Common Unprofessional Behaviour in The Workplace

9 Habits You Should Break To Be More Professional At Work

A good reputation is a vital factor for success today and it remains elusive when people make a display of unprofessional behaviour in the workplace. Here’s a list of all the attributes, which can disrupt your professional reputation forever.

Employers measure your professional calibre based on both your ability as well as your conduct at work. A single unprofessional instance at work can tarnish your reputation and credibility forever. Behavioural patterns that don’t seem like a big deal in your personal life can wreak havoc on your career!

Some Bad Work Habits You Should Avoid

1. Lack of Punctuality

Not being on time, not adhering to deadlines and not fulfilling commitments, can be a black mark on your professional reputation. Punctuality, on the other hand, communicates that you are serious about your work and commitments.

2. Disorganisation

Tough as it can get, being organised is the key to success in professional career. Handling thousands of e-mails and messages daily can be demanding, but being disorganised can ruin you and enable your employers to pass you over for promotions and incentives.


3. Irresponsibility

Being irresponsible is another way to be unprofessional at your workplace. Not completing the tasks assigned to you or failure to adhere to deadlines can spoil your impression.

4. Leering

Another habit which can make you look uncool at work is to cast leering glances at others, however, attractive they may be. As human beings, we are programmed to react that way, but you have to observe utter self-control to save your face.

5. Over-Optimism

To be optimistic is one thing, but being unrealistic can be another reason some people can be considered unprofessional. If something has gone wrong, and you still insist that everything is as great as it used to be, you will be labelled as a liar and an unrealistic fool.

6. Use of Foul Language

If the F-word is continuously finding a place in your regular speech, then you are probably inviting trouble at the workplace and doing no good to your personal as well as professional reputation. So you better avoid it!

7. Secrecy

You are not being mysterious and cool when you act secretive and hide facts and information from clients and co-workers. In fact, this could be a matter of dishonour if you get caught in the act. Remember that trust takes years to build and only a single moment to destroy.

8. Lying and Cheating

Being dishonest is the worst professional mistake that you can make in your career. Lying and cheating not only destroys your career, but it could also get you a black mark in the industry – with a lifelong stigma of unprofessionalism.

9. Being Over Promising

Being confident is a good sign but being over promising and not being able to fulfil them later gives a signal that you are being unprofessional at the workplace. You may achieve a little in the beginning this way, but end up losing your reputation, which is definitely a massive price to pay.

If you consistently exhibit unprofessional behaviour in the workplace, you are likely to cause big damage to yourself. Avoid all these blunders and build your professional reputation.

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