Tips to Keep Home Clean

7 Must-Dos for Keeping a Clean House

The way your home looks mirrors the habits of the people living in it. So, if it’s untidy, you have only yourself and your family to blame. But you can easily tidy it up by being more organised!

Do you often let out a longing sigh when you see perfect houses in housekeeping magazines? Well, don’t just yearn, get yours organised and clean too. It’s not all that difficult. Even if you have children, you can still become the proud owner of a neat and tidy haven.

Easy Tips to Keep Home Clean

1. Make The Bed

Agreed, making the bed is such a boring task and doing it every day is tedious. But an unkempt bed makes your room look cluttered and dirty. It doesn’t take more than three to five minutes to dust the sheets and put everything in place.

2. Wash The Dishes after Meals

Do you leave dirty dishes in the sink thinking that you’ll deal with them later? The sight of dirty dishes is not just unappetising but it’s messy. Wash all the pots and pans after every meal to keep the kitchen looking much cleaner and organised.

3. Do The Laundry Regularly

Letting dirty clothes pile up to wash on the weekend is a very bad habit. It not only increases your work manifold but it makes your house look unattended to. Wash at least one load of laundry every day or at least every other day. Also, folding and putting away the freshly laundered clothes is one of the best 7 habits of a clean home.

4. Get Organised

Assign places for everything and let the family know. Make use of small baskets and drawers to segregate stationery, bills and letters. It’ll give your house an organised look and will also save you from the irritation of hunting for something.

Woman cleaning house

5. Multitask

Women have the amazing ability to multitask. Use it to get things done faster. Clean the kitchen counter while the food is cooking. Wash the pots and pans as you brew coffee. By the time one task is completed, you’ll have accomplished another.

6. Plan Ahead

One of the best habits people with clean houses have is that they plan their day ahead and do not procrastinate. List out what all you need to do the next day, be it household chores or shopping, so that you can allocate time for each task.

7. Put Things Where They Belong

Whether it’s kids’ toys, your makeup, or jars of spices, get everyone including yourself to put objects where they belong. Put away shoes and get a small shoe rack for a more organised look. They immediately get a place looking so much neater and cleaner.

These habits of a clean house will convert your home into a tidy nest. It’s easy to keep it spic and span as long as you don’t spend too much time on any one chore. Inculcate these habits in your husband and kids too. Together, you’ll get everything done quickly and efficiently.

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