Advantages and Disadvantages of Being the Youngest Child

9 Hilariously Awkward Things that a Younger Sibling Faces!

Sometimes, being the baby sister isn’t always a boon. It’s a tough life but your siblings won’t necessarily agree! Read up on some funny facts and hilarious happenings that being the youngest child always brings. You’ve probably gone through many of them.

Sometimes, it’s hard to be the youngest sibling while at other times it’s so much fun. There are many perks to not being the eldest, but it doesn’t mean that you’re spared getting teased by your siblings. Do these awkward truths hold true for you too?

Things You’ll Face as the Youngest Sibling

1. Everyone keeps an eye on your Facebook account

This is one thing that makes being the youngest child so annoying! Why does everyone spy on you? But, you’re too clever for them. A fake account just for your family has made you survive this detective game!

2. You’re blamed for everything

It’s no use sporting that innocent look. When something vanishes, you’re on trial. Whether it’s a TV remote or a pen, when it goes missing, all eyes are on you.

3. Your cheeks suffer the most

Numerous hands aiming for your cheeks and pinching them red… that’s life for you. If you happen to be the youngest of your siblings, you know this is true. Let’s not forget the wet kisses of your mother’s friends. Yuck!

4. You’re forever the baby

No matter how old you become, you’re always treated like you’re still that 8-year-old child. To be taken seriously is a tough challenge and when you really take a stand, people are shocked to realise out that you’ve grown up!

5. You get hand-me-downs

The benefit of having an elder sibling makes you the heir to some old stuff. This can be a good thing or a bad thing. There are times you can dress up in vintage chic and there are times when you wonder what your sibling was thinking!

6. “Why can’t you learn something from your elder brother/sister?”

This comparison drives you crazy. You’re always pitted against your elder sibling. Always! You spend so much time listening to praises about them, while your flaws are proclaimed in great detail.

7. You win fights

When it comes to who started what, you put on an innocent face and rarely get blamed! You don’t mind picking a fight because you know he or she will get scolded and you’ll walk away unscathed.

8. No permission issues for you!

Your elder sibling has paved the way for this. Plus, your parents are too tired to argue. They don’t restrict you as much as they did with your brother or sister, so you do manage to get away with a lot of things.

9. You’ve always had a guardian by your side

You know in your heart that there’s always someone you can bank on, whether it’s to look after you, take the blame, or cheer you up when you’re low. You really do have a guardian angel.

No matter how awkward things get for the youngest child, it’s worth it. These memories should be treasured to remind you just how important elder siblings are. However much they ragged you, they truly love you!

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