70 Cute Nicknames for Margaret

Nicknames are a great way to flatter a child’s personality traits. Common nicknames for Margaret can be formed by breaking the name down into parts. Cute nicknames for Margaret are charming in their ways to bring out a smile on your sweet baby’s face.

Meaning and Origin of Margaret

Margaret is a given name for girls that comes from Latin Margarita, which was from Greek Margarites. The Hebrew word “margaron” means “pearl.” The Greeks might have borrowed these names from Persian. The old French form of Margaret is Marguerite, which is named after a  flower, that is “daisy.” Saint Margaret was a famous bearer of this name who was martyred at Antioch in the 4th Century. The saint was highly popular during the Middle Ages when her name was widely used among the Christians of England and Wales.


Nicknames for Margaret

A nickname for Margaret can be a suitable substitute that gives the first impression of someone wiser than their years. One unexpected but trendy nickname for Margaret is Peggy, which came into existence in the 16th Century with the Great Vowel Shift. As a nickname for Margaret, Peggy is derived from Meggy, a diminutive of the name Margaret. Maggie morphed into Meggie and Meg due to the change of vowel sound. So, you can use this Peggy nickname for Margaret and change the front letters to make your funny ones! Later, the spelling caught up, and Meggie continued to transform into Peggy and Peg due to the changing baby-naming trend of creating nicknames that rhyme. Here is a compilation of funny nicknames for Margaret that will help to nurture the parent-child bond:

  1. Meg
  2. Madge
  3. Grethe
  4. Gretta
  5. Gituska
  6. Gretel
  7. Griet
  8. Mag
  9. Megan
  10. Meggy
  11. Meghan
  12. Meta
  13. Mette
  14. Mia
  15. Mimi
  16. Minx
  17. Molly
  18. Pearl
  19. Peg
  20. Peggy
  21. Reta
  22. Rita
  23. Ara
  24. Ari
  25. Arty
  26. Emi
  27. Etta
  28. Mae
  29. Maggie
  30. Manci
  31. Maisie
  32. Magali
  33. Mamie
  34. Margo
  35. Midge
  36. Mayme
  37. Meret
  38. Maggot
  39. Maarit
  40. Map
  41. Merit
  42. Moggy
  43. Marta
  44. Mags
  45. Mara
  46. Marg
  47. Marge
  48. Margie
  49. Mari
  50. May
  51. Mappie
  52. Margje
  53. Megi
  54. Mog
  55. Mysie
  56. Märta
  57. Pegeen
  58. Peggie
  59. Peig
  60. Peigi
  61. Penina
  62. Perle
  63. Pessa
  64. Paaie
  65. Pegan
  66. Pegws
  67. Poggy
  68. Reeta
  69. Margarita
  70. Magma

Popularity of the Name Margaret

Margaret is an English name that has been in use since the eleventh Century down through the Middle Ages. After a brief period of a lull between the sixteenth Century and eighteenth Century, it gained back favor again, claiming the second spot among the most popular name for girls in the United States in 1903. Although it became less common after that, it was still the ninth-most common name for women in the United States as per the 1990 census. According to Social Security Administration data, Margaret has ranked at number four and held a position on the charts under 10 until 1937. This ultra-feminine name has been closely identified with actress Margaret Sullavan, British prime minister Margaret Thatcher, anthropologist Margaret Mead and writer Margaret Mitchell who have contributed to the immense popularity of the name among new parents.


Famous Celebrities With the Name Margaret

Celebrity monikers like Margaret have won fame and widespread recognition for their outstanding achievements. Here are some notable celebrities with the name Margaret who may help your child to cultivate a persona:


NameWho She Is

Margaret Hamilton – Actress

Margaret Mitchell – Author


Margaret Smith Court – Tennis player

Margaret – Queen Elizabeth’s sister


Saint Margaret Antiochene – Virgin, Martyr

Saint Margaret of Wessex – The Pearl of Scotland


Margaret – I Queen of Denmark

Margaret of Anjou – Queen Consort of Henry IV of France


Margaret of Provence – Queen Consort of Louis IX of France

Margaret Mead – American Anthropologist


Variations of Margaret

Variations of Margaret recognize the alternative forms of the name with the same or different meanings in other languages. Here are some variations of the name Margaret that have gained favor on an international level.

Margarid – Armenian


Margareta – Croatian

Margarita – Czech

Margarida – Galician

Margarita – Greek


Margot – French

Margaretta – Estonian

Margarida – Catalan

Parents often pick names like Margaret that have a strong sound and classic status. Unique nicknames for Margaret may make a fashionable choice for girls who are as precious as the meaning of the name suggests. So, take this article as a guide and choose stunning or adorable nicknames for the name Margaret that also flaunt your creativity.


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