9 Great New Year Resolutions for Indians - 2023

9 Great New Year Resolutions for Indians

There is something about the New Year that instils insurmountable hope and faith in us. New Year’s Eve is one time of the year when it feels like no task is too high for us to achieve. So why not use this time to make some of the most important resolutions that we need to make, as citizens of a beautiful country like India?

9 Indian New Year Resolutions for a Better Future

There are more than a handful of things that every Indian can be proud of. However, India is a fairly ‘young country’ with a long journey to cover, compared to her more evolved and older sisters. So, here are 9 resolutions all Indians can make this New Year’s Eve, that will not only earn us some good karma but will also make us a better nation!

1. I will vote.

Voting day

While youth today is becoming more aware of their voting duties and responsibilities, a lot of us still say we are not interested in politics or, that we don’t like politics. When voting day arrives, we use the holiday to chill with family and friends. We even go to the extent of circulating memes, mocking politicians and the system. And then, once the new government comes in power and does things we don’t like or approve of, we blame the government. Pause and think – do we really have the right to criticise the outcome of an event that we did not even take part in? This is why voting tops our list of new year resolutions for Indians.

2. I will start living a cleaner and greener life.

Youth environment volunteer

Do you know that there are tourist destinations in India, where Indians are not allowed? Indians have a notorious reputation of being some of the worst possible tourists, that leave places littered and dirty. However, given that we are a young and thriving economy, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to spend our money taking trips to places we’ve always wanted to visit and erase this prejudice from people’s minds? The plastic-ban was an excellent exercise for us in this direction; it has really left a positive impact on society and people can be seen carrying little cloth bags to stores and supermarkets. If we keep moving forward with these and such steps, it won’t be long before we become a clean and green nation!

3. I will be more responsible on the road.

Road sense

Admittedly, we are a big nation with too many people all scampering for space. But somehow, we always seem to make it work. Any other group of people living in such conditions would probably not have lasted as long as we have, and we have our resilience to thank for this.

However, one place where things often get out of hand is on the road. The number of road accidents may have gone down since the last statistical study, but we are still way behind our 2022 target. Better road sense means we can all get from one place to another on time and avoid unnecessary delays! Definitely, a huge perk to make this resolution!

4. I will do my bit to make my neighbourhood, city and country a safe place for women.

Enough has been said and continues to be said about the state of women’s safety in this country. One may feel defeated and may lose hope looking at the rising numbers of crimes against women; it is important to note at this point, though, that it is media coverage of such crimes that has improved – the numbers have always been bad. However, it is unto us to ensure we make our country safe.

Women safety

Women can contribute in this direction by sharing self-defence tips, offering moral and social support to victims, and enabling the future generation of daughters with ways to safeguard themselves. Every time you refuse to speak up and let men ill-treat you, you are unintentionally contributing to the problem. It is time you trust the innate strength that you were born with, and nip these things in the bud.

Men, on the other hand, can contribute by pledging to not be bystanders, by getting involved in the dialogue and supporting victims, and by presenting better role-models to the future generation of sons. Every time you look at a woman passing by in a certain not-so-nice way, you are becoming part of the problem. It is time you recognise and strive to be the honourable man that resides within you.

5. I will be more inclusive of different people.


This is not just about caste and colour; it is about everything – differently-abled people, people with different sexual orientations, people with different religions, etc. We all have a lot we can learn from each other. Just because people do things differently, does not mean you have to condemn their acts, nor should you condone people only because they belong to the same religious faith as you do, or have the same skin colour as you do. So long as we all strive to be good human beings, who do not wish ill upon anyone, and who live life with conviction and integrity, we have nothing to be afraid of.

This is even more important in light of the fact that education, careers and jobs constantly take the youth of India away from their hometown. Everyone is moving out of the places they were born in – be it in search of better jobs, or on account of marriage. This is hence one resolution that will turn out to be of great help to all of us!

6. I will be more tolerant of contrasting points of view.

Agree to disagree

For a nation that has always been proclaimed to have ‘unity in diversity’, we surely are becoming more and more intolerant of views that we don’t agree with! Every time anyone dared to have an unpopular opinion about anything, she has been shot down (sometimes, even literally). Cinema, entertainment, journalism – no field has been spared of this moral policing. For a country where ‘freedom of speech’ is a fundamental right guarded by the constitution, the least we could do is try and be tolerant, right?

7. I will not unleash my rage online through insensitive comments and status updates.

Cyber-bullying and trolling

Finally, let’s all try and develop a sense of humour, and also have the guts to say what we want to with proper disclosure of our identity. It is very easy to stand behind curtains and make anonymous comments. It is also very easy to take offence. However, the question we need to ask ourselves is – is it always necessary? What good is going to come out of it? Also, it’s not like we’ve never erred, or made mistakes. So why are we so mean to people in the limelight? Why are we so unforgiving of someone who’s only fault is being as human and as flawed as we ourselves are sometimes?

A significant portion of today’s youth is suffering from such mental problems as depression and anxiety, and cyber-bullying has been listed as one of the leading causes of these problems. While one can argue that people can cut down on how much time they spend online, that still does not justify cyber-bullying and trolling. We are all humans – beautiful, and beautifully flawed – and nothing justifies not being kind to fellow humans!

8. I will learn a new skill or a hobby.

With advancements in technology, the job sector is changing gradually. There has been a paradigm shift from bookkeeping jobs to everything digital. Vocational learning and soft skills are in great demand today; from YouTube blogging to content writing, there are plenty of online courses available that will not only help us with soft skills but also earn us good money in the future.

9. I will lend a hand to keep animals safe from abuse.

Animals on the street face a lot of torture. Irresponsible driving, rash behaviour, etc., towards street animals, reflect only our callousness. Irrespective of a dog or a cat, every being has the right to live freely and without any abuse. Therefore, it is our duty to take care of them, tend to them, and save them from any harm. There are plenty of animal shelters and NGOs where we can volunteer and donate food or money to keep these innocent beings safe.

Just like a big family that quarrels and fights, but still hugs and makes-up for everything at the end of the day, we are a country that’s made up of a lot of different kinds of people. But this is what defines who we are! After all, no matter what you say, there’s no place like home. Right?

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