life, and there are those who would go to any lengths to have one. And then there are a few, who are unmarried, but still keen on bringing a child into their lives.
Most people say that nothing beats holding the little fingers of your biological child, but adoptive parents have an altogether different story to narrate.

Giving a Child a Home

A lot of people look at parenting as a way of showering the love that they have onto a child, be it their biological child or an adoptive one. Surprisingly, some of them are people with kids of their own who now want to increase their family by adopting their next child.
The common philosophy that most of these parents have followed is that they want a child. It does not matter if she is biologically theirs or not – a child is a child, and love is what she needs. Just the joy of seeing her blossom into a wonderful individual is a gift in itself.
Some individuals, today, also see adoption as an opportunity to bring in children from different cultures into their family and provide a wholesome experience to them. Children who have not had a family through their formative years grow up to be emotionally unstable and psychologically scarred.

adopting isnt so badNot many children in orphanages have had the opportunity to witness and experience healthy social interactions. In fact, some of them who come from a violent background have neither the resources nor the support to overcome the traumas they have gone through. Adoption is a way of giving such children the love they need, and nurture them into strong individuals.

Completing The Family

There are also couples who chose, early on in their lives, not to have a family and then years down the line, to fill an emptiness in their lives, they choose to bring in an adoptive child rather than a child of their own. Completing their family is more important to them than having their own child.
In case of adopting a child, there is no uncertainty of waiting for surgical processes to bear fruit. Also, there are some who choose to adopt for reasons such as not wanting to go through the physically grueling process of pregnancy and childbirth.
Irrespective of the reason, adoption is seen to be a win-win situation for all involved, for the child as well as the parents. And if it is the reaction of the grandparents you are worried about, it will only take a tiny tug at their arms to melt their hearts.

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