9 Habits That Will Make You Mentally Stronger

9 Simple Exercises That Make You Mentally Stronger

This is the age of fitness and physical strength. Women all over the world are increasingly realizing the importance of staying fit, moms included. But for meeting a goal of any sort, it’s a prerequisite to have a sharp, focused mind. Just like strength training and cardio for the body, is there also a way to build our mental strength?

You may have read infinite books titled “10 things mentally strong people do”, or “habits that can train your mind”. But the tasks set often seem impossible and very challenging. As moms, we can hardly take time out for ourselves, let alone participate in a thorough exercise regimen. But then again, we probably need mental strength more than anyone else!

Well, here’s the good news. There are some very simple exercises to improve your willpower and determination that don’t require too much time or energy! You can do them every day and we promise you will see the difference very soon.

The Easiest Ways to Build Mental Strength

1. Read, Read, Read

It is a scientific truth – people who enjoy reading are kind and considerate towards others and have a great deal of mental strength. The very act of reading compels you to focus your senses, slow down, and relax. Try doing this every day, in the morning or before going to bed, and we promise you won’t miss your digital time!

2. Meditate

This advice is probably as old as the hills, but hey, it actually works! The role of meditation to increase willpower cannot be denied. What’s important is that you don’t need to become a pro at this. All you require is 10 minutes of your time daily to sit straight, focus on your breathing, and control your thoughts. This exercise freshens up your mind and soul and leaves you infused with the strength to face the day.

3. Listen to Music

Ha, this isn’t exercising! Well, it is. Research has proven that training your ears and your mind to concentrate on music (and we mean “good”, soothing music here) can have a tremendous effect on mental strength. Focus on the tunes and imbibe them within yourself. You can also play music in the background while you are working.

4. Practise Yoga

You knew this would come in, right? Yoga has a calming effect on your body and also keeps your vital organs functioning well. Kickstart this exercise with basic poses like the Surya Namaskar and deep breathing, and you can move on to more complicated poses based on your time and inclination. No matter how basic, yoga is bound to make you feel positive and driven.

5. Stretch

You can do this when you get up in the morning, and we promise this will become a habit! The act of stretching makes sure your body is charged up, and your circulatory system is working well. This, in turn, also infuses your mind with positive energy and new vigour.

6. Walk

A prime cause of our mental fragility is a sedentary lifestyle. To keep your mind active and healthy, walk a few steps every day. You can invest in a pedometer or fitness tracker to keep you inspired. Walking also lets you brood over your thoughts and expel the negativity lying within you – the signs of a mentally strong person!

7. Practise Deep Breathing

Breathing comes naturally to us and we don’t even realise we are doing it. But did you know that the act of deliberate inhaling and exhaling helps you become stronger mentally? Deep breathing is a fantastic way to clear your mind, understand your thoughts, and improve your focus. Practise this for 10 minutes every day, ideally in the morning, and you’ll vote this as one of the best tips to improve willpower!

8. Laugh More Often

Nothing pleases the mind more than a hearty laugh! If your mind is feeling drained, the art of laughing deliberately can actually help you feel better. Watch a comedy, read a funny book, or talk to a friend who cracks funny jokes. Laughing is one of those habits of mentally strong people that is super easy and fun to emulate.

9. Write

You don’t have to a have natural flair for writing in order to do this exercise. All you need is a notebook and a pen and the willingness to improve your mental strength. Pen down your goals (make sure they are small and achievable at first), your daily progress and your challenges. You can also scribble and doodle or pen stories. Writing is a wonderful way to channelise your inner positivity and flush yourself of negative thoughts.

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