7 Simple Hacks for a Pest-free Home

7 Home Remedies for a Pest Free Household

Keeping mosquitoes, spiders and other pests from entering your house can seem like an impossible task. They’re such a common sight no matter what you do! But while a number of products have been made to get rid of them, home remedies for pest control are your safest bet.

Are you sick and tired of seeing pests in your house? Unable to keep them from eating your food and books? Chances are you’re not applying the right method to stop them from entering. Fortunately, there are easy ways to keep different pests at bay and you have all of them at home already!

7 Natural Remedies for Pest Control at Home

1. Tea Tree and Eucalyptus Oil

Mix a few drops of tea tree oil in a glass of water and spray it in your garden as well as inside the house. Pests despise the smell of eucalyptus oil so much that as long as you do this regularly, their numbers will drastically reduce! You can also wipe cupboard doors and window panes with a cotton ball soaked in eucalyptus oil.

2. Lemon and Orange

The citrus smell of fruits like oranges and lemons drives pests away. Make a spray by adding lemon juice, orange essential oils and liquid soap to a glass of water. Spray this natural pest repellent all around the house and say hello freshness!

3. Cinnamon

Grind a few cinnamon sticks and sprinkle the powder in your almirah,bookshelvess and window sills to bar the entry of pests. Cinnamon essential oil is an equally effective natural pest solution. You can immerse a cotton ball in cinnamon essential oil and wipe areas where pests are common.

4. Scented Candles

Buy scented candles or prepare them at home by mixing essential oils and melted wax. Light them near doors and windows during evening hours to keep bugs from entering. Try using oils like lavender oil, citronella oil and clove oil in candles to get homemade pest control for home.

Scented candles

5. Peppermint

Pick some dried mint leaves, crush them and place them across the house. It’s a natural pesticide for ants and houseflies! You can also prepare a spray by adding 10-12 drops of peppermint oil and a few drops of dish soap in one cup of water and spray it along cracks.

6. Garlic

if you don’t mind the smell of garlic, get a few fresh cloves, peel them, and place them on bookracks to repel pests. Make sure you replace them with fresh ones when they dry. You can even sprinkle garlic powder. It’s a natural pesticide for roaches and ants.

7. Flowers

Flowers such as marigold and rosemary repel mosquitoes. Citronella grass is also an effective home remedy for pest control. If the area around your home is a hotbed of annoying insects, grow these flowers in your garden. This will not only keep mosquitoes from entering your home but will also add to the charm of your outdoor space.

Using organic pest control methods, you can keep insects away without worrying about dangerous side-effects of store-bought chemicals. They may take time to work and require you to do them regularly, but they’re far safer and that’s a welcome trade-off, right?

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