Spiritual Awakening: Benefits & How to Achieve

9 Ways to Achieve Spiritual Enlightenment to Transform Your Life

The way one person thinks or perceives things tell a lot about him. The way one looks at things, others may not. We all have different ways of looking at different aspects of life. However, we all may agree to one supreme reality, and that is our spirituality or our spiritual awakening. It is essential to understand that religion and spirituality are separate from each other because the latter lets you choose whichever religious paths you wish to undertake.

From time immemorial, people have understood the importance of spirituality in their lives and made constant efforts to awaken and strengthen their senses. However, the mantra for spiritual awakening and how you can transform your life with it is discussed in detail in this post.

What Is Spiritual Enlightenment and What Are Its Stages?

A person who is not in touch with their spiritual sense may not know the true essence of life. In short, in order to understand the true meaning of our powerful existence, we must get in touch with our spiritual side. Spiritual enlightenment is a state that helps you look beyond what your eyes can see. It lets you believe in the power of God and helps you understand the basis of existence, and you feel open to more such truths about life. We may keep living our lives thinking that power, fame, and money are important to attain supreme happiness, but that is not true. Worldly things can’t make us happy for long. Happiness cannot be attained from external sources; it is something that is embedded in your own self. You have to look within yourself to find it, and spiritual awakening helps you attain that.

There are three stages of spiritual awakening, or there are different spiritual awakening levels:

The first stage helps you feel relaxed and calm in your surroundings. You live in the present without worrying about what may happen in future or what happened in the past.

In the second stage, you may connect with the environment around you. You feel in sync with your surroundings. You may find joy in the most trivial things in life, and you may feel you are one with nature.

The third and final stage of enlightenment makes you believe that you are not connected or in sync with things around you, rather you are one with them or in other words you are ‘everything’.

What Are the Benefits of Spiritual Awakening?

Here are some of the many benefits of spiritual awakening:

  • The feeling of oneness or being one with all.
  • A heightened state of self-awareness and consciousness.
  • Living a more meaningful life.
  • Feeling more peaceful and calm.
  • Feelings of purity.
  • More empathy and compassion for people.
  • Better spiritual connection.
  • No room for negative feelings.
  • Enhanced psychic abilities.

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How to Achieve Spiritual Enlightenment

You can achieve the state of spiritual enlightenment in various ways. Some of these ways are mentioned below:

1. Let Go of Your Ego

If you think sanely about ego, you may realise it is nothing but a mere product of our thoughts. Ego can sometimes destroy relationships and make you very bitter towards life. Let go of this negative emotion and embrace positivity and humility. You need to understand that such emotions can scar you and even your relationships for life.

2. Stay Honest to Yourself

Being honest with others is important but being true to your own self is one of the most important principles of spiritual enlightenment. It may seem difficult initially, but as you embark on your spiritual journey, it may come easily to you.

3. Let Go of Your Fears

We often feel scared to undertake something because of our own fears. You need to embrace our fears rather than letting them make you feel low. Spiritually enlightened people do not let their fears affect them, and they do whatever their heart or mind tells them to do.

4. Learn to Forgive

You may feel hurt when people do not meet your expectations, and you may hold them responsible for your despair. However, not forgiving people and holding grudges against other people may harm you more than anyone else. Make peace with others and with yourself, forgive others and forget it too.

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5. Detach from Worldly Things

Wordly things can give you temporary happiness, which is why, the sooner you make peace with the fact that these things cannot give you happiness, the closer you will be to spiritual enlightenment. However, detaching from worldly things certainly does not mean living a life of solidarity, it means not being dependent on material things for happiness.

6. Meditate

For the longest time, people have tried meditation to attain spiritual enlightenment. Meditation is a great way of switching off from the world and reaching a mental stage where you can be self-aware.

7. Yoga

Another way of attaining enlightenment is through yoga. Yoga not only helps you feel healthy but it is also a great way of achieving mental calm and peace. Regular yoga practice helps you switch off from the world and concentrate on your inner voice and thoughts.

