70 Colour Names For Boys & Girls With Meanings

70 Creative And Realistic Colour Baby Names for Girls and Boys

Colours can form the basis for several names for babies. Colour-inspired names of interest for both baby girls and boys are popular today. The names are unique and add colour whenever you call the baby. Pretty colours names also have a certain effect on the mind and mood of the baby. So let us start our journey into the world of colourful names.

Colour Names for Baby Girls with Meanings 

Naming your baby girl after the rainbow of colours or using names that mean colourful is considered unique. The name Iris named after Goddess Iris of Rainbows is among the popular names that are seeing a comeback and is popular for baby girls. Take a look at some of the other names inspired by the various hues of the colours especially for baby girls.

Name  Meaning
Amber The yellow-gold gemstone name is in reality tree sap that is fossilized and used in making jewelry.
Amethyst/ Amy The color of a purple gemstone that is widely used as the February born persons.
Bianca The name is very popular in Italy and is a white inspired name.
Beige  A softer shade of brown makes for a feminine as well as masculine name.
Beryl/ Berry/ Bea This sea-green gemstone can be seen in use in the U.K. and the U.S.
Carmine A shade of red that is also vividly Italian and classic. Can also be spelt as Carmen/Carmina.
Cerise/ Cherry The red-based color is used in France, England and even the US.
Clementine Means merciful and mild and is a very feminine name. It is also a sweet fruit of the orange family.
Chartreuse Is a shade ofa light apple-green and resembles the 1737 Chartreuse liqueur of the French Carthusian monks.
Clover The green plant name is of Irish origin. It is a great name in Australia, America and even the UK and is considered lucky for a girl child.
Emerald A green-based name for those born in May and their birthstone color too. Can also be used as Esme/ Esmeralda.
Garnet The name is a shade of red gemstone and is the birthstone for those born in January. It is a short form for the pomegranate in French.
Ginger/ Virginia The name is apt for a red-headed American. It is also the name of a tuber that is used as a medicinal spice and in the gingerbread cookies.
Hazel The shade of brown with a tinge of green in it has been in use since Victorian times and also describes the color of cat’s eyes.
Hyacinth The name is derived from the Hyacinth flower which is often a mid-blue. Try the derivatives Jacintha/Cynthia.
Indigo A color that is somewhere between purple and blue; is a dye used to blend and brighten colors.
Jade Popular in China, USA and Australia, the green of the jade gemstone is soothing and calm.
Juane The Spanish name for a shade of yellow can also be used as Juan for a boy.
Kelly An Irish way of describing bottle green and can be used for both boys and girls.
Lavender This purple flower has a cooling effect on the mind and is faintly scented. It has been used as a name and is very popular in New Zealand.
Mauve Obviously a shade of purple with a classy twist to the name. Can also be used as Maude and Maeve.
Marigold These flowers in golden-yellow denote a sunny persona with nobility and pedigree.
Olive/ Olivia The name describes the olive fruits from which the hue olive green became famous. Boy? Try Oliver!
Ocean/ Oceane/ Oceana This is again a name that is Greek mythology-inspired and is the name of the Titan God from the ocean in Trevi Fountain at Rome.
Primrose The shade is yellow-based and is quite popular in Europe and America.
Poppy A heady flower in bright red, it is a name for the British girl and yet to catch up in the USA or Europe.
Rose/ Rosa/ Rosie/ Rosalie/ Rosetta/ The name has many variations and is inspired by a pleasant shade of red.
Ruby This name is the birthstone for the July born and is a very valued, red gemstone.
Scarlet The baby girl name is red-inspired and used for one full-of-life and vivacity.
Sapphire Based on the blue gemstone, this name is less common than Pearl, Ruby or Emerald. Try Sapphira for a girl.
Saffron The spice and its colour are both unique and fragrant even when used as a name.
Sunny The yellow shade stands for the attitude in life and being cheerful. Popular globally and in India too.
Violet/ Viola The name has been used classically and is a royal colour. It is also a flower that is rare and has been used extensively as a baby girl’s name.
Yolanda This name is a different spell of violet and is similar to the name Iolanthe pronounced Yo-lanthe.
Xanthe This shade of yellow has been used in Greece, Italy and European countries. Xanthus, Xantha, Xanthia, Zanthe and Xanthippe are fabled to be the names for God Apollo and Achille’s horse.

