Amazing (and Weird!) Facts That Will Help You Care for Your Vagina!

8 Vagina Facts you’ll Go Bonkers Over!

The vagina is one of the most important parts of your body – and one of the most impressive too! From the wonderful sensation of touch to the pain that accompanies a delivery, it goes through a lot. Why not find out more with some amazing facts about the vagina?

In many ways, your vagina is your best friend. Sure, it bleeds, needs upkeep, and sometimes smells funny, but without it, life wouldn’t be the same! The next time you take it for granted, remember just how amazing it is.

Interesting Facts about the Vagina

1. What Does it Mean?

‘Vagina’ comes from the Latin root that means ‘sheath for the sword’. You can put two and two together easily enough! In case you’re wondering how a penis came to be known as a penis, it comes from the Latin word that means ‘tail’. Not as glamorous as the vagina, eh?

2. It has a huge number of nerves

The clitoris has 8,000 nerves while the penis has just 4,000! That’s why this tiny area is the most sensitive part of a woman’s body. All the more reason to love it and let it give you tons of pleasure.

3. Your vagina expands when you’re ready for sex

A pretty awesome vagina fact, right? Though you might think your vagina is quite small, it expands when you’re turned on for intercourse. It does the same when your body is ready to push out a baby. It can expand up to a whopping 200 percent!

4. It’s the perfect reminder for your period

Sometimes, when you lose track of your menstrual cycle, your vagina reminds you to get ready. You feel like it’s under pressure, and together with a familiar back ache or a bad tummy, you know it’s time for Aunt Flow again.

5. Your vagina teems with bacteria

Don’t get worried; it may be a weird vagina fact, but it’s lactobacili or the good bacteria also found in yoghurt. It checks micro-organisms, so you don’t catch a yeast infection.

Interesting Facts about the Vagina


6. Your vagina can clean itself

You’ll be amazed to know you don’t need powders and liquids to clean the inside of your lady parts. Your vagina can clean itself with discharge! The only washing it needs is on the outside. Use a mild, scent-free soap so you don’t disturb the pH balance and kill the good bacteria.

7. There’s something common between vaginas and sharks

Believe it or not, a part of the vagina shares something common with sharks! It’s squalene or a natural vaginal lubricant that’s also present in a shark’s lungs. How did you think you were able to have intercourse without using a synthetic lube? It’s not just men who have natural lubricants!

8. Pubic hair isn’t bad

It’s pubic hair that protects your delicate vagina from bacteria and alien particles. When tempted to shave or wax, think about this. Plus, this hair has a life expectancy of about 3 weeks, so it doesn’t grow very long.

Knowing all about your vagina is the key to appreciating just how important it is. The next time you have menstrual cramps or labour pains, try and recall these facts about the vagina to know it’s doing all it can to help!

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