Embarrassing and Awkward Bedroom Moments Every Couple Experience

8 “Where Do I Hide My Face” Couple Moments

Ups and downs make up an integral part of relationships, but there are also some embarrassing moments every couple experiences. They may seem totally awkward at the time, but they become sweet memories later on. Relive those moments and have a good laugh!

Every couple needs time to be entirely comfortable with each other. Till then, there are a number of awkward (and perfectly normal) moments to experience that might just make you hide your face from your partner!

Awkward Bedroom Moments You Will or Have Probably Gone Through!

1. Having Your Partner See How You Look First Thing in The Morning

There’s very likely a big difference in how you look on your first waking moment and how you present yourself to your partner during courtship. Having him see you in pyjamas and unkempt hair can be definitely awkward, at least until you really get to know and become comfortable with each other.

2. Burping and Farting in front of Each Other

When you have to go, you have to go and this includes burping and farting in front of your partner. The situation might seem a tough one to handle initially, but it thankfully gets easier!

3. Trying to Make a Great First Impression on Your Partner’s Family

One of the most common embarrassing moments every couple experiences is when you try to impress your partner’s family at your first meeting, but end up making a mess. It could be something as silly as saying something senseless or worse, breaking a prized showpiece!

4. Getting Caught Making Out

Kissing and cuddling are natural, but you sure don’t want your mom or dad or your partner’s parents to catch you. It’s a definite red-faced moment no matter how old you are.

5. Your First Experience with Period Sex

No couple can ever forget the first time they had period sex, even if it was by accident. Seeing spots of blood on the sheets can be one unsightly experience, particularly if you’re fresh in the relationship.

6. Your Partner Catches You Speaking to Yourself or Someone else

Have you ever forgotten to hang up the phone only to have your partner inadvertently listen in on the other end? This can be something quite unnerving, especially if you say something that would make him turn red. You could be telling your sister details about your new man, or how much he turns you on!

7. The First Time you Stumble upon His Porn Collection

Just imagine having moved in with your partner and looking for something, you stumble upon his porn magazines hidden in the bathroom closet. Or, maybe you open a folder on the computer and find it filled with his XXX stash.

8. Accidentally Calling Each Other by Pet Names in Public

As sweet as they may seem to your ears, you may end up in an embarrassing situation when you accidentally call each other by those special names in public. It’ll certainly call for some jokes from friends!

These moments may be awkward but they play a special role in a couple’s journey together. In fact, they strengthen your bond and become special moments that you’ll relive years later and laugh over.

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