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8. Pilgrimages and Praying

No, we are not confusing religion and spirituality here because we understand that both of these have entirely different perspectives. However, religion may help you attain spirituality too. Because when you pray or visit religious places, you transport yourself to a physical meditative state, which may help you connect with your inner self and soul and thus attain spirituality.

9. Learn to Love

Love is one of the most powerful emotions in the world, and it is believed by many spiritual leaders that there is nothing in this world that cannot be attained through the true power of love. You need to practise self-love, love people close to you, love nature that surrounds you. Love gives birth to strong feelings of calmness and peace, thus helping you achieve spiritual enlightenment.

How Will You Know If You are Getting Spiritually Awakened?

Once you start making all the required changes in your life to attain the highest state of self-awareness, you may question how you will know that you are on the right path. Well, here are some symptoms of spiritual awakening that may help you know you are doing the right things:

  • You may find yourself less concerned about the past and future as the present becomes more important to you.
  • Your perception may change towards life, and you may see the world in a childlike way.
  • You may find yourself in more harmony with your thoughts and emotions.
  • You may be more aware of spiritual force that governs the universe.
  • You may find yourself in peace; there may be no inner conflicts, fears, or worries but just calm and peace.
  • You may lay more importance to compassion, and you may find it easier to empathise with people.
  • You may no longer feel isolated from the world, but you may realise that you are a part of this wholeness or oneness.
  • You may no longer fear death because you know death is not the end.
  • You may be surrounded with nothing but positivity, which may empower you with the general feeling of well-being.
  • You may attain a wider perspective, and trivial matters may no longer affect you rather everything apart from spirituality becomes trivial.
  • You may no longer want to limit yourself to the identity given by the world as you understand that your existence is much bigger than just your name, caste, or creed you belong to.
  • You may feel content with whatever you have and even appreciate it.
  • You may find yourself engulfed with a heightened sense of morality and kindness towards others.
  • You may find solace in nothingness; you may find happiness, calmness, or quietness by doing nothing at all.
  • You may no longer feel driven towards material pleasures of life.


Are there questions that you need answers for, well, in this section, we discuss some frequently asked questions on spiritual awakening:

1. When Do You Achieve Spiritual Awakening?

A spiritual awakening process usually occurs when you feel more connected, or you are in sync with your soul and mind. As you make the connection, you experience a true sense of peace, fulfilment, joy, love and freedom. It may sometimes get tricky to arrive at this stage, but once you do, you understand the true meaning of your existence.

2. What Triggers the Spiritual Enlightenment Process?

People can attain spiritual enlightenment anytime in their lives. Where for some it may happen gradually, others may enter this stage due to significant changes in their lives such as some major illness, midlife crises, divorce, the death of a loved one, tragedies etc. In simple words, your experiences in life can trigger the process of enlightenment.

3. Is Spiritual Awakening a Slow Process?

It is difficult to say that whether or not it is a slow process because some may achieve this stage real fast, but for others, it may be a life long struggle. Also, you may jump in and out of it. At certain junctures, you may find yourself at the peak stage of awakening, but on other occasions, you may find yourself dealing with self-conflict or fears. It is all very normal because after all we all are humans and it is normal for us to falter and make mistakes. This confusion or distraction happens because sometimes we may struggle to remain on the path because we drift away from it. That is absolutely fine, but the true battle is to get back on the track and start seeking the truth again.

4. Can Spiritual Awakening Start With a Misfortune?

Yes, sometimes misfortunes may begin your spiritual awakening journey too. This is because when you are dealing with difficult situations in life, you start visualising the reality of life from a whole different perspective. You also find yourself pushed beyond the limits of endurance, which means your mind reaches a place from where it may begin looking at things from an entirely different way, and thus the process of spiritual awakening may begin.

You may often find yourself questioning the unpredictability and uncertainty associated with spiritual awakening, thinking that there are no sure shot ways of achieving this state of mind. But the truth is, just like this vast and endless universe our mind is a home to endless possibilities. You may not even know what lies inside it until or until you make efforts to unleash it. We have discussed some effective ways of achieving spiritual awakening in this article; we hope that you incorporate these tips in finding the true path of happiness and self-awareness.

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