How to Survive a Party by Drinking Healthy

8 Healthy Drinking Tips to Survive the Party Season

This party season, be responsible and drink the healthy way. And no, it’s not just enough that you don’t drink and drive, you’ve got to make sure neither to pile up on calories nor to have a hangover the next day. Read on to learn how.

Party Survival Guide

When you have a lot of parties lined up, it may be quite impossible for you to totally avoid drinking. This holiday season, when you’re out with friends and family, celebrate with drinks, but know your limits. Here are a few tips to enjoy your booze and feel better afterwards too:

What to Do Before a Party

1. Eat:

Never, ever drink on an empty stomach. Have a light meal (consisting of proteins, carbohydrates and fats) before leaving for a party. Eating beforehand will stabilize your blood sugar levels and thereby slow down the rate of alcohol absorption. It will also keep you from drinking lots of booze.

2. Rest well:

If you’re tired and sleep deprived, the effects of alcohol will be stronger and faster. You won’t be able to think clearly either. Also, alcohol being a depressant, will only increase your fatigue. So make sure to get enough sleep and recharge your batteries before a party.

What to Do During a Party

1. Say ‘No’ to Sugary Drinks:

Cocktails like margaritas contain an unhealthily high amount of calories that cause major weight gain. So avoid these and instead, opt for drinks that are mixed with water, diet soda or fruit juices without added sugar.

2. Pick Your Drink Wisely:

Go for light, diet-friendly drinks like wine, scotch and vodka. Steer clear of regular beer, as it is the highest calorie drink you could possibly get your hands on.

3. Don’t Mix Alcohol:

A mixed drink can contain a lot of sugar and undesired calories. It will leave you out of sorts and with a hangover.

4. Keep Your Body Hydrated:

Alcohol, being a diuretic, promotes frequent peeing. This leads to dehydration, causing nausea, headache and hangovers. So make sure to drink enough water before, while and after tanking up.

5. Nibble while You Sip:

While gulping down your drink, remember to have small bites of your food in between (avoid salty or fatty items). This will help you

What to Do After a Party to Avoid a Hangover


Here are a few ways to restore your body after a night of drinking:

  • Have lots of herbal tea (helps restore your liver)
  •  Pop a few homeopathic hangover pills
  • Take some vitamin B complex
  • Before going to bed, drink a large glass of water with the juice of a whole lemon in it

If you still have a slight hangover in the morning, all you need, for a quick recovery, is some light exercise. Go for a walk or wash some dishes – This will increase your metabolic rate and hasten the detoxification process in your body.

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