Best Decorative Indoor Plants That Clean The Air

8 Houseplants Every Home Must Have

Ever wondered how to purify the air inside your house? Well, you can let nature do the trick. Take your pick from among some of the best plants for improving indoor air quality – yes, there’s more than just aloe vera!

Are you bothered that indoor pollution is harming your little ones? While you definitely can’t do much about pollution coming in from outside, you can ensure that when your children are home, they breathe in only fresh air. Many scientists now vouch for indoor plants to keep air clean and fresh. Getting some houseplants will not only clear the air in your house but also add to your decor. There’s nothing like nature to liven things up!

Pick a local or exotic variety or better still, ask the kids for a little green input! We give you 8 winners when it comes to plants for a happy home.

8 Best Plants for Indoor Air Quality

1. Spider plant

As spooky as it sounds, the spider plant is a beautiful addition to your home and will clean the air of toxins from household cleaners, xylene and carbon monoxide. These toxins can damage your skin and cause a spate of health problems. Your solution can be the spider plant, said to be one of the best indoor plants that purify air. And yes, it’s also safe for your pets despite sounding so spidery!

2. Snake plant

If you’re looking to clear air of chemicals like formaldehyde, which is an unavoidable constituent of personal care and cleaning products, snake plant is your best bet. Also known as mother-in-law’s tongue (what an apt name, did we hear you say?), the snake plant can give room fresheners a run for their money.

3. Rubber plant

The best thing about the rubber plant is that it produces a lot of oxygen. Not only does this cleanse indoor air of toxins but also keeps you feeling fresh and energised due to the increased oxygen level. This indoor decorative plant is a cool idea to lend natural freshness to your living room or even bedroom.

4. Golden pothos

The golden pothos, also called devil’s ivy, doesn’t require much sunlight to grow, which is why you can place it just about anywhere you like. This quick-growing indoor plant filters air and also helps remove chemicals produced by vehicle exhaust. Say goodbye to pollution the moment you step in from the road! (Golden Pothos)

5. Peace lily

Are you looking for indoor plants that are also really decorative? Go for the beautiful peace lily that looks stunning and also flushes out poisonous gases. Some studies have shown that the plant has the ability to clear air of toxins like benzene, xylene, toluene and trichloroethylene, which are all extremely harmful and present in several household cleaning products.

6. English ivy

Have you just welcomed a new baby or a new pet into the family? You are probably getting worked up about germs that can be transported through faeces. One way to deal with this is to get English ivy, a beautiful indoor plant that cleans air of faecal germs. Easy peasy!

7. Weeping fig

If the name makes you sad, it will help to know that the weeping fig purifies air of annoying germs like magic. Carpets and upholstery are big carriers of germs and chemical byproducts. This is where this indoor plant with its pretty cascading leaves can come to your rescue. Put it up where you can see it clearly and also watch your space brighten in a blink.

8. Bamboo Palm

If you have a room that receives a lot of sunlight, these plants are going to love you! In return, they will your indoor air of harmful pollutants like benzene and formaldehyde. What’s more, they grow up to be nice and tall, really lifting the ambience of your house!

Time and again, interior decorators recommend placing plants inside homes to inject a dash of nature into the decor. You can place them in empty corners, on tabletops and in hanging pots. Why not get pretty metal planters, earthen containers and antique-looking pots to really let the plants stand out? Your home will get so much more charming and you’ll be breathing fresh!

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