Hilarious Mom and Baby Mess

7 Ways I Love to Mess With you Mamma!

Raising babies through their wonder years is one of the most beautiful experiences in the life of a mother. But, these young pranksters can make life difficult too! There are many ways babies mess around and this is why moms get nothing done on time, try hard as they do!

Babies are little bundles of joy but they can be big troublemakers as well. They have an uncanny ability to screw up things and create a mess at the most inconvenient of moments. If you’re a mom with a little baby, you’ll probably agree with how they just love to get on your nerves!

The Craziest Things Babies Do to Mess with Their Moms

1. Leaving the three P’s for the last minute!

http://wom-cdn.s3.amazonaws.com/common/160716105124e4e7f6d4b24bb766397f8a72487d8c5cA common baby situation tends to happen when mommy is right out of the shower and half ready for a dinner date. Your baby decides to poo or pee her diaper, or worse, puke over your expensive outfit. Oops!

2. Waking up cranky just when you’re about to eat

Every mom can understand the frustration of not getting to sit at the dining table for her meals. It seems that babies choose these precious moments to wake up from their naps as soon as you have the table laid and ready to dig in.

3. Forcing you to redo your hairdo

Another mom and baby mess comes on the day you get your hair done at the salon for an evening party. There you are, cuddling and giggling with your baby when you suddenly get spittle on your tresses or better yet, your angel decides to grab a chunk of it and pull it hard!

4. Deciding to dirty all the diapers you carry

It’s simply incredible to think about the innovative ways babies mess with their moms. You take him for an outing and pack three spare diapers. Lo and behold! He soils them one after the other until you have to head back home, with a grumpy daddy in tow.

5. Sleeping at the crack of dawn

http://womcdn.s3.amazonaws.com/common/15092910435202-164757155 Then there are those sleepless nights when you have to stay awake till early morning trying every remedy you know of to console your howling baby. Suddenly, she dozes off at the first light of day, leaving you bleary-eyed to face the long hours ahead.

6. Getting up every couple of hours

Another way how babies like to mess with moms is to wake up every two hours and keep you up too. Even if they end up sleeping soundly, you’re left unable to catch enough sleep because you’re up checking to see if everything’s okay.

7. She’s asleep…no, she’s not!

Only a mommy can realise how hard it can be when your baby dozes off for exactly five minutes in the afternoon, giving you the impression that she’ll be asleep for the next two hours. But, she’s awake again and it takes another half an hour trying to get her to doze off.

The worst (or best) part is seeing the expression on your baby’s face that says he loves doing it. Maybe that’s why no matter how frazzled you feel, you just can’t help but love your little angel!

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