How to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain - 7 Golden Rules

7 Golden Rules to Follow to Keep Holiday Weight Away!

All our favourite F words are round the corner(don’t be naughty, Santa’s watching!)- Food, festivities, fun and more food! While this is awesome for, the news may not be so good for our waistlines. How can we indulge in all the festive fun without having to detox for a month afterward?

Winters are full of festivity, fun, family and FOOD! We’d be lying if we said that we don’t binge a little extra during the festive season and in all honesty we think it’s okay to indulge a little!However, while it may be easier to tuck that new tummy bulge you are sporting under a baggy sweater, there are actually ways to get through the party season without having to do so.Yes, there is scrumptious food all around, Christmas sweets and cake being sent to your home, hot chocolate and cocktails also show up every now and then – what’s a girl to do? No wonder, gyms have such amazing holiday offers!

7 Golden Rules to Follow to Keep Holiday Weight Away!

While it may be tempting to go nuts on all the yummy stuff, it can take forever to get rid of it too.

This is why we’ve creating some simple rules to help you get through the holiday season without piling on extra pounds. And no – we won’t tell you to steer clear from that chocolate cake!

1. Understand yourself

How many times have you walked passed a bakery, the whiff of freshly baked goodies enticing you to go and sink your teeth into a soft, warm slice of cake? It sounds really simple to think we eat only when we are hungry but when there’s a bunch of treats all around, self-control takes a back seat. Take some time to listen to your body, because it’s very easy to mistake boredom, or random cravings for hunger. If you’re hungry enough to eat, for instance, a banana, (especially if you’re not particularly fond of bananas), go ahead and eat that cake, if not – well, let the feeling pass.  If your hunger pangs are in play, eat. If not, it is just a craving.

2. Give it Time

This one is all about the mind – and after all, your mind is the master of it all! The cravings, the sudden need for a warm mug of hot chocolate (especially with the marshmallows floating on top) the extra cookie that’ll taste so very good – all of these urges, are, when you get down to it, conjured up by a mind that is telling you that the momentary taste, is worth the calories. When you’re hit by a craving you can’t seem to get yourself away from, give yourself 20 minutes – 20 minutes during which you do something else or ideally look at images of whatever you aspire to be, weight wise.  If, at the end of those 20 minutes looking at your fitness goals, you still want the mug of hot chocolate, with or without the floating marshmallows, go ahead, and enjoy it – guilt free!

3. Drink More

Haha, Gotcha! We’re going to say what your mum and grandmom always told you – drink more water! So many of us mistake thirst for hunger. If after a full glass of water you are still hungry, then yes, reach out for something to eat. Having water first helps you avoid overeating. While it may be easier to drink 8-10 glasses of water in summer, winter is another story. With the nip in the air and no sweating, most of us forget to stay as hydrated as we need to be, a simple, rectifiable mistake that will help you eat only when you’re hungry.

4. Never Leave Home on an Empty Stomach

Heading out hungry is the easiest way to make bad eating choices. Eat something high in protein like an omelet or some hummus and pita before you step out. Protein keeps you full for longer, making it easier to politely shake your head when offered that fourth round of breadcrumb fried starters. Don’t think too much about the extra carbs and calories, if your protein intake is fine, at least you’re doing your body some good.

5. T’is the Season to Stay Hydrated

Drink wine or that yummy cocktail, it is the holiday season after all! But remember that for each glass (and try limiting these) of alcohol you consume, drink a glass of water. Alcohol is dehydrating; it could get you tipsy and super-hungry. With your senses dimmed, overeating or bingeing is very common. Drinking water will keep the holiday high away and keep the horrible hangovers at bay too.

6. Ignore That One Person

It is not easy to be conscious of your diet at a big gathering, mainly because of the food but also because there will always be someone who makes a big deal out of it. “Are you on a diet?” you’ll get asked, facing a pitiful set of eyes. Learn to ignore or not take offense to these people. You’ll get tired of answering to people, telling them you are not on a diet, but prefer to eat a little healthier.Besides, most people may tag you as a party pooper. The best thing to do is silently make the right choices for yourself and laugh off any snide comments.Remember, when your jeans still fit the next day, you’ll be glad you made those choices.

7. Say No to Processed and Packaged Food

We won’t say don’t have that plum cake, because Christmas comes only once a year! But strictly say no to anything that comes out of a packet.Consuming preservatives and sugar sources that are unknown are far more damaging to your system than good ole’ homemade cake! Besides, fresh food is so much yummier!

A little goes a long way when it comes to eating right and your body will thank you for it. There’s so much fun in the festive season without wreaking havoc to your body. There’s gifts, get-togethers, planning surprises for your little ones and so many happy memories to be added to your life. The best part is although many times we would believe otherwise, the best things in life are to be felt, not eaten!

Happy Holidays !!!

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