100 Lord Ganesha Names for Baby Boy

Naming a child after a Lord is common in our country.  Lord Ganesha is largely worshipped across the country. The stories of him are known by many kids and the Ganesh Chaturthi turns out to be a wonderful display of spirit and splendour in various parts of the country. Lord Ganesha is known for his knowledge and wisdom, he is generous and lovable and is the absolute destroyer of evil in the world. No wonder, parents want to name their child after Lord Ganesha. However, when choosing a name of Lord Ganesha for your baby boy, some of you would want to follow the traditional path and pick up a name right from the Sanskrit roots, while others may prefer a modern and unique name. So, stop looking further because we have a list of names that can appease you all.

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Modern Names Inspired By Lord Ganesha for Baby Boys

Here are a few names are the names of Lord Ganesha but sound extremely modern and are well-suited for boys of today.

Name Meaning
Aaradhya Worshipped, blessing of Lord Ganesha
Aathesh Lord Ganesh, King
Aayog Having a strong bond with Lord Ganesha
Amod A God that signifies pleasure
Amogh Fruitful, unerring
Anav The elephant-god filled with love for mankind
Anaye Without a superior, another name of Lord Ganesh
Aneek Someone who is filled with splendor, this name is a popular Bengali name
Atharva The God who can fight against all obstacles
Avaneesh Lord of the whole world, the ruler
Avnesha The entire world inside a single God
Ayaan The God showing the right way to live
Dhaarmik Someone who is as charitable as Ganesha himself
Gajdant Elephant teeth
Gaurik Someone carrying the beauty of white mustard like the God himself
Ibhaan The God whose face resembles an elephant
Kabilaan A popular saint who worship Lord Ganesha
Laavin Someone carrying the fragrance of the Lord himself
Parin Another name of Lord Ganesha
Pradnyesh The Lord of all wisdom and knowledge
Prahar The Lord who signifies the rightful beginning
Prathmesh The best of the best among all Gods
Riddhesh The God who resides in the heart of all people
Rudraanush A powerful name for the Lord housing pure fire
Rudveda A name that recalls the power of Lord Ganesha
Sarvatman Protector of the Universe
Shivsunu Someone who can overcome all odds in his life
Shreeja A Godly person who is creative and communicative with everyone
Tanush A boy with the brilliance of a God
Vighnesh A destroyer of evil, this name is popular in South India
Vikat Another name for the Lord having a magnificent personality

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Unique Names Inspired by Lord Ganesha for Baby Boys

Lord Ganesha is known to have numerous names which also refer to various qualities that he possesses. Below are a few names that are extremely unique in their nature.

Name Meaning
Aadidev The God who is worshiped before praying to any other God
Advaita No duality, unique, union of matter and soul
Akhuga Riding on a rat
Akhurath The one who has a mouse as his vehicle
Alampat Someone who is eternal just like Lord Ganesha
Ambikeya The Lord who hails from the mountains of the world
Amit The God who is indestructible and infinite
Ayan Lord Ganesha represents the two solstices
Balesh The leader of the army that will fight the evil
Bhaalchandra Used in reference for both Lord Ganesha and Lord Shiva
Bhupati The God who is loved by everyone on the Earth
Devavrat The Lord who will accept all worshipers without judgment
Durja The Lord who cannot be destroyed by anyone
Ishanputra The son of Ishan, which is another name for Lord Shiva
Kapil A boy whose skin is brownish yellow in colour, same as that of Lord Ganesha
Kavish King of poets
Lambakarna A boy who has beautiful large ears like Lord Ganesha
Mahamati The big-brained Lord, for someone who carries the same wisdom as him
Manomay Popular name for Lord Ganesha who wins the hearts of his devotees
Muktidaya Someone whose arrival brings with him eternal bliss and calm
Nitya Something thats everlasting
Ojas A boy that shines brilliantly and brightly as Lord Ganesha himself
Shardul The king of all Gods, the ultimate Lord Ganesha
Shuban All auspicious lord, brilliant
Shubham The one who brings with him auspicious moments
Siddhesh The God of all worship, Lord Ganesha
Svojas Someone who is very strong and powerful
Taksh The God whose eyes are as beautiful as that of a pigeon
Uddanda The arch enemy of all evil in the world
Varad The fiery strength that Ganesha brings with himself
Visvak The treasurer of all the world
Yashvasin Large number of believers
Yunay The Lord who is the most powerful

Lord Ganesha Names in Sanskrit for Baby Boys

If you are looking for a name for your baby that is a bit traditional, choose from these names. Here are some of them that have been derived from Sanskrit.

Name Meaning
Ajit Someone whose presence causes evil to tremble in fear
Akuratha One who has mouse as his charioteer
Arhat A person who is respected by all
Avnish The God who rules over all the worlds
Chaturbhuja The God with four arms
Gajaanand The happy God with the face of an elephant
Ganesha The very name of the Lord, who is the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati
Ganpati A very popular name for Lord Ganesha, referring to the ones who are his closest devotees
Gajavaktra One who has mouth like elephant
Haridra Someone who has a golden-coloured skin
Heramba A person carrying the calm and respect of Lord Ganesha
Kavish Another name for Lord Ganesha, for his prowess in poetry
Keerthi Someone who carries fame and popularity as the Lord himself
Kshipra The Lord who is appeased by many
Lambodaram The Lord with the big belly
Mahabali Someone who is as strong as Lord Ganesha himself
Maham The greatest God
Nandan The Lord of celebration and happiness whose abode is in Kailash
Namasthetu Vanquisher of all evils and vices and sins
Pareen A traditional name for Lord Ganesha
Purush Quite literally the man who is capable of anything
Rakta One who has red coloured body
Rudrapreeyam Lord Ganesha, who is quite dear to Lord Rudra
Shambhu A reference to Lord Ganesha by praising Lord Shiva
Shoorpakarna Large-eared Lord
Sumukh The one who is born with an appealing face
Swarup The Lord of all truth and ultimate beauty
Tarun The God who is ageless and young forever
Vinayakam The leader of all Gods
Vighnahara Remover of all obstacles
Vighnarajendra Lord of all obstacles
Yogadhipa The lord of meditation
Yashaskaram Bestower of fame and fortune
Yashasvasin The Lord who brings happiness and success

While going through the entire list of names of baby boys that mean Lord Ganesha, you will definitely come across a bunch of them which would appeal to you the most. Lord Ganesha contains all the qualities of an obedient son and your child will grow up into an individual who will be respectful and will possess great qualities and skills. Nowadays, the culture of naming kids after a Lord is again becoming popular and Lord Ganesha has so many wonderful names that you can name your child after him. From the above list of modern names of Ganesha, you can choose a name that will go with today’s times as well.

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