9 Creative ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

Decorate Easter Eggs

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Easter is back and it’s time to collect those eggs and brainstorm hard to find the ideas to decorate them. It’s true that there are conventional ways to decorate them, but here we present some innovative and simple Easter eggs decorating ideas, that will steal the show. Get ready to celebrate Easter with a bang this March 27!

Easter eggs decoration is a great way to involve your kid in crafting out his creativity. Give him these simple ideas and let him rejoice seeing his Easter eggs one step ahead of his friends’. All of these are simple and materials used are easily available at your home. So, why wait? Get going and have a blast this Easter.

The eggs have to be hard boiled first, so that your kid doesn’t find it difficult to portray his artistic talent on the egg shells. Make sure that the eggs are cooled before handing it over to your kid.

Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

1. Using Crayons and Paints

Use of crayons is the simplest way to decorate Easter eggs; one that your kid himself can try without much effort. He doesn’t need to prove his artistic talent for this; a simple floral design or may be a scribble will do. While using crayons, see that you use hard boiled eggs that are warm but not too hot. This will help in getting a brighter design. This is because the wax will melt as soon as the crayon touches the warm egg and you wouldn’t need to press hard to make the designs dark. Poster paints are also a good option for older children. The final outcome will also be neater.

Using Crayons and Paints

2. Egg Smileys

Why not keep tradition away this year and try this simple yet modern way of making Easter eggs? Paint the eggs in yellow and leave them to dry completely. Draw faces with black sketch pen or a marker to create expressions of ‘happy’, ‘oh no!’, ‘sad’ ‘tee hee’ and so on. Your kid will really love doing it!

Egg Smileys

3. Using Rice

Dye rice with food colour and leave it for about 20-30 minutes. Let the eggs cool completely, after which you can apply glue to it. Roll the eggs on the rice and your pretty Easter eggs are ready.

4. Blackboard Eggs

Does your kid love writing on the blackboard? Then, here is a creative way of doing it. Paint the eggs black and let them dry. Next, draw designs with a chalk. You may also write Easter messages on it and then let the eggs do all the talking for you.

5. Finger Print Eggs

Interested in playing with colours? Then here is a simple but cool way of decorating Easter eggs. Just dip your kid’s hands in paint and then create fun, colourful impressions on the eggs. Simple, cost-effective but a great deal of fun!


6. Pressed Flower

Choose some pretty bright coloured flowers- bellflower, amaranth, carnation or lily. Also, look out for some lovely leaves and arrange them on a flower presser or to make it simpler, just place them in a hard bound book. You’ll have to leave them for at least two weeks, so plan accordingly. Place the flowers in a book at least 2-3 weeks before Easter. Later, you can stick these pressed flowers on the egg shells. You can also draw out floral outlines to create unique designs!

Pressed Flower

7. Elastic Bands

Get some pretty elastic bands and wrap them around the eggs. Leave the eggs immersed in food colour and let it dry. You can also repeat the same procedure with different colours and bands. Once you remove them, you’ll see bands of white portion alternatively with coloured bands on the eggs.

Elastic Bands

8. Leaves Print

This is another way of decorating the eggs in a cool way. For this you need raw eggs, a net cloth and some pretty unique shaped leaves. Place these leaves on the egg properly and tie it tight with the net cloth. Place these eggs in boiling water, which contains the food colour of your choice. Leave it for around 10-15 minutes, so that the colour is absorbed in the eggs and cooked as well. Remove the eggs and allow them to cool. Discard the cloth and there you have it, your dainty and unique Easter eggs!

9. The Goose That Laid Golden Eggs

Have you shared the famous story with your kids? Create these eggs by wrapping them tightly in gold foil, and use them as a brilliant prop to teach your kids about the ill-effects of greed. Also works as a great ploy to keep them from eating too much Easter chocolate!


There are numerous ways when it comes to decorating eggs for Easter. You can help your kid work out his creativity, using these easy ideas. If you are not comfortable using the artificial food colours, you can make natural colours at home using vegetable, fruits and other ingredients like beet, raspberry, blueberry, turmeric and so on.