135 Cute Nicknames for James

Classic baby names have an ageless feel that makes them sound relevant and fashionable even to this day. They date back to different time in history and carry traditional values passed down through the generations. Common nicknames for James can be creatively chosen to compliment the strong and elegant moniker and make your little one feel truly special.


Meaning and Origin of James

James is an English and Scottish name descended from Iacobus, the Latin variant of the Hebrew name Jacob. It could have been derived from the Hebrew word Aqev or Aqab, meaning ‘heel’ or ‘supplanter.’ James appears in the New Testament version of the Holy Bible as the name of two apostles. This name gained traction in England, specifically after King James VI of Scotland took over the English throne in the 17th century. The addition of suffix -s in the English first names is typical of those borrowed from Old French. James’s name became popular in the first century BC among the Jewish community.

Nicknames for James

Cool nicknames for James can be suitable substitutes that give the first impression of someone modern and chic in contrast to the dated charm of the name. Here is a compilation of some most adorable and funny nicknames for James that will help nurture your parent-child bond:


Popular Nicknames

  1. Jaee
  2. Jamiees
  3. Jemstone
  4. Jim/Jims
  5. Jimmie/Jimmy
  6. Jay/JayJay
  7. Jaston
  8. JumboGumbo
  9. Jimbo
  10. Jambo
  11. Jello
  12. Jameson/Jamison
  13. Jamo
  14. Jamsie/Jamesie
  15. Jayma
  16. Jam
  17. Jimi/Jimmie
  18. Jamesy
  19. Jame
  20. Jams
  21. Jacoba
  22. Jacobina
  23. Jacomina
  24. Jacobella
  25. Jaci
  26. Jackie
  27. Jaclyn/Jacklyn
  28. JimJim
  29. Optimus Jime
  30. Jammy/Jammy boy
  31. Jamster Hamster
  32. Shimmer Jimmer
  33. JamboRambo
  34. Jimps
  35. Jameith
  36. Jayman
  37. Jammer
  38. Jaim
  39. Jaime
  40. Jay
  41. JungleJim
  42. Jammies
  43. J-Man
  44. Jumblat
  45. Jay-Mo
  46. Jemmy
  47. Jim Jam
  48. Jamms
  49. Jim Bob
  50. Jimmie
  51. Jammy
  52. Jem
  53. Jamie
  54. Jamboslice
  55. Jamison
  56. Jace
  57. Jimothy
  58. Jam-Zee
  59. Jameboy
  60. James Bond
  61. Jamon
  62. Jim
  63. Jimbean
  64. Jimmer
  65. Jimmy-Boy
  66. Jamey
  67. Jamus
  68. Jae
  69. Jamos
  70. Jas

Cool Nicknames

Once you’ve named your little one, it is now time to give them a nickname. Parents and peers often choose cool nicknames for others as it makes the person memorable, and well, who wouldn’t want a cool nickname?

  1. Jaclyn
  2. Jacopo
  3. Jacques
  4. Jacum
  5. Jakov
  6. Jakub
  7. Jambolise
  8. Jamesie
  9. Jamies
  10. Jan
  11. Japik
  12. Jaume
  13. Jaumet
  14. Jay- Mo
  15. Jimi
  16. Jimmy
  17. Johan
  18. Jon
  19. Jonnie
  20. Juan

Funny Nicknames

Funny nicknames simply add to your child’s personality. Having a name which makes others laugh is just one of the many ways your little one will spread joy to the people surrounding him. Here are some funny nicknames for James:


  1. Jaak
  2. Jaakko
  3. Jaakoppi
  4. Jaco
  5. Jamerz
  6. Jamesetta
  7. Jamesey
  8. Ja-Mez
  9. Jammity
  10. Jamosh
  11. Jamster
  12. Jase
  13. Jimsey
  14. Jayme
  15. Jay-mis
  16. Jay-z
  17. Jerms
  18. Jimberly
  19. Jimbob
  20. Jimmory

Creative Nicknames

James is a pretty simple and common name. However, your child’s nickname doesn’t have to be simple! You can come up with a creative nickname or pick from the suggestions below!

  1. Jacobine
  2. Jakab
  3. Jamburrito
  4. Jaymes
  5. Jimce

Trendy Nicknames

For parents who like to keep up with the trends, here are some trendy nicknames for the name James! These are a mix of classics and new nicknames both. 


  1. Jago
  2. Jake
  3. Jamal
  4. Jameboo
  5. Jamesco
  6. Jameser
  7. Jamesybun
  8. Jamz
  9. Jason
  10. JayJee
  11. JamiJames
  12. Jaminson
  13. Jammez
  14. Jammikins
  15. JaymeBee
  16. Jaystar
  17. Jay- mis
  18. Jemsa
  19. Jenkins
  20. Jeree

Popularity of the Name James

According to the Social Security Administration’s rankings, James has reigned over almost every other boy name since 1900. It topped the chart at No. 1 from 1940 to 1952. This name has been among the top 10 names for boys every single decade except from 1993 to 2013. Even during the lull period, it has never fallen below No. 19. According to the Social Security Administration data, James made a comeback into the top 10 In 2014. James’ popularity index peaked at No. 4 in 2017 and 2018 and has settled at the 6th position as per the latest 2020 data.


Famous Celebrities With the Name James

Plenty of historical and famous figures named James have glorified this name. Here are some  notable celebrities with the name James who may have contributed to the popularity of the name:


Name Who He Is
James Brown Singer
James Cameron Movie Director
James Dean American Actor
James Taylor Cricketer
James Van Der Beek American Actor
James McAvoy American Actor
James Franco American Actor
James Corden Comedian
James Stewart American Actor
James Madison Founder of American Constitution and 4th President

Variations of James

Variations of James can elevate the baby naming game with their linguistic and cultural diversities. Here are some variations of the name James that may be considered as your baby’s name:

Jamie Hebrew
Jaylee American
Jay Latin
Jaycee American
Jacob Hebrew
Jaime Spanish
Jamy Hebrew
Jameze Hebrew

James has a regal flair making it a common name for boys in English-speaking nations of the word. Considering its rich history and Biblical association, unique nicknames for James continue to win hearts with their charming and trendier appeal.


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