8 Things Husbands Find Unattractive in Their Wives

8 Things your Husband Finds Unattractive – Avoid Them Now!

Women can be quick at finding fault with husbands, but do you know that men also have their own list of likes and dislikes? Maybe you’re turning your man off with things you take for granted!

Do you know that men can be as picky as women? They might not appreciate everything you do or don’t do. The next time your husband gives you that stare, stop and think! There might be a few things he doesn’t find too sexy.

Things Husbands Find Unattractive in Their Wives

1. Too much body hair

While not every man is turned off by body hair, too much of it lists among the 10 things men find unattractive. If you’ve been putting off your waxing sessions, get to them soon.

2. Zero skincare

Your husband loves glowing skin. If you welcome him home with an oily face and chapped lips, chances are he’ll get turned off. Take proper care of your skin. Motherhood’s no excuse to ignore this!

3. Poor oral hygiene

Just like women, what husbands find unattractive in wives is lack of oral hygiene. You can never expect your man to be attracted to you if you smile at him with yellow teeth or have bad breath.

4. Too-coiffed hair

What men really love in women is silky hair through which they can run their fingers as they whisper sweet nothings. If your hair is sticky with gels and sprays, your man will definitely not like it. Even if you want to style your hair, skip the excess products.

5. Face caked with make-up

Too much make-up is something that most men don’t like. Agreed, you need foundation to hide blemishes and get a smooth complexion, but why overdo it? Use just the right amount and blend it into your skin so that you don’t look like you’re wearing a mask!

6. Clumpy eyelashes

Mascara is a wonderful product that can make eyes look beautiful. But if you use too much of it, your eyelashes will stick to each other and this is what your hubby finds unattractive. Make sure you use a product by a well-known brand to ensure good quality and no allergies.

7. Too much fragrance

Yes, men love fragrance. But, if you thought that too much of it will attract your man, think again. Spray just a dash of your favourite perfume behind your ears and on your wrists to attract your man.

8. Checking your make-up in public

Your husband wants to show off his pretty wife, but not one who keeps staring at the tiny mirror in her compact instead of socialising with his friends! The next time you feel the need to check your make-up, go to the powder room and fix it in private.

All said and done, try to be as natural as you can. There’s no need for pretence in your relationship, and this is something he’ll appreciate wholeheartedly. While you should make the effort to look good not just for him but for yourself too, remember that natural beauty trumps an overly made-up face any day!

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