Baby Names Inspired By Colours for Boys with Meanings

Naming a boy after the colours is also equally easy. Remember that names need not be just the hue of the colour. They could also be names that mean pink or names that mean purple or any other colour you consider lucky! Take a look at some of the names for baby boys.

Name  Meaning
Ash/ Ashley There are many variations like Asher, Ashton and this name is an appealing unisex name.
Arian This Welsh name drawn from the mythical horse Arion from Greek mythology means “silver”. Try Eirian, Ariana, or Arianelle for girls.
Auburn Used for red-headed boys, the unisex name is again unique and stylish.
Azure/ Azura A colour name made famous by the blue-pigmented gem lapis lazuli, or a vivid painting-colour for water, can be used for both babies.
Blu/ Blue/ Bleu The name is as unique as it gets in celebrity land. Ask Jay Z and Beyonce, John Travolta or Alicia Silverstone.
Bruno In German it means brown.
Brick The red of bricks and ruggedness of the tone can be used to signify the positive traits of reliability and strength.
Cole The name has been used from days of yore and is drawn from the black of coal.
Cyan The name is unusual as is the bluish-green hue. Excellent name for a boy with the nickname Cy.
Celadon The name itself sounds masculine and warrior-like while the colour is a mix of green and grey.
Cerulean Invoking the ocean’s blue colours, the unique name is for a baby boy and a parent inspired by the ocean’s hues.
Forest This name connotes the love of nature and adventure while implying shades of green and brown.
Flannery The name is Irish and used for a red-headed boy like Flannery O’Connor the famed writer.
Gray/ Grey An interesting name for a boy. You could also use Grayson which in England means the bailiff’s son. This name has been popular globally for long.
Granite The speckled colour of the mineral is trendy, modern and associated with durability.
Hari A lionized Indian name meaning a tawny and brave lion. In Turkish, you could name him Aslan.
Hunter The pleasant green shade brings to mind the crafty and very interesting persona and is very popular for boy names in the USA.
Ivory Sounds stylish and dignified and is associated with the colour white. It can also be used for a girl child.
Jet/ Jett The colour signifies trendy, speedy, and an edgy shade of black or blue. The cutting edge name is all masculine.
Midnight This shade of blue is rare as a name and is the beginning of the day.
Raven Again a unisex name mostly used for boys. The name invokes the nature of the mystery, black and the dark.
Red/ Redd This colour is for the active and lively boy. Short and fiery, the bold colour is trending as a baby name.
Roux A Latin way of describing a red-tinged with brown and drawn from the word ‘russet’.
RoanRowan This is again for the literal “little redhead” and very popular in the Netherlands.
Rusty Boys who love the outdoors can use this name which is red-inspired and also a nickname for Russell.
Russell This name was traditionally used for the red or brown-headed baby boys.
River The name is a blue colour inspired name that is very unusual and rare.
Sage The meaning of this name is to be healthy, wealthy and wise. The colour of moss and herbs can be used for both boy and girl babies.
Sky/ Skye The blue sky is perfect for inspiration and unexplored limitless kids with a free-spirit.
Silver Straightforward and usable for both babies, it has variations like Silvie, Sylvia etc. It is also the horse’s name of the Lone Ranger.
Slate The colour is interesting as a name and is considered extremely masculine.  A strange mix of grey, green and black signifies balance, strength and a mix of boyishness.
Steel/ Steele A pick from the grey stable the shine of grey and the perfect blend of good and bad or black and white is colourful while being unique.
Sterling Used more for boys than girls and  means golden town
Tanner The brown of leather is a colour name for men and is quite popular in the USA.
Titian The colour of red hair used by Tiziano Vecelli, the Italian painter and artist in his artworks. The pseudonym used by him is Roman though.
Teal This greenish-blue shade is again a great name for an unusual baby girl or boy. It is also a wild duck species.
Tyrian/ Ty The name is from the purple palette and is widely used.


Names like Coral, Ivy, Linnea/ Linnae, and Sakura cherry blossoms are all colour-based and linked to flower colours like pink, white and shades of green. Ebony appears in African cultures, Melanie or dark black, Onyx, Sable and such shades of black, Opal, Pearl, Alba, Alaska, Blanca, Dove, Blanche, and Snow which are all white-based and Coco, Sienna, Fawn which are shades of brown make wonderful baby names that can be used as it is or with a slight change in its spelling. Storm, Stone, Umber, Aurelius, Dior, Gin sound good for a baby boy? After having explored baby colour names, choose based on your baby’s traits. All the best with colour-filled name hunting!

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