Foods to Never Eat for a Flat Stomach

7 Foods that Deserve the Axe for a Trim Belly

An unhealthy diet is one that also includes foods to never eat for a flat stomach. If you want a toned tummy, you need to work towards it, and that doesn’t mean you exercise and then make up for it with all the wrong kinds of food.

Belly fat is the toughest to lose, but you can get there if you give certain foods a miss. Combined with exercise, you should have less trouble achieving your goal for a slim and trim mid-section. Get started on the road to fitness with these tips and tricks!

A Checklist of Foods to Avoid to Lose Belly Fat

1. Fast food

Fast food may be tasty, but it doesn’t help your cause when you’re trying to lose belly fat. There’s nothing nutritious about gorging on a burger and fries or downing a glass of milkshake. They’re loaded with calories, saturated fats and carbohydrates.

2. Fizzy drinks

Fizzy drinks is one the top of the list of foods that make you feel bloated and has absolutely no nutrition to offer, only plenty of pounds. The high sugar content in these drinks makes it harder for your body to burn off calories and as a result, your tummy bears the brunt of it.

3. Sweets

Chocolates, sweets, ice-creams and cakes are some foods you should avoid for a flat stomach. All the sugar in them leads to weight gain and the first place that comes under attack is your stomach. Satisfy your sweet tooth with a bowl of fruit instead.

4. Fried potatoes

Fried potatoes in the form of French fries, potato wedges and even potato chips should be avoided at all costs if you want a flat tummy. Anything that’s deep-fried is always bad for your health and results in weight gain, increased cholesterol and heart disease. While fried potatoes may be your favourite snack, remember they’re your stomach’s worst enemy.

5. White rice

As popular as it may be, white rice is refined and stripped of most of its fibre and nutrients. Its empty carbohydrates give way to increased insulin levels and fat storage. The end result is a pot belly and an expanding waistline over time. While brown rice is a healthier alternative, avooid rice completely for those washboard abs you’re dreaming of.

6. Whole milk

One food you shouldn’t eat for flat abs is whole milk. Skimmed milk, which is fairly low in calories, is a better option. It provides all the nutrition of whole milk without the added fat so you don’t have to worry about those kilos.

7. Alcohol

Not just solid food, but there are also certain liquid non-fatty foods to stay away for a flat stomach such as alcohol. Alcohol is no stranger to weight gain. Like sweets, it’s high in calories and packs on the pounds where you least want them to.

Nothing ever comes easy and certainly not a flat belly. If you want it, you have to work hard at getting it and that means giving these foods the axe from start to finish. Replace them with nutritious food and continue working out diligently to see results.

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