8 Times in Life All Moms Miss Their Moms

8 Times In Life All Moms Miss Their Moms – Very Much!

Life has graduated from our days in school and college, evenings spent in the park with our moms, and delicious dinners on the table without a moment spent in the kitchen. As moms, wives and daughters-in-law, we have numerous errands to run every day. But every now and then, something happens that makes us fondly think about our memories of childhood, growing up and our best friend for life – our mom.

We have brought to you an emotional roller-coaster of moments that ALWAYS bring mom to mind, and tell us just how important our old girl is in our life. Hop on!

1. It’s Time To Cook Dinner…and You’re Really Tired

The kids are hungry. You can see the veggies and spices staring back at you, silently. And then, you have a sudden craving. For Ma Ke Haath Ka Khaana.

2. You Have a Cold and the Kids Want To Play

Your nose is running; your voice is all croaky. All you want to do is snuggle up in bed and drink the hot chicken soup Mom makes the best. But your kids have other ideas…

3. The House is in a Complete Mess

Remember how your room would always be swanky and clean, with not a thing out of place, even if you had no memory of cleaning it? You really wish Mom would come and help you clean up your kids’ toys, food, broken things, paper shreds, empty packets..

4. You’ve Had a Bad Day and Really Want To Vent

Nothing went right since morning today. Your domestic help didn’t turn up, you fought with your husband, the kids threw a tantrum, and even your packet of chocolate disappeared. You want to sit Mom down and tell her all about it in detail.

5. You’re In The Mood For Some Girly Gossip

Who moved in next door and what’s wrong with her wardrobe? What’s latest on the Bollywood scene? There are some conversations you can have only with your Mom. The best part is she’s always ready for them!

6. Your Favourite Dress Has Just Disappeared

Really, it’s nowhere to be seen! You have looked in your wardrobes, your laundry bags, even in the kids’ toy cupboards. You can’t help miss Mom’s uncanny ability to figure out exactly where it lays hidden in the house, all in two minutes.

7. You Need Some Honest Advice That Wouldn’t Hurt

Is that dress making you look fat? Should you really quit your job? There doesn’t seem to be anyone who can give you honest advice without breaking your heart. Wait, mom can. She had all the answers when you were a child. She has all the answers even now.

8. All You Need Is a Hug…But No One Knows This

She would have known. You have exhausted your energies running after the kids and trying to maintain some sanity. Mom would have put things right by giving you a big, warm, bear hug. That would have made everything better.

There’s no one quite like Mom, is there? She is the one who knows us inside out, supports us through thick and thin, and is forever willing to do exactly what we want. In our parenting journeys, let’s be the kind of moms our kids can rely on, derive strength from, and make fond memories with!

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