Do This 2-Minute Japanese Exercise Every Day To Lose Weight In Only ONE Month

A Towel, a String, and 2 Minutes is All You Need for This Quick Weight-loss Technique!

Owing to our busy schedules and lifestyles, many of us mothers just DO NOT get the time to hit the gym or stick to a particular diet regime. This makes weight loss a big and almost impossible problem for us. However, what if we told you that you could lose weight simply by lying down? Yes, it’s quite literally just that!

Many mothers struggle with postpartum weight loss for several years. However, only a fraction of us are able to crack the formula for it. Either making time is the problem, or it is the dread of exercise, or the high financial involvement. And sometime or the other, we have tried every diet and exercise under the sun. To little effect.

Dr. Toshiki Fukutsudzi, a physician from Japan, understands this plight and has come to the rescue. He has found a method of easy weight loss that is now all the rage in Asia. Doing this exercise 3 times a day not only helps eliminate the stubborn fat near the waist but also improves the overall human body posture. Fukutsudzi believes that people who have a problem with the alignment of the pelvic bone and sub coastal bone tend to accumulate fat specifically in the waist and abdominal region. This problem too can be solved through this exercise. Imagine, a weight loss exercise in the comfort of your own house with no equipment except a towel – isn’t it like a dream come true?

How Is It Done?

Things you require: A towel and a string

Time – 2 minutes (advances to 5 in later stages)

Step 1: Take a medium sized towel and roll to form a cylinder. The dimensions should be of nothing less than 15 inches in length and the width should be 4 cm apart. Secure the cylinder by wrapping it with a string.

Step 2: Sit on a flat, hard surface like the floor, yoga mat or a massage table.

Step 3


Step 4


Step 5


Step 6


Step 3: Place the towel on the surface and lie down on your back, placing the towel behind at the height of your naval. This is an extremely crucial step, so make sure you get this right.

Step 4: Your feet should be placed shoulder width apart. Your toes should bend inwards and touch each other.

Step 5: Stretch your arms above your head and keeping the palms facing down, ensure the last fingers (pinky finger) are in contact.

Step 6: Lay still in this position for 2 minutes.

Step 7: Once down, get back up however with no sudden jerks should be given to the body.

The Results?

The core idea behind inventing this exercise is that it can help correct the posture by correcting the alignment of the spine and the pelvis. This prevents fat from collecting in the abdominal or the hip region. It is recommended that you practice this exercise routine at least 3 times in a day to see results.

With regular practice of the form, many women have noticed their waist size going down in a matter of just 2 weeks! A month of dedicated practice will surely help you in moving forward in your weight loss journey and also reap benefits of a better, healthier posture.

A Few Things To Remember

While practising this exercise, you may experience some discomfort initially. This perhaps is due to the bone alignment coming back to natural position where the body functions at its best. This will get better with time. However, if this persistently happens, take it slow and allow your body to get adjusted to the movements. Also, from 2 minutes at first, gradually increase the overall exercise time to 5 minutes. This will help your tissues and configuration to change slowly.

Please note that if you suffer from even a minor back problem or any bone related ailments, it is recommended you consult your doctor before undertaking this exercise.

All that this exercise takes up is some space in your house, a towel, and 2 minutes. So, the next time when your kids are off to school or it’s your little one’s nap time, grab that towel and hit the floor, quite literally!
After you have tried this exercise, share your experience with other mommies by leaving a comment below. Let’s cheer each other in our weight loss journeys!

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