Useful Tips to Keep Your Bathroom Organised

8 Super Ways to Keep your Bathroom Organised

The bathroom is the spot to indulge in everything from daydreaming to singing and pampering yourself! So, why not keep it looking organised and stylish? With a few simple life hacks, de-cluttering your bathroom doesn’t have to be a daunting task.

Easy Peasy Tips on How to Organise your Bathroom

1. Use the door for your towels

Stacking towel rods on the back of the bathroom door has several advantages. It’s an excellent                 space-saver for small bathrooms and is a saviour during the morning rush hours where you need to         grab things in a hurry. It’ll also help the towels dry more quickly.

2. Use wicker baskets to store towel rolls

Extra towels can be stashed away easily and in style. Instead of stuffing them into a cabinet, choose        wicker baskets to keep them in and add some charm to your bathroom. You can mix and match                them  with small wicker trays to create a gorgeous storage theme.

3. Keep the space under the sink harmonious

It’s smart to utilise that space under the sink. Cute baskets or toilet paper rolls stuffed into a                     transparent vase can be placed. You can also install a small tension rod to hang your cleaning                 supplies and beauty products.

4. Get some mason jars

Bringing in pastel or transparent mason jars is an impeccable way to organise the bathroom cabinet         or shelf. Fill them with incense sticks, pot pourri and perfumed oils. They’ll be your favourite new               reason to spend a few more minutes in the bathroom!

Easy Peasy Tips on How to Organise your Bathroom

5. Install drawers and dividers

Placing dividers in bathroom drawers will give you ample space to store every bit of your essentials. You can use plastic dividers or cut-outs of thin planks of wood. Pop them into your drawers and watch how easily they organise the space.

6. Maximise tiny shelves with racks

Racks and adhesive wall organisers are a few awesome ways to keep your bathroom organised.You can use them to store small things like lip balms,tweezers and plastic gloves that tend to get lost easily.

7. Go up for extra storage

If there’s just not enough space to install an additional shelf or cabinet, why not use the space above an existing one? You can get baskets and printed boxes that look great and are useful. Fill them with anything you need to keep your bathroom looking neat and clean.

8. Try wine racks for impressive storage space

A wine bottle holder can make for easy accessibility to products. It’s a simple bathroom organisation idea that’s definitely worth a try no matter what size the room is. You can stack colourful rolls of towels, hairstyling products, shampoos, et al.

Use these tips to organise your bathroom and you’ll see how much room you’ve saved. It’s not only about functionality, but a blend of creativity and style. You’ll be amazed by how easy it is to give your bathroom a twist of fab!

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