8 Amazing Health Benefits of Including Prunes in your Diet

8 Amazing Health Benefits of Including Prunes in your Diet

Meet the delicious dried plum – the prune. Although relatively low key in Indian society till now, we are rapidly waking up to the glorious health benefits that are exclusive only to this particular dry fruit…

Popularly known as a quick remedy for constipation, the prune has provided relief to many uneasy stomachs over the years. But when you dig deeper, it becomes more and more evident why they should be an important part of your and your family’s diet!

1. Helps You See Better

Prunes are rich in retinol, the vitamin that is responsible for healthy vision. Deficiency of Vitamin A can cause dry eyes, night blindness and even cataract. But thanks to prunes, your family can enjoy healthy vision.

2. Antioxidants Galore

Did you know prunes are even higher up on the antioxidant scale than blueberries? Yes, prunes are packed with iron and manganese that work as antioxidants. The plant phenolics in prunes help protect the cell membranes that save it from everyday wear and tear. This keeps your body fit and protected from free radical damage.

3. Keeps Your Heart Stronger

We all need a strong, healthy heart, your growing kids most so! Potassium is essential for the proper functioning of your heart and also for the responsiveness of your nerves. A recommended amount of potassium daily can significantly lower blood pressure, thus keeping problems like heart disease, dizziness, heart attacks and strokes at bay. Prunes can play a major role in fulfilling your body’s requirement of potassium.

4. Constipation Relief

Have you ever wondered why the big fuss about prunes as constipation relief? Well, it’s like this: just one prune can make up for 3% of the recommended fibre content of your body! Prunes help the body digest food properly and that’s why they are a great laxative as well. They regulate bowel movement due to their high fibre content and sorbitol (natural sugar contained in prunes). Prunes pull moisture into the digestive tracts and that is what regulates stuck bowel movements. Thanks to these yummy dry fruits, your tummy is happy! ||

5. Protects Against Osteoporosis

Check this out: a University in the United States has concluded a study that says prunes may be able to reverse osteoporosis in postmenopausal women! The study involved menopausal women who were asked to intake 100 grams of prunes daily. As a result, their bone formation improved drastically after three months! Just 100 grams of prunes per day fulfils the amount of boron your body needs in a day. Its high potassium content also helps strengthen bones. Not just that, prunes are also known to have anti-inflammatory properties and are excellent relief for people who suffer from arthritis.

6. Increases Hair Lustre

What if we tell you prunes can also keep your mane lustrous? The rationale is that prunes are high in iron and this combats the effects of iron deficiency like dryness, discoloration and hair loss. This in turn, gives you the shiniest, silkiest hair after regular consumption of prunes.

7. Glowing Skin Tonic

Prune juice if taken regularly can load your body with essential vitamins and minerals. And naturally, your skin, or the largest organ in your body, will benefit from this. Your skin soaks up all the goodness from the prunes and thanks you by giving you glow and radiance in return. Not a bad deal at all!

8. Promotes Weight Loss

And here we go! The cherry (or prune?) on top of the icing! As if all the above benefits were not already amazing, prunes also help to reduce weight! Juicing prunes will give you a concoction that keeps you feeling full and energetic, thus curbing any unhealthy cravings or in-between snacking. This is especially beneficial for people struggling with weight loss on account of diabetes. Prunes help control sudden spikes in blood sugar levels as they are digested slowly. This means you will be less tempted to consume fattening snacks!

How To Include Prunes In Your Diet

Prunes are very versatile in terms of the food they complement. You can chop them into tiny pieces and sprinkle them over your morning oats or cereal bowl. They can also be blended in smoothies or shakes. If you have a sweet tooth you can use them in place of raisins in your cookie batter. If you are a fitness freak, they work brilliantly as a pre-workout snack for a quick boost of energy. For a healthy and balanced everyday intake of prunes, you shoulder consider buying convenient re-sealable packets like Del Monte Prunes that you can just open up, pop in your mouth and seal again for later! Plus, since these prunes are made using the freshest plums, great taste is guaranteed. You can even check out some really creative ways of using prunes in your cooking on the Del Monte India Facebook page.

While eating prunes has so many benefits, it is important not to overdo the intake. Prunes are high in sugar and while they curb appetite, excessive consumption can have side effects such as diarrhoea and bloating. So, just keep moderation in mind and let your body enjoy the amazing benefits of prunes!

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