7 Habits & Foods To Avoid For Thyroid Problems In Women

7 Things You Should NOT Do If You’ve a Thyroid Problem. They Can Be Dangerous!

Problems in the thyroid gland are a top concern for many Indian women, with many of us suffering from either under or over-production of the thyroid hormone.The thyroid is a gland that regulates our body’s metabolism and affects every single cell in the body.If thyroid problems are not treated, it can lead to severe problems in metabolism and also increase risk of cardiovascular diseases.Some women with severe thyroid problems are also vulnerable to infertility.

Very often, the first symptoms of a thyroid problem are fatigue, restlessness, and weight issues (either excessive weight loss or weight gain).If you are experiencing any such symptoms, please get them evaluated by your doctor.If you have been diagnosed with a thyroid problem, please remember that you can easily live with it by observing some health and dietary precautions.Don’t let it panic you, especially as effective medication exists to help women manage the problem.

We have put together a list of things to avoid with hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism. Please adhere to this list to keep yourself safe and healthy.

1. Getting Too Stressed Out

Stress and motherhood go hand-in-hand, and no mommy can deny it. But if you have a thyroid problem, it is extremely important that you do something to manage it.As per experts, excessive stress can make a thyroid condition worse. This is because, when you are stressed, your body releases the hormone cortisol.This hormone interferes with the thyroid hormone production.

Instead: Try relaxing techniques like yoga, deep breathing or a massage. Also make sure you eat healthy and get adequate rest whenever possible

2. Taking Thyroid Medicines With Coffee/Milk

Always remember – thyroid medication works best when taken on an empty stomach, with just a glass of water.The medicine then gets absorbed in your body better and can produce the desired results. It should not be consumed with coffee, milk, juice or any other beverages.

Instead: Take your medicine in the morning, before eating breakfast. You can also take it a few hours before going to bed.Simply pop it in with some water. Also, try and stick to a fixed time daily so you never miss a dosage.

3. Eating Too Many Raw Cruciferous Vegetables

Cruciferous vegetables belong to the botanical family Cruciferae and are well-known for their cancer-killing and detoxifying properties.Some of the popular ones are cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, spinach, and sweet potatoes. But while these veggies are very healthy, excessive consumption of these veggies can be harmful for thyroid patients.This is because they contain substances that can interfere with the synthesis of the thyroid hormone.

Instead: Limit consumption of these veggies, especially in the raw form. Discuss with your doctor a detailed meal plan if you want to include them in your diet but are unsure of portion sizes.

4. Not Controlling Sugar

Excessive sugar is not recommended for anyone. But it can be particularly harmful for women suffering from thyroid problems, making it one of the foods to avoid for thyroid.Since thyroid issues already slow down your metabolism, sugar will only make this worse and make you put on weight. Plus, it has very little benefit for your body as far as nutrition is concerned.

Instead: Limit your sugar intake and opt for healthier options such as fresh fruits, jiggery and honey.

5. Not Getting Regular Checkups & Tests

You might think that since you are taking thyroid medication and do not show any side effects, you are doing fine. However, if you have a thyroid problem,you CANNOT ignore regular check-ups at the doctor. Your medicines may need to be changed periodically based on the levels of your thyroid hormone production.The doctor will also examine you for any other health complications or hormonal imbalances.

Instead: Always get regular check-ups done at the doctor and don’t stop taking your medicines even when you feel fine.

You should also get a thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) blood test done from time to time, based on the doctor’s advice.

6. Eating Fatty/Fried Foods

Consuming too much fat is a no-no for thyroid patients. As per doctors, fats can disrupt your body’s ability to absorb the thyroid hormone.They can also affect the body’s absorption of the thyroid medicine you consume daily.

Instead: Eliminate fried and fatty foods as far as possible. Go for lighter, more wholesome options. You can also consider getting an air-fryer to satiate those cravings when they get too bad (but with far less oil!).

7. Consuming Too Many Soy Products

Soy is a popular kitchen ingredient that is a part of many foods, from main courses to snacks. However, soy can contain some substances that are known to affect thyroid function.This can interfere with your body’s absorption of the thyroid hormones.

Instead: Limit your consumption of soy-based foods. Also, strictly avoid any soy-based supplements, or soy in junk foods like noodles and burgers.

Be careful, moms. Thyroid is a common problem that affects many women, but that doesn’t make it easier to deal with.It is important that we observe necessary caution to stay energetic and fit. A healthy mom makes a healthy family!